Friday, March 18, 2011

Shaking mad!

Ever since we got pregnant my mother in law has expressed many times how she doesn't like breastfeeding.  She didn't try with either of her boys because she had no desire-WHICH IS FINE- so she doesn't understand why in the world we'd want T to be breastfed.  Any time anything is wrong it's ALWAYS because he's on breastmilk.  Gassy?  Tummy ache from my milk.  Baby Acne? Allergic to my milk.  Fussy?  Not satified with my milk.  Hungry? Not getting enough milk, he must be starving!  I've learned to be ok with it because it is the healthiest choice for US and I love nursing my son and he is thriving.  Anyway- she always asks if she can give him a bottle of water.  We tell her ALL OF THE TIME no and that all he needs and is getting until at least 4 months is breastmilk (I've recently read how some doctors are recommending skipping cereal because of the lack of nutrtional value and waiting until 6 months to do solids).  Lately she's started asking if she can give him mashed potatoes, gravy, ice cream etc.  I have explained NUMEROUS times that one, he's too young and it can't be very dangerous and two, that we don't want him having anything yet and once he does start solids we will decide what he can and can't have.

SO last night we were at their house for E's cousin's birthday party.  E's dad is holding Truitt and she kept saying she was going to sneak him cake and ice cream (I figured she was trying to be cute) and I repeatedly told her no.  SHE THEN STICKS HER FINGER IN ICING AND PUT IT IN HIS MOUTH.  As I yell NO! she swears there was nothing on her finger even though I saw it! Anyway I took my son away and went in the other room.

Regardless of if he was old enough for solids -WHICH HE ISN'T- we have asked many times for her not to give him anything.  What really gets me is that if she did this with me right there, what would she do if I wasn't there?!?!?!  I told E that I do not feel comfortable with her watching him right now unless we are there.  I know grandparents are supposed to give their grandbabies what the parents won't but there's a big difference between buying toys, ice cream after supper for a two year old and staying out late compared to giving a newborn food.



  1. Oh my word! The nerve!!! I'm so sorry. I get lots of comments from my MIL and the older women at church about how G's too skinny and how I should just feed him formula. It's so annoying.

    I wouldn't leave her alone with T, either. If she tries to continue forcing solids, maybe you can tell her there is a much greater risk of T developing allergies the earlier solids are introduced.

    Hugs, girl. Hang in there!

  2. yeah I would've flipped my lid!!! not only is she disrespecting your decisions as a parent she is lying to you and putting your son at risk! Does she have any idea how much sugar is in frosting and that is was possibly made with or on the same surface as nut products which babies shouldn't even try until they are 2!!! I would defiantly not let T around her alone if she will do those kind of things in front of your face! This sounds horrible but I am so happy that Jake's parents aren't involved in Rylins life!

  3. OMG, I am so livid WITH you! I have to agree--I wouldn't let him be alone with her. Sounds dramatic, but honestly, if she's shoving freaking sugar-filled ICING into his mouth with you right there, what is she willing to do without you there? That would freak me out.

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with her not being supportive. Just remember (and I know you're confident in this) that YOU are the best person to make every decision for T, YOU have his best interest at hand and YOU have every right to put her in her place. I would have blown a flippin lid! :)

  4. Oh wow, I would be so mad! I cannot believe she is doing that, especially with icing which is probably made with cows milk and he could have had an allergic reaction to it!

    I'm curious about the rice cereal, we're supposed to start Wylie in 2 weeks but now you have me wondering if there is any real value...although I suppose it would teach how to eat off of a spoon.

  5. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!? What a nightmare! I am sooooooooo sorry that happened, keep that crazy woman away from your little breastfed bambino!

    My grandmother is the same way, I don't trust her one bit, she already told me she gave me pineapple when I was a baby when my mom wasn't around. What is wrong with people?

    I sure hope she apologized.

  6. OMFG I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO angry. That is NOT okay. Your baby is way too young for that kind of foods. And if you said no, then that means no. YOU are the mother and only YOU know what is best for your baby. ARGH. I definitely would not trust her alone with him for now.

  7. OMG I'd have been sooooooo angry, I'm so sorry, grandparents can be a bit too much, hang in there, I'm with you on the idea of not letting her watch him without you there, not that she'd mean him any harm, but grandparents think they know best, my mom INSISTS that I should give Loui water and different herbs at night, plus that i should give him rice cereal already, and my mother in law insists that when he wakes up to eat in the middle of the night I should give him only water so that he'd stop waking up to eat!!!! out of respect I listen, and nod, then do whatever I want, but if either of them would watch him I'd insist that they do as I ask, cause at the end of the day he is my son, so I totally understand how angry you must have been, but thank God it was only a finger tip portion, so nothing to worry about, and at least it made you realize that you can't have her baby sit yet :) so it's not so bad. have a wonderful weekend :D

  8. OH yeah I would have been so mad to girlie! Wow I cant believe she did that right in front of you! WOW I don't blame you to be concerned about leaving baby Truitt with her until he is older for you wouldn't know if she would do everything you told her not to do! Thank goodness it was just a little bit on the finger which still could have caused a reaction etc, especially if cake for the egg, it could really been an issue for allergy reasons thats why they hold off on introducing certain foods to little ones! Girl you are doing the best and right thing for you and don't feel bad about it! I breastfed Klcee until my milk stopped coming in and I loved it and I loved the bonding and it is so healthy for them and build immunities! I also have read that they are gonna maybe pull back on givig cereal until 6 mths unless the baby is just not getting full. Kelcee's peditrician was always big on waiting unil 6 mths to start baby food and said that it is really just training them to learn how to swallow and eat an dwee what they are allergic too until like a year and then it becomes more of a nutritional thing because until then they get all their nutrients and fullness from milk. Sorryyou have to go through that girl, I know that must be hard. My mom sometimes does things I ask her not to nd it burns me up so I can't imagin it being a MIL....whoooo deep breaths girl


  9. Well the other ladies have pretty much said exactly what I am thinking - - that is outrageous!!

  10. This sounds just like something one of my friends mother would do. It only got worse once her daughter became older and was diagnosed with hypersenstivity to food. My boy isn't out yet but I believe I have a pretty supportive family. I just don't understand why people don’t respect parents choices.

  11. OMG this is one of my biggest fears! I have seen my mother disrespect other mothers wishes and am so afraid she's going to do it to me too. And what is with the bottles of water thing. My mother has asked me on no less than 3 occasions if I'm giving my son water, to which I ask why???