Monday, May 30, 2011

Jibber Jabber

Silly Daddy!

I'm an Aunt!!!

Sweet baby boy! Born at 10:49am via C-Section
7lbs 5oz
19 3/4in

Momma and baby are doing great!!!

(Everytime I see a picture of him I start crying. I hate that we don't live nearby!)

We have a sitter!

Last night I noticed that Truitt was sitting on his own in my lap but I figured it was just how he was placed... this morning we tried to see if he could do it on his own and he can!!!



He obviously has to use his arms for balance and can't stay up too long but MY BABY BOY IS SITTING UP!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 Months!!!



And here's the best one!


Size 2 diapers/ Medium Tuck&Go, Size 2 Weehuggers, Size 2 Thirsties Duo

3-6 month clothing

I know, I say it every month but really-5 months old?! Truitt is such a delight and he becomes more involved in the world around him daily.  Today he learned how to fake cough and he thinks he is too funny.  He also laughs hysterically when people talk to him in funny voices and make funny faces.  He has discovered playing peek-a-boo and it is so fun watching him get so surprised and then laugh!  He also is very ticklish and loves his daddy's facial stuble.  Truitt is already quite the mover, I know I'll laugh at myself saying this in a few months when he's really moving, and rolls and scoots(?) everywhere.  He does what I posted in the video all of the time... he gets up on all 4s, rocks back and forth and then lunges forward and falls flat on his face.  He also has started scooting backwards as well as rolling everywhere.  You have to be very careful while changing his diaper because he almost always flips onto his belly and then lunges forward!

Truitt is cosleeping with E and me and we love it!  T and I lay down around 9 and he nurses to sleep and we normally get up for the day around 7.  He nurses every 2-4 hours overnight for just a few minutes and then is soundly asleep again.  He takes a good hour or longer nap around 9 and then another good nap at 2 and 6ish with catnaps in between.  The only schedule he is on is the one he has set for himself but he is getting in a pretty good routine.

He is still on 100% Momma's Milk although we have tried rice cereal twice and he wasn't a big fan.  We plan to continue with this until 6 months when we will introduce more foods.  He has now gotten to where he will take 1-1.5oz from a Tommee Tippee bottle if I am away.  I think he's just eating enough to "hold him over" until I return!  He still doesn't like pacifiers but loves chewing on his hands. Truitt doesn't have any teeth visible yet but he is one drooly monster and is constantly chewing on everything. T grabs his toys and anything else he can get ahold of including Mommy and Daddy's glasses and thinks it is really funny when we tell him no!
This month Truitt napped in his crib for the first time and then again a few more times!  He has to be in the right mood but when he wants to then he will sleep in there for about 30 minutes. T has discovered his voice and loves to talk and squeal all day long.  He also watches his puppy girl sisters and gets upset when they don't want to be close to him.  When they do get close he grabs onto their fur or tails and squeals with delight. Thankfully they just walk away and don't get aggresive towards him.

5 months old!!! I still cannot believe it!

5 Month Must Haves

Pandora Internet Radio (on my iphone)
Since we slept in the living room for over four months (!) Truitt was used to noise when he'd fall asleep.  The white noise app got annoying to me so one day I tried out Pandora.  They have a Lullabye Station that plays great songs that are soothing and the best part is the majority of them are songs I like and not little kid lullabyes!  There is also a Toddler Tunes station that I turn on while I'm in the shower and he seems to do better with that on rather than no noise at all!

Safety First Nail Clippers
I literally clip his nails a few times each week.  I do not understand how they grow so quickly.  He has started pinching my boob while he nurses (yowtch!) so I'm really on top of the trimming now. We tried a few different brands and styles of clippers but these work the best.

Our Stroller!
This month we tried him in the stroller without the carseat carrier and he LOVES it!  He enjoys being able to see the world and being able to sit up rather than having to recline.  I LOVE our stroller although the mp3 speakers stink and my phone is much louder.  Oh well!!!

Cozie (His lovey/baby)
This is actually one of the very first things my mom (T's Nana) bought us after we found out we were pregnant.  We didn't know what we were having yet so she got a gender neutral pony.  Truitt clings onto this when he's in his carseat or stroller and give it kisses all of the time.  He has bigger loveys (the square with the bears head in the center) but he loves this one so much!  My mom mentioned that she wished she could get my sister one but since she found this on vacation she was going to just buy a bear lovey... BUT I found the website for the company that makes them and not only did she order one for Baby C, she also bought Truitt the cow one!!!

**This month we are still LOVING the entertainer and his bumbo!**

Thursday, May 26, 2011

On Monday I will be an AUNT!

Well J went to the doctor today to have an ultrasound and get Baby C's fluid checked. Fluid is great but her cervix isn't doing ANYTHING.  Baby C measured 8lb 1oz and the doctor said that as much as he hates inductions and scheduled csections (he's real "oldschool") that he thinks this baby isn't coming on his own anytime soon.  He told her he could try an induction but didn't think it would work and that she would end up with a csection anyway so J decided to go ahead and schedule the surgery.  Her doctor is on-call over this holiday weekend and told her he has nothing else to do on monday(!) so that's what it's going to happen!!

I HATE HATE HATE that we will not be there (they live in southern Louisiana) but my mom will be driving down there and we will go visit in late July.

Please keep J in your thoughts and prayers for her delivery and a healthy baby boy!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Random much?

I didn't take many pictures last week so I'll be waiting to post them until next week when I have more. 

Truitt has napped in his crib TWICE!  The day I posted the picture for 30 minutes and then again the next day for 35 minutes.  I have tried a few times since then but he had nothing to do with it.  I'm thinking the times he did it he must have been "touched out" and just needed some alone time.  Fine with me, I'll take it as he gives it!  We are doing really well in our bed.  He still wakes to nurse 3-6 times a night but we both go back to sleep as soon as he's latched.  He doesn't seem to wake E and E's alarm clock doesn't bother either of us so it's going great.  It is so nice to be sleeping in a bed again!!!

We tried cereal again and he was much more interested in chewing the spoon rather than swallowing the cereal.  We will keep trying once or twice a week for another month and then we will be introducing solids.  E's parents have a great garden and the squash and green beans are coming in now; I cannot wait to start making his fresh, homegrown, babyfood!  I still haven't decided if his first real food will be avocado or banana!

My cloth diaper stash now includes 2 Thirsties Duo Diapers, 2 Monkey Doodlez Tuck and Go, and 1 Weehugger.  It's no where near all that I want BUT it's enough for how much we are using them.  E did change him and commented how easy it was and that he'd be willing to use them more!  I am wanting to get a few more AIO (all in one) or pocket diapers and then a few more Weehuggers and then I won't have to wash every night!

The next thing baby related I'm planning on buying though is the Catbird Pikkolo Carrier.  I was convinced I wanted an Ergo and was so close to buying one but decided I should go and try it on.  Thank goodness our local cloth diaper store carries a ton of carriers and lets you try them on so I tried on the Ergo, Catbird baby Mei Tai and the Pikkolo.  The Ergo makes an H on your back where the other two are both X shaped.  The X is MUCH more comfortable and supportive in my opinion.  The Pikkolo and Mei Tai are the same design but the Mei Tai you tie it and the Pikkolo has buckles so it comes on and off much more quickly!  Truitt seemed happy and comfy in all of them so of course I like the most expensive one the best!!!

My sister J will be 39 weeks on Wednesday!  She went to the doctor this morning and still has not dilated ANY.  The baby is very high and her cervix is posterior.  The doctor did an ultrasound last week thinking maybe he was too big to drop but he was only measuring 7lbs 3oz.  When she first went to the RE the ultrasound gave her an EDD of 6/5.  When she went back a week or two later the baby measured to be due 6/1 and has continued to keep that due date with his size and her fundal height.  SO now the doctor is wondering that maybe that the due date is closer the the 5th and while that's only a week, he doesn't want to do a csection (her cervix isn't favorable) and pull out a 38weeker.  Anyway, the plan is she will go back this Thursday for another ultrasound to check fluid and if it's ok they will wait until next Monday, and he will check her again and decide if they can induce or if she needs a section.  Of course if her fluid is low Thursday they'll change their plans... so it's just a wait and see!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My son is his crib

(and I'm a nervous wreck!) and just after yesterday's sleep post...

So Truitt woke up at 6 this morning and took a short nap around 8 and was obviously very tired again so I nursed him (or tried to) and was rocking him but he kept getting more and more upset.  He was pinching, kicking and screaming and I was getting worked up about it so I decided to lay him down in his crib and walk away for a minute to calm down.  I went back into his room and he had stopped crying and was ASLEEP!!!  I don't even think it was 5 minutes because I walked into the living room, my husband called, and then walked back and he was peacefully asleep!

I keep going in there to check to make sure he's ok and I'm also worried because the bumper is still on his crib because he's never slept in there before!!!  I also hate that he's on his belly but his doctor told us that once they are able to roll that it's ok for them to sleep on their bellies....


Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Week in Photos!

We love bathtime!!!

Crazy hair (what's left of it!)

Adorable? I think so!

Our new cloth diaper! (thirsties duo) It's a bit big but we already love it! 
T and his due date buddy (although she came on the 25th)  His tounge is sticking out most of the time now!


Cookout with friends

Truitt and L- she's exactly one week older than him!

What is it with babies and "Deer in Headlights"?!

The only time he's shown interest in a paci even though we've tried that brand before!

T thinks this is SO funny! He normally grabs and pulls on Daddy's ears or hair and belly laughs :)


I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that we have been out of the recliner FOR A WEEK!  Starting last Friday we nurse in the living room, change his diaper, and then lay down in our bed and nurse the other side until he falls asleep!  Do you know how amazing it is to sleep laying down in bed when you've been upright in a recliner for four months?! Pure bliss!!!  He still wakes every 1.5-3 hours to eat but we have gotten great at breastfeeding in bed where we were having a problem before keeping my boob off of his nose!  We lay down when he's ready which is anywhere between 9 and 10 and he's ready to wake up typically between 6 and 8.  Ideally I'd love to get this adjusted to 8p-8a or 9p-9a and to where I don't have to stay laying down next to him so I can get up after he falls asleep and get some housework done.

As for napping, he falls asleep eating (I know, bad habit) and if I keep him in my lap he sleeps for about an hour or longer.  If I put him down in the swing or pack and play he only sleeps 10-30ish minutes and then is super fussy when he wakes since he didn't get a good nap in.  There are times where I just have to get something done so I keep putting him back down for short naps and then will finally sit and hold him so he sleeps well.  Right now I really wanted some blog time so he's right here with me sleeping just as soundly as he can!

I tried letting him cry it out twice a week or two ago and I just cannot do it.  He was throwing a fit and wouldn't fall asleep while I was rocking him so I figured I'd try to let him fall asleep on his own.  I did the Ferber method where I checked on him and tried to soothe him without picking him up but it didn't help.  The first time I didn't even make it the first 5 minutes and when I picked him up his face was bright red and covered in tears in snot and he was wheezing.  The second time I followed the doctor's sugguestion and sat in the room with my back to him.  While he didn't get hysterical like the first time he still cried for 30 minutes and I gave in!

For now I'm okay with how things are because they are SO much better than they used to be.  We will just see how things go as he gets older and go from there! 

While I'm ok with it, I still get green with envy (and maybe a bit angry too!) when other mommas complain about their babies waking once or twice in 12 hours to eat!!!

We have a mover!!!

Yesterday at my Nana's I was changing Truitt's diaper and he rolled over like usual.  He then GOT UP ON HIS HANDS AND KNEES and moved across the blanket! (We have a video of that but it's sans diaper so it's staying off the internet)  It's a far cry from crawling but he is definitely mobile now... enjoy!  (Please excuse Sophie's licking... at least it's her leg and nowhere inappropriate!)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ch ch ch changes!

It's Samantha at "And Baby MAKES 3!" only now we're "Where the Green Grass Grows" with a MUCH improved new look!  Jess over at Here Comes the Sun helped me out with a brand new title and bloggy look.  We were trying to figure out a new name and fell onto our trusty love of country music and both decided that this was very fitting!  I like to think of myself as a very optimistic up-beat person and I'm very much so a country gal so it was perfect!!!  As for the design, that was all Jess and she couldn't have done it better!!!

I also now have a button (let me know if you have one and it's not on my page yet!) over here-->!  I'll let you know when it's ready!

Jess, thank you SO much for the revamp, I absolutely love it!!!

P.S.  Jess is sponsoring a giveaway for a Rockabye Baby CD on her blog so go and enter!  Hurry though, you only have until Saturday!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our (Two) Week(s) in Photos!

Everything goes in his mouth now

Look at my owies from my shots Mom

We took a mini roadtrip to Germanfest!

(That guy walked in the picture at the perfect time!!!)


Enjoying the firepit outside- he was so focused on it!

His first crawfish boil



His cousin!

Mother's Day Photo mishap

My first Mother's Day with him out of my belly :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Momma Knows Best

So I finally caved into the comments that I am starving my son by EBFing him and decided to try rice cereal last night.  He still has a very strong tounge thrust reflex meaning- HE'S NOT READY FOR SOLIDS!!!  I told everyone how he spit it all out and guess what... they think I should keep giving it to him until he quits spitting it out! Ok, so you want me to try to override rid of the God given reflux that the baby has to protect himself so he can eat?! I know he's going to be messy but when his tounge is pushing everything out, it's just not time yet!

All this showed me was that I know MY baby better than anyone else and I need to stick to my gut when it comes to things about him.

He did look pretty cute though...


(Notice my balding baby! Sad thing is, I'm balding just as bad!)

Daddy's stubble tickles!