Monday, May 23, 2011

Random much?

I didn't take many pictures last week so I'll be waiting to post them until next week when I have more. 

Truitt has napped in his crib TWICE!  The day I posted the picture for 30 minutes and then again the next day for 35 minutes.  I have tried a few times since then but he had nothing to do with it.  I'm thinking the times he did it he must have been "touched out" and just needed some alone time.  Fine with me, I'll take it as he gives it!  We are doing really well in our bed.  He still wakes to nurse 3-6 times a night but we both go back to sleep as soon as he's latched.  He doesn't seem to wake E and E's alarm clock doesn't bother either of us so it's going great.  It is so nice to be sleeping in a bed again!!!

We tried cereal again and he was much more interested in chewing the spoon rather than swallowing the cereal.  We will keep trying once or twice a week for another month and then we will be introducing solids.  E's parents have a great garden and the squash and green beans are coming in now; I cannot wait to start making his fresh, homegrown, babyfood!  I still haven't decided if his first real food will be avocado or banana!

My cloth diaper stash now includes 2 Thirsties Duo Diapers, 2 Monkey Doodlez Tuck and Go, and 1 Weehugger.  It's no where near all that I want BUT it's enough for how much we are using them.  E did change him and commented how easy it was and that he'd be willing to use them more!  I am wanting to get a few more AIO (all in one) or pocket diapers and then a few more Weehuggers and then I won't have to wash every night!

The next thing baby related I'm planning on buying though is the Catbird Pikkolo Carrier.  I was convinced I wanted an Ergo and was so close to buying one but decided I should go and try it on.  Thank goodness our local cloth diaper store carries a ton of carriers and lets you try them on so I tried on the Ergo, Catbird baby Mei Tai and the Pikkolo.  The Ergo makes an H on your back where the other two are both X shaped.  The X is MUCH more comfortable and supportive in my opinion.  The Pikkolo and Mei Tai are the same design but the Mei Tai you tie it and the Pikkolo has buckles so it comes on and off much more quickly!  Truitt seemed happy and comfy in all of them so of course I like the most expensive one the best!!!

My sister J will be 39 weeks on Wednesday!  She went to the doctor this morning and still has not dilated ANY.  The baby is very high and her cervix is posterior.  The doctor did an ultrasound last week thinking maybe he was too big to drop but he was only measuring 7lbs 3oz.  When she first went to the RE the ultrasound gave her an EDD of 6/5.  When she went back a week or two later the baby measured to be due 6/1 and has continued to keep that due date with his size and her fundal height.  SO now the doctor is wondering that maybe that the due date is closer the the 5th and while that's only a week, he doesn't want to do a csection (her cervix isn't favorable) and pull out a 38weeker.  Anyway, the plan is she will go back this Thursday for another ultrasound to check fluid and if it's ok they will wait until next Monday, and he will check her again and decide if they can induce or if she needs a section.  Of course if her fluid is low Thursday they'll change their plans... so it's just a wait and see!


  1. I'm so happy you are getting to sleep again! Homegrown baby food sounds awesome. We just tried avocado today!What big boys they are all becoming.

    How are you liking the thirsties. I like them almost as much as I love my bumgenius 4.0's.

  2. Oh, I'm so happy for you! For many reasons, but here are a few:
    1. You're in BED again! Hallelujah!
    2. Your hubby changed a cloth dipey and admitted it wasn't half bad
    3. Your about to be an auntie! :D I love new babies. Oh my. Don't we all! Keep us updated on her progress, pretty please :)
    I still need to check out those carriers. I'm reluctant to decide on one until I try one on, like you did. Of course we have no stores to DO that at here. I suppose it'll have to wait until TEXAS!!
    PS- I saw your comment on my blog. Oh deary, you will most certainly be involved in the bloggy mom meet up! Or two! Or three! Who knows :D
    PSS- I haven't decided between avocados or bananas yet, either!! Decisions, decisions.

  3. Oh my goodness! Your baby is just about as old as mine except that mine cheated a little and came about 5 weeks early. He's really big now though and is going through some teething moments. Hope you can come visit my site and share your story!

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    Have a great rest of the week!


    Lexie Lane