Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6 Months!!!







(Just Played- No eating!)

Weight: 16pounds 8ounces
Height: 27.75in
Head Circumference: 17.25in
Size 3 diapers/ Medium Tuck&Go, Size 2 Weehuggers, Size 2 Thirsties Duo
3-6 month clothing

6 months... Half of a year? How are we already here? Growing up I know that time always seems to go by more quickly the older you are so does that mean Truitt is going to grow up even faster?!? Where'd my tiny (screaming) newborn go? Today when I heard "You Are My Sunshine" on the pandora radio my eyes welled up. My baby is growing too fast!

Having said all of that I am LOVING this stage! He is so interested in the world around him and it is such a joy to watch him discover everything! Truitt thinks the dogs are hysterical and laughs at them all of the time; if only they thought the same of him. He smiles and laughs at them and if they sit or lay down next to him he's on a race to get them! He still isn't technically crawling but he moves fast and can get far! I guess it's most like an inch worm- he gets up on hands and knees (or hands and feet) and lunges forward and then gets right back up and goes again until he gets where he wants to be. He started sitting on his own (propped up by his arms) on 5/30 and then without his arms supporting him on 6/19. He also can stand on his own while holding onto something for support. He loves his walker and can move forward and backward quite quickly! He can also ALMOST get to sitting from being on his belly and often goes from sitting to "crawling."

We started solids a few weeks ago and Truitt has had fresh banana, avocado, peaches, watermelon, apples and puréed steamed apples, prunes, and cooked green beans. The first go around with applesauce wasn't much of a success but he hasn't minded them since! He prefers whole to purée and tries to feed himself. This morning we tried store bought (Plum organic's pouch)prunes because he was having potty problems and he gobbled them up! He will also grab for our food and drink so we have to be careful! Truitt is nursing on demand and eats about every 2-3 hours during the day and every 2-4 hours at night. If we are out and about he is too distracted to nurse because he's so interested in the world around him. T will still only take about an ounce of momma's milk from a bottle at a time but has started taking a little from a sippy cup. He LOVES drinking water from a water bottle though and will put his lips around the bottle and lap the water up with his tounge like a dog! Last week he had his first taste of juice (diluted apple pear) thanks to that awful constipation brought on by starting solids.

Truitt laughs all of the time and is such a silly boy. He often greats strangers with a huge smile and loves to be tickled! He enjoys his toys but still gets bored with them after a few minutes. He will NOT play in his entertainer/walker/on the floor unless you are in arms reach and will tell you've is not wanting to be alone by pitching a fit. He will then calm back down as soon as you're next to him. Truitt hasn't shown any "stranger danger" reactions yet but his momma can calm him much more quickly than anyone else!  He still doesn't quite reach for you but he will extended his hands out some.

We are still cosleeping and for the most part he will only get a good nap if he's being held. He has napped a handful of times in his crib but normally wakes after 20 minutes and is more cranky than he was before. On a typical day Truitt wake up between 6&7 and is ready for a nap around 8,12,2 and 6. He then is ready for bed about 9. We have tried eliminating some naps to get him to sleep earlier and all that does is make him more fussy and he wakes even more often over night! We MAY visit sleep training once we get back from vactioning at the end of July.

Truitt still loves bath time and has started trying to eat the bubbles. He is definitely a water baby too! We set up a pool to help deal with this 100* Texas heat and T kicks his legs happily once his toes touch the water! He enjoys doing anything outside.  We try to have nakie time on a blanket in the backyard every morning and he always moves off of the blanket (queen sized sheet) and tries to eat the grass! He loves his swing too and he and daddy normally go and swing in the evening while I'm getting some housework done.

He is also a very vocal little boy! He screeches and screams to get your attention and mimicks the sounds he heard. When he's upset he moans "mmmmum mum mummmm" and if he's mad he scream "da da da daaa!"

Every day we share with our sweet boy is such a blessing! I love you so much Truitt Ray!

(Truitt goes for his well visit tomorrow at 8:30. I am curious to see his weight-at my grandma's her scale put him at 18.0 a few weeks ago but our scale today said 15.8. I will update his stats and share my dr questions as soon as I can!)

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  1. Rylin was 15.8 at her 6 month check up! And prunes are miracle workers I keep them stocked up in our house because formula stops her up! HAPPY 6 MONTHS TRUITT!!!! p.s-thank you for your comment on my post yesterday it's good to know im not alone!