Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 Months!!!



And here's the best one!


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I know, I say it every month but really-5 months old?! Truitt is such a delight and he becomes more involved in the world around him daily.  Today he learned how to fake cough and he thinks he is too funny.  He also laughs hysterically when people talk to him in funny voices and make funny faces.  He has discovered playing peek-a-boo and it is so fun watching him get so surprised and then laugh!  He also is very ticklish and loves his daddy's facial stuble.  Truitt is already quite the mover, I know I'll laugh at myself saying this in a few months when he's really moving, and rolls and scoots(?) everywhere.  He does what I posted in the video all of the time... he gets up on all 4s, rocks back and forth and then lunges forward and falls flat on his face.  He also has started scooting backwards as well as rolling everywhere.  You have to be very careful while changing his diaper because he almost always flips onto his belly and then lunges forward!

Truitt is cosleeping with E and me and we love it!  T and I lay down around 9 and he nurses to sleep and we normally get up for the day around 7.  He nurses every 2-4 hours overnight for just a few minutes and then is soundly asleep again.  He takes a good hour or longer nap around 9 and then another good nap at 2 and 6ish with catnaps in between.  The only schedule he is on is the one he has set for himself but he is getting in a pretty good routine.

He is still on 100% Momma's Milk although we have tried rice cereal twice and he wasn't a big fan.  We plan to continue with this until 6 months when we will introduce more foods.  He has now gotten to where he will take 1-1.5oz from a Tommee Tippee bottle if I am away.  I think he's just eating enough to "hold him over" until I return!  He still doesn't like pacifiers but loves chewing on his hands. Truitt doesn't have any teeth visible yet but he is one drooly monster and is constantly chewing on everything. T grabs his toys and anything else he can get ahold of including Mommy and Daddy's glasses and thinks it is really funny when we tell him no!
This month Truitt napped in his crib for the first time and then again a few more times!  He has to be in the right mood but when he wants to then he will sleep in there for about 30 minutes. T has discovered his voice and loves to talk and squeal all day long.  He also watches his puppy girl sisters and gets upset when they don't want to be close to him.  When they do get close he grabs onto their fur or tails and squeals with delight. Thankfully they just walk away and don't get aggresive towards him.

5 months old!!! I still cannot believe it!


  1. My goodness Sam! He has GROWN! Such an adorable looking character. So much looking forward to when when my little man is like him. :-)

  2. I can't believe it either! Happy 5 Months, Truitt!!