Monday, May 16, 2011


I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that we have been out of the recliner FOR A WEEK!  Starting last Friday we nurse in the living room, change his diaper, and then lay down in our bed and nurse the other side until he falls asleep!  Do you know how amazing it is to sleep laying down in bed when you've been upright in a recliner for four months?! Pure bliss!!!  He still wakes every 1.5-3 hours to eat but we have gotten great at breastfeeding in bed where we were having a problem before keeping my boob off of his nose!  We lay down when he's ready which is anywhere between 9 and 10 and he's ready to wake up typically between 6 and 8.  Ideally I'd love to get this adjusted to 8p-8a or 9p-9a and to where I don't have to stay laying down next to him so I can get up after he falls asleep and get some housework done.

As for napping, he falls asleep eating (I know, bad habit) and if I keep him in my lap he sleeps for about an hour or longer.  If I put him down in the swing or pack and play he only sleeps 10-30ish minutes and then is super fussy when he wakes since he didn't get a good nap in.  There are times where I just have to get something done so I keep putting him back down for short naps and then will finally sit and hold him so he sleeps well.  Right now I really wanted some blog time so he's right here with me sleeping just as soundly as he can!

I tried letting him cry it out twice a week or two ago and I just cannot do it.  He was throwing a fit and wouldn't fall asleep while I was rocking him so I figured I'd try to let him fall asleep on his own.  I did the Ferber method where I checked on him and tried to soothe him without picking him up but it didn't help.  The first time I didn't even make it the first 5 minutes and when I picked him up his face was bright red and covered in tears in snot and he was wheezing.  The second time I followed the doctor's sugguestion and sat in the room with my back to him.  While he didn't get hysterical like the first time he still cried for 30 minutes and I gave in!

For now I'm okay with how things are because they are SO much better than they used to be.  We will just see how things go as he gets older and go from there! 

While I'm ok with it, I still get green with envy (and maybe a bit angry too!) when other mommas complain about their babies waking once or twice in 12 hours to eat!!!


  1. Ok, I am totally with you. For his daytime naps, my guy is in my arms because as you said, he naps better. And as we all know, more sleep means more sleep!

    I can't stand the idea of him crying. This whole idea of kids needing to sleep on their own and learning to fall asleep and sleep by themselves only came about in the last century or so. You aren't spoiling your son. By going to get him when he cries you are teaching right now that mommy will love him and protect him and meet his needs.

    My guy also still needs to eat alot at night. And it's not like the notorius "they" say, that he's testing me or just wants the comfort. My dude is hungry. I wouldn't want to be forced to sleep starving!

    So GOOD JOB mom! You know your son the best. You do what is best for him and you no matter what everyone else says!

    Sleep deprived Mommas putting their kids first UNITE! :)

  2. btw - check out "The no-cry sleep solution" book. When the time comes this is where I'm gonna start.