Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sick Baby Boy :(

About 3:30am Truitt woke up horribly congested.  All day we've been using saline drops in his nose and then using the booger sucker and boogie wipes and then also we have the humidifier going.  I gave him a bath earlier with Johnson's Soothing Vapor Bath.  He's had a lowgrade fever (99ish) but I'm not sure if that's from the stuffy nose or from the shots yesterday.  I called the doctor and they said we're already doing everything we can so hopefully we will keep it from getting into his chest.

Also, remember how I mentioned the "carseat poop" yesterday?  It happened today.  I have never seen a more full diaper and since it's breastfed poop it's sooooo runny.  I used at least 5 wipes and still had to give him a bath, wash the pad on the changing pad and the changing pad cover!  I bet he feels better after that!!!

Last night I got some pictures in before bed and I just added them to yesterday's post


  1. Poor guy... hope he feels better soon.

    His new pics are sooooo cute!

  2. awe poor littla man!
    Hope he feels better and soon!

  3. Which vaccines did he get? I hope that the illness is just a side effect and he feels better today. It must be so hard for your baby to be sick!

  4. Hope he feels better soon, poor little guy.

    Also, man, that runny breastfeeding poop sure does love to get everywhere! And we've been only dealing with it for a week

  5. Samantha, I hope he feels better soon, the pictures are sooooo adorable, he is so big :) Loui is 10 pounds now :) aren't little boys adorable...