Sunday, March 20, 2011

Calling the doctor in the morning.

I really want T to go in sometime this week for a few reasons...

1. Today is day SIX of no poop.  Each time he is holding it progressively longer.  His belly is still soft and he isn't straining and when he FINALLY goes it's soft, yellow, seedy, unformed breastfed poop.  I know Dr L told us last visit that it's normal for BF babies to hold it up to 7-10 days but did he mean all of the time or just every once in a while?  The first time he held it 2 days, then 3, 5, and now 6 and counting! Also, I'm worried that maybe he isn't getting enough milk and that's contributing to the lack of poo.  He still has wet diapers at least once every 2 hours during the day but I'm still concerned.  He seems to be satisified after eating but we are still feeding on demand and he eats on average every 1.5-2hrs during the day.  AND HOLDING IT SO LONG MAKES THE STINKIEST BABY TOOTS EVER!

2.  He has a bump the size of a corn kernel-maybe a little bigger, on the side of his neck.  I asked about it last visit but it was when E was holding him and Dr L asked if it moved while nursing and was soft and I said yes and he said it was a lymph node and normal but he didn't look at it since Truitt was asleep.  It hasn't gotten any smaller, or bigger, and he hasn't run fever or had any other symptoms of it being something else but I'm terrified it'll be something bad like cancer and I would have let it sit for another month had we waited until the 4 month appointment.

3. Congestion.  EVERY morning I'm having to put saline drops in his nose and then use the booger sucker.  I'm sure if it were a cold it would be all day long so my guess is allergies but I'm wondering if he can get any relief otherwise or if this is the best way.

So, that's it.  I don't necessarily need him seen first thing tomorrow but I'm not comfortable waiting another 5 1/2 weeks to have him seen.  So what if they think I'm an overreacting first time mom (I don't think they do but even if they do I don't care), he's my baby and I'm paying them to see him!

Thank you all for your support about my MIL.  I'm still mad about it!!!


  1. Wylie went 3 days w/o poop and I freaked out (although he has always gone 3-4 times a day so it was a drastic change)! My pediatrician had me try water first and when that didn't work we gave him prune juice. That did the trick! I'm curious what your pediatrician will have you do.

    Wylie is congested in the morning too, but so am I, so I figured it had something to do with our air quality or the temp. Keep us posted!

  2. A went 8 days no poop and it was fine! Doc said normal! We started giving her probiotic drops called Biogaia and they are making her poop mire regularly and also are supposed to help colic and we have noticed a lot less evening crying since starting them! And I didn't comment on your MIL post but I am Sooo mad for u too! Awful!

  3. When Rylin was breast fed she would only poop once every 6 days every single time! And it would be a huge blowout! I called her Dr. multiple times and took her in once and she was fine her Dr. said it is normal for breastfed babies as their bodies are using all the nutrients. Now that she is on formula she only poops every two days.