Friday, July 22, 2011

Dr Visit

Truitt has been acting a bit more clingy than normal this week and he started pulling on his ears. He had no fever until last night when he only got up to 99.6. Since we are heading out of state tomorrow we decided it'd be worth getting him checked even if it was just teething. T has an infection in his right ear and fluid on his left which could change to an infection so it's great we went in! Since it was a sickvisit they aren't as particular on their weight so with clothes and diaper still on he is 17lb 3oz. I also told Dr L that we have been pulling on his adhesion nightly since his last visit and I saw no improvement. He looked and said it had actually gotten worse so he seperated it. Poor baby came unglued and was kicking the doctor! He said it was a good thing that I had him check because had we waited until his next well visit it would gave been past what is fixable without seeing a urologist and probably surgery. Now we just have to keep neosporin on him and keep everything pulled back.

He ok'd us for going on our trip and said that the Tylenol for his ear and peety (should we just call it a penis? I feel weird saying penis to a little kid...) will probably keep him sleepy in the car. Fingers crossed he's a happy baby. The great thing is the owies aren't seeming to bother him much. Heal up baby boy!!!

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  1. Poor lil' Truitt :( Good thing you went to the dr about his ear infection...and that you mentioned his adhesion. Hopefully it heals up fast and has no more issues. (and we are calling it peeny for now, but plan to use penis)