Saturday, July 30, 2011

7 Month Must Haves

Sophie The Giraffe
Okay, I was NOT going to spend $24 on a teether... no matter how much everyone raved about it I just couldn't do it.  Truitt's Memaw on the other hand saw it and bought it for him.  Let me tell you, we have gotten way more than $24 worth out of it! Truitt LOVES her and chews and squeaks on her for so long.  I guess it really is worth the crazy amount!  I think we are going to call it something other than Sophie though because one of our dogs is Sophie.

Munchkin Star Fountain
Truitt LOVES bath time and this toy has made it more enjoyable. The star floats and spins while flashing and spraying water.  He loves playing with it until it sprays him in the face but quickloy forgets and gets sprayed again

Vtech Discovery Nursery Farm
Truitt's Memaw has this toy at her house and while I'm not a fan of music making toys I saw it at one of my friend's garage sale so I decide to pick it up.  It was a LIFE SAVER on our trip this past week.  When nothing else would calm him down this did.  It plays several songs (You Are my Sunshine, Farmer and the Dale, Old McDonald, Bingo, Mary Had a Little Lamb....) and does colors, numbers and animal sounds.

Mesh Feeder
T isn't too big on purees lately but LOVES eating through his mesh feeder.  We have tried steamed carrots, Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Apples in it.  It is also VERY nice to take with us when we go out to eat so he can eat without the mess.

Truitt Discovers the Dog Door

and just after this he found the dog food!!!


We got back from vacation last night and bought a new laptop this morning. I'm currently uploading a lot of pictures, videos and working on Truitt's 7 month posts, our vacation recap and videos... Posting soon :D

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dr Visit

Truitt has been acting a bit more clingy than normal this week and he started pulling on his ears. He had no fever until last night when he only got up to 99.6. Since we are heading out of state tomorrow we decided it'd be worth getting him checked even if it was just teething. T has an infection in his right ear and fluid on his left which could change to an infection so it's great we went in! Since it was a sickvisit they aren't as particular on their weight so with clothes and diaper still on he is 17lb 3oz. I also told Dr L that we have been pulling on his adhesion nightly since his last visit and I saw no improvement. He looked and said it had actually gotten worse so he seperated it. Poor baby came unglued and was kicking the doctor! He said it was a good thing that I had him check because had we waited until his next well visit it would gave been past what is fixable without seeing a urologist and probably surgery. Now we just have to keep neosporin on him and keep everything pulled back.

He ok'd us for going on our trip and said that the Tylenol for his ear and peety (should we just call it a penis? I feel weird saying penis to a little kid...) will probably keep him sleepy in the car. Fingers crossed he's a happy baby. The great thing is the owies aren't seeming to bother him much. Heal up baby boy!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Motherboard shmotherboard

Verdict is in and the motherboard is fried. We can have it fixed for about $400 but we can get a new laptop for not much more than that. I guess if your computer is going to die it's good to do it at Back To School Time. My IT buddy thinks he should be able to get everything off the hard drive (documents, pictures, videos...)and transferred to the new computer so that's great! Now to watch the sales!

Truitt will be turning 7 MONTHS while we are on vacation so his update and pictures will be a few days late this month. (plus I need a computer in order to do it!!!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Computer...or lack thereof! Well I finally gave in and took it to my IT buddy that fixed it when there was an awful virus on it.  He will figure out if it's fixable and if so if it's something we should spend money on fixing or if we should just buy a new one.

I am still reading blogs but it's really a pain to comment from my phone.  I haven't forgotten about you!

On Saturday we're going to see my sister and nephew(!) and then on Tuesday we're driving to my Dad's to visit and take Truitt to the ocean!  My sister lives about 7.5 hours away and then Dad is about hours from her and then 5 hours home to us.  Truitt still isn't too fond of being confined in the carseat so I will ride in the back with him and try to keep him happy while nursing (he and I both stay buckled, I just put the shoulder strap behind my back and pop it out and lean slightly over his seat- that's the fantastic part about saggy F's) and E is taking joke!  I figure we'll have to stop at least every 2 hours to change him and let him stretch out but I'm praying he does ok.  The good part is since we're seeing Dad, the ride home is cut in half!

Truitt is crawling like a champ both tradition crawl and bear crawl.  If he's on the wood or tile he bear crawls (I guess it hurts his knees) and he is FAST!  He also is letting go when he stands up and has fallen and he hits his head hard.  It takes my breath away but I hear it's just part of the stage and as long as momma doesn't freak out, he won't either.  Sometime the thud makes me think he will give himself a concussion!

You probably won't hear from me until we're back and then not until the computer is fixed or we buy a new one.  LOTS of pictures once we get back... TRUITT IS MEETING HIS BABY COUSIN!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crappy Computer

Ughhhh! Computer will not turn on (well the computer will but the laptop screen will not) so my IT friend is going to look at it but from the look of it, we will probably be needing to buy a new computer. Last time it went crazy I printed out a ton of pictures and thankfully everything else is on my camera but it's still horribly irritating!

One great thing that has come of this is I found out that I CAN post a blog from my phone! If only I could get the main screen to scroll so I could read everyone's recent posts. Pointers???

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nigh night time!

So I don't have the blogger app on my phone and have found that the easiest thing to do is write out a post as an email draft and then when I'm able to get on the computer I go into yahoo and copy and paste into blogger. Well I wrote out a long post earlier and managed to delete it- I nearly cried! I'll save the tears for when I spill my pumped milk!  Now on top of that our laptop (only computer) has decided that while it will power on the screen will stay black and you have to restart it a few times before it comes back on.  SO FRUSTRATING!

SLEEP! That's what I had typed about.  As all of my longtime readers know, sleep has always been a battle for us.  Truitt was so colicky from the get-go that the only way we could get any sleep was for him to be held and since he cluster fed all night long for MONTHS we spent our first 4 months sleeping in the recliner.  He'd wake every hour latch on and then we'd both eventually fall back to sleep just in time for him to wake up and want to nurse again.  We finally transitioned into my bed once he was going 2 hours between feeds and I was able to get him latched on while laying down.  Since then we've been in bed. 

Our current routine is to try to go down between 8 and 9 and he will normally start stirring around and fussing after 3 hours.  I will latch him on and we are both asleep in a matter of minutes again while he is semi-nursing/mostly using me as a pacifier.  This will happen again every 2-3 hours the rest of the night.  He then wakes for the day between 6 and 7:30.

As for napping- if you're holding him (or he's in my lap as he is now) he sleeps GREAT but if you try to lay him down or get him to sleep in his crib he's only asleep for 30 minutes max.  He normally takes a great nap between 8 and 9 depending on how early he woke up and then a shorter nap around noon, long nap around 2 and then a short nap in the evening.  We have tried eliminating the evening nap and that makes going to sleep even more difficult.  When we lay down- whether it be 7:30 or 9, he rolls around in the bed, pulling up on us and talking up a storm.  I will lay him back down and tell him "nigh night time" but he still fights it.  It is getting horribly frustrating and this is pushing me to sleep train more than the waking every 2-3 hours!  The waking is due to him getting to the light stage of sleep and not being able to soothe himself back to sleep.  I've tried patting his back and shushing him but he starts wailing until he's able to nurse.

On top of the problems we're having with unable to soothe himself, Truitt now pulls himself up on everything- including the crib.  The problem is that he doesn't know how to sit back down without falling so the "come get me mom" sad cry turns into a terrified "i'm going to fall, help!" cry which I CANNOT deal with!  The other day I got him to nap in his crib after going in there and laying him back down FIVE times.  Finally he was so exhausted he stayed down and I sat on the floor patting his back while he moaned for 10 more minutes with his eyes closed.  He then woke up 20 minutes later.  We have lowered his crib but he still pulls up.  I even tried the pack and play thinking he couldn't get a hold of anything  to pull himself up on since it has mesh walls but he was able to do it!

So I'm not quite sure where we're headed in our sleep journey.  We are going to visit my sister and then my dad at the end of the month so we're not trying anything until after that but something has got to give soon.  This momma is TIRED!

(Asleep in his lowered crib. It only lasted 20 minutes but it was a beautiful sight!)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Real Crawling

Truitt has been getting around for a while now but it has been a combo of army crawling and inchworming (that's what I call it at least- he gets up on either hands and feet or hands and knees and thrusts forward and does it again until he gets where he is going.) WELL HE JUST CRAWLED FOR REAL--- LIKE HANDS AND KNEES MOVING TOGETHER! I tried to video tape him doing it again and he does it a little bit here. 

He is also pulling up on EVERYTHING now and has started to try to let go of whatever it is once he's standing but he doesn't have the balance and or strength for that yet and falls down or catches himself. He also changes postition with such ease now going from belly to sitting to belly back to sitting to standing in seconds.  He doesn't quite understand how to get down from standing without falling yet HOW IS THIS ALREADY HAPPENING?!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Water Baby

E's parents have a hottub and we lower the temp to 98* (so that he cannot get too hot) and T really enjoys playing in there but with how hot it is outside the hottub is a no-go now! Texas heat is often unbearable so E's parents bought an above ground pool (15ft across, 48in deep) and we weren't too sure how Truitt would like it since it was cold water.








Drying off ;)
I also took him to the big public pool and it was another success!

Caught on Camera

So T was VERY fussy and wouldn't fall asleep so E put him in the crib for a nap.  After 5 minutes (of screaming) I went to check on him and he was standing up. Evidently pulling up is the cool thing to do now.  I tried to get it on video but he wouldn't do it with me standing there so I sat out of sight (cue screaming) and held the camera up.  Notice as soon as he sees me he quits crying instantly... this is what happens anytime I walk out of the room.  I need to figure out how to break him on that soon!

Please excuse the mess that is his floor. We went on a mini-vacay this weekend and haven't unpacked

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pulling up!

E was in the bathroom buzzing his hair and I put Truitt in his pack and play and I was laying on the bed.  He started trying to pull himself up (yesterday we were sitting outside during nakie time and he went from belly to sitting and then pulled on me until he was standing but then promptly fell backward- I chalked it up to being on an angle that he was able to pull up) so I began to record him.  After a few minutes he wasn't doing it so I quit.

I called my mom while he continued to play.  He crawled to the other corner and then pulled up all on his own!!! I hung up on her so I could take a pic on my phone and then I also snapped some with my camera!  Holy Moly- My 6 month old is pulling up!  Time to lower the crib and pack and play already!??!