Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sneezing, sniffle, cough...

My baby boy has horrible allergies!  I don't think it's a cold- we haven't had any fever or colored snot but he has been fighting this on and off for almost two months!  It is MUCH worse when we are outside or have been outside so that's why I am thinking it's allergies.  Last night he was so miserable he couldn't nurse so we used a LOT of saline drops in his poor stopped up nose.  It's my number one question on the list for our next appointment.

In FANTASTIC news... MY COMPUTER IS ALL BETTER!  One of the IT guys from my old job answered me pleas for help on facebook and offered to look at it for $30! Geek Squad won't even touch it for less than $200!!!! Anyway, he got rid of all of the virus AND RECOVERED ALL OF OUR PICTURES/DOCUMENTS/VIDEOS! Yaaaay! And for just 30 bucks! Wahoo!

I have been reading your blogs from my phone just not commenting but promise to get back to it ASAP!

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