Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My poor baby has an ear infection!

I had made an appointment to check with the doctor about the concerns I had and thank goodness we went.  In addition to those questions yesterday Truitt started doing something SOOO scary; he was asleep in his swing and all of the sudden woke up with a blood curdling scream, threw his arms out to the sides and arched his back.  I figured he just startled himself so I picked him up and nursed him and he was fine.  Today he did it in the swing again, twice when I was changing his diaper and once when E was putting him in the carseat to go to the doctor.  It is absolutely terrifying to watch.  Thankfully Dr Google actually didn't jump to worst case scenario and told me it was very normal reaction to reflux... T has never been a big spit upper- he maybe would spit up once a week but over the weekend he started spitting up a few times a day so it made sense.

So, we get to the doctor and they weighed him (with clothes since it wasn't a "well visit") and he is up to 13lbs 9oz!!! The nurse told us that he's probably just a few ounces lighter without clothes so he has gained a pound in a month!  When the doctor came in he assured me that my supply is fine otherwise he wouldn't be gaining like he is.  He said that Truitt is a "snacker" and is just eating a little bit each feeding so he gets hungry sooner and that's why he is still eating so often.  He told me I can start trying to space out feedings a little more so that he's more hungry so he eats more and stays full longer.  He assured me that the poop holding is okay and that as long as he's not straining, doesn't have a hard belly, and the poop is still unformed that everything is ok.  The reason why I'm not getting much from pumping is that my body doesn't have time to get much stored because he eats so frequently.

Next I told him how I have been needing to use saline drops once each morning because he's so congested and that the bump on his neck is still there and it started to get bigger over the weekend.  He told us that the congestion sounded like a cold with possibly allergies and then as he looked into Truitt's ears he found an early infection in his right ear.  He told us that it was probably only a day or two old and had we not come in today we'd be coming in the next day or two with a SICK baby.  He said that the congestion causes drainage that backs up and that's what causes the infection (NOT having the baby in the wind as my MIL accused!) and that having one now does not mean that he will continue to have them. I knew something wasn't right over the past few days! Monday he was very sleepy and napped all afternoon and last night I thought he felt warm but his temp was only 98.9.  So thank God I made the appointment and we found the infection before it had a chance to get bad.  We are giving him Tylenol for discomfort and then Amoxicillin for the infection.  As for the awful back arching- the drainage from the ear infection can cause painful reflux which is what was happening  AND why he just now started spitting up!  Dr L said there is a slight chance the reflux won't go away now but we will address that after the course of antibiotics.

I hope my baby gets better soon!!! (By the way-I think our pedi is the best ever!)


  1. im so glad you figured everything out!

    can we slap your MIL for all the things she has been doing/saying latley? haha

    get better truitt!

  2. Reflux Sux.

    Hope T gets better super soon.

  3. Hope your little man is up and at 'em in no time! Thanks so much for your encouragement. I appreciate you all so much!

  4. Awww poor Truitt! Glad you caught it early... Infant ear infections are the worst! Elliot is still sick, too. I think he got better from his stomach virus, but now he has a cold.
    Let's hope our babies get better soon!