Sunday, July 3, 2011

Caught on Camera

So T was VERY fussy and wouldn't fall asleep so E put him in the crib for a nap.  After 5 minutes (of screaming) I went to check on him and he was standing up. Evidently pulling up is the cool thing to do now.  I tried to get it on video but he wouldn't do it with me standing there so I sat out of sight (cue screaming) and held the camera up.  Notice as soon as he sees me he quits crying instantly... this is what happens anytime I walk out of the room.  I need to figure out how to break him on that soon!

Please excuse the mess that is his floor. We went on a mini-vacay this weekend and haven't unpacked


  1. i love how he switches so quickly! lol his bedding is ADORABLE! i love the little western theme! you should do a nursery tour!

  2. Thanks!!!! I have been thinking about that but his room is TINY but I may go ahead and do it!!!

  3. I've gotta try and see this when Z is not asleep cause I just can't do video without sound! Lol!

    This book I've been reading is really interesting. I'm not sure of the practicalities just yet but she's our Baby Whisperer apparently. Anyhow in regards to the screaming thing she basically suggests two things. One is to always do the I'll be back" and "I'm back" whenever leaving the room for a few minutes. The other thing was to do a gradual teaching how to wait quietly. Eg have him sitting wherever and say "wait for mummy to do xyz small quick task" start with a 30s job and then increase the length. Praise when he's waited and firmly repeat request and ignore until calm if he cracks the poops. Again not sure about the practice. But the idea is that from six months they are at an age to understand basic language and have sone emotional control so keeping baby informed about what you are doing and when breeds security cause they know you will tell them if there is a problem or a change etc. Ive been practicing with Z so will see how it pans out in a few months!