Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6 Month Well Visit

What a blessing to have a healthy child!  Truitt is weighing in at 16lbs 8oz (30 something percentile for EBF boys) and is a long 27.75inches!  The doctor showed me his growth pattern on the charts and it is a beautiful curve doing just what it should be!  He told me he is definitely "long and lean" but there is nothing wrong with that.

Here's our visit in bullet form:
*Teeth-  Dr L doesn't see any teeth near the gums so he doesn't expect any anytime soon but said that one could suddenly pop up anyway. He said that we SHOULD NOT use oragel OR any natural pain relief that has belladonna (it's an opiate derviative!) so to try cold wet washcloths and tylenol if he shows discomfort.  On average the first tooth comes in between 6 and 15 months so we're just fine.  I personally am in no hurry whatsoever for teeth!

*Solids-   At this stage Dr L said to offer him solids twice a day- if he doesn't want them it's no big deal.  He should still be getting smooth purees but there is no problem if he wants to eat bites of mushy foods.  Once he is able to bring his pointer and middle finger to his thumb then he is ready to begin more self feeding and try puffs/cereal/noodles etc that he can pick up and bring to his mouth.  At meal time he said to always offer a sippy cup of ice water so it is there if he wants it but at this stage if he doesn't want it that is ok because there is plenty of water in breastmilk.  I asked about constipation and he said this is a normal part of adding solids but to watch it.  He should be going every other day and if not to try juice and if juice isn't working to evaluate which foods make him go and which stop him up.

*Sleep-  He said IF I'm ready to get him out of our bed (I asked because waking every 2 hours is really starting to wear on me) that the most important first step is to get him to be able to fall asleep in his crib and start there each night.  Once we are able to accomplish this we can work on getting him to sleep through the night later on (he said his daugther was in their bed from about 2-8am until she was 13 months so he's definitely a pro co-sleeper!).  I told him I wanted to write down his modified Ferber method but he told me I will be able to figure out what works best for us and should go with that.  He SUGGUESTED that I get him ready for bed, nurse, rock, whatever and then lay him down awake.  Most likely he will scream and I am to leave the room for 2-5 minutes and then come back.  I should pick him up and calm him and then lay him back down.  If he screams again, leave the room and this time come back after 5 minutes and sit on the floor with my back to him without saying anything or touching him.  If he continues to scream I leave (and come back and then lay on the floor not facing him) but if he calms then I stay sitting on the floor until he is asleep.  He said this way works because it associates screaming with me leaving but being calm means I stay in his room.  Right now our biggest problem is when he gets to the "light sleep" stage he stirs and uses nursing to soothe him back to sleep which means every 2-3 hours when he gets to that stage of sleep he wakes me up...

*Screaming-Truitt has never gotten over screaming when you put him in the carseat. Dr L said that he's just letting us know that he is not happy about it and the best way he can communicate that is by screaming and crying.  I also told him about how when he wakes from a nap he will scream and then start crying... he said that he's too early to be having night terrors and since it's almost every nap it's most likely just him being a grumpy bear that wants to sleep a little longer!

*Penis Problems-  Truitt was born with hydroceles.  His scrotum was HUGE but we thought it was getting better.  Evidently the problem is still there but they look smaller because everything else has gotten much bigger.  He said that the majority of the time the hydroceles are still present at 6 months but most of the time it resolves itself by the time baby is 1 year old.  Every visit he checks him for a hernia and so far, so good.  IF they don't go down by 1 year then he will have to have surgery to drain the excess fulid.  Also, he has developed an adhesion.  The head of the penis and top of the shaft have grown together.  Because of the hydroceles and a "fat pad" between his belly and groin, his penis looks sucked in so we had been pushing that back daily but evidently we should have also been pushing the skin from the shaft away from the head too. No one ever told us.  Of course I googled it and it happens a lot but I'm still beating myself up over it.  He told me to gently pull on it once a day and if it isn't seperated by our 9 month visit he will do an in-office procedure to fix it :(  I read that most of the time it will also resolve itself by 5 years old BUT if it doesn't the procedure then is a big to-do whereas if we act now it isn't.

So... I think that's all!  Dr L was very impressed with his development and of course that makes me one proud momma!  Truitt LOVED his oral vaccine and didn't want to give the nurse the dispensor back and then he screamed, held his breath, and turned bright red during his two shots but immediately stopped when I scooped him up (I didn't cry this time!) and even grinned at the nurse that had just poked him!Truitt started to get a fever and has been extra clingy and fussy today. Yucky shots.  Oh! At 9 months there are NO SHOTS, just a finger prick to check iron.  Yaaay!


  1. oral vaccine? which was that?? Kennedy has never had one orally!

  2. Rotovirus is the oral vaccine Rylin gets and she usually gags from the nurse squirting it down her throat! I believe she's already had 3 of them!

  3. Carter loves the oral vaccine too! I'm so glad that Truitt is a healthy, happy lil' guy! And don't beat yourself up about the peny problems. I do the same thing about Carter's plagiocephaly, but us Mommy's need to stop doing that. You are a terrific Mom!!

  4. Wow, he IS long and skinny! My baby is so chubby compared to T - ha ha.

    You are taking great care of your boy. Don't have any doubt about that :-) I do hope you can get some more sleep soon, though!

  5. by the way, it sounds like you have a great pedi. that's awesome!

    ferber, or some variation thereof, worked great for us. of course no one wants to hear their baby cry even for 5 mins, but I swear not only is Clara sleeping amazingly now, but she's also more pleasant during the day

  6. Yes, it was the rotovirus vaccine. Ginger, we LOVE our doctor!!!