Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Months Old!!!





Weight: 12 pounds 7 ounces
Height: 23.5 inches
Head circumference: 16 inches

Huggies size 1-2 diapers
0-3 onesies and sleepers
Newborn pants

Truitt's checkup went really well. He had fallen asleep in E's arms after his exam while I was asking all of my questions so he started to cry when it was time to lay down for his shots.  He calmed down during the oral vaccine (I guess it tasted good) and then screamed horribly during his shots.  He was so mad that he choked up and his poor little face was bright red.  I immediatly started crying but E quickly put a fresh diaper on him, got him dressed and had him in his arms and calming down in no time.  Truitt quickly fell back asleep and has been sleeping since.  It broke my heart for his little legs to get poked and I pray that we stay fever free!  Good news is he seemed to love the taste of the grape infant's Tylenol so at least he won't fight me if I have to give it to him later.

Dr. L's Answers for Momma's questions in bullet form

* Frequency of eating-  He is obviously getting enough food because of his growth so he isn't worried about that one bit.  He said that we will probably see him stretching out feedings in the next few weeks but eating every 2 hours is still very normal for breastfed babies.  I told him about my worries on supply and how I get so little when I pump but he assured me that 1.5-2oz from a pump only 2 hours after he ate is perfectly fine.

*Waking every 2 hours-  He urged us to get Truitt out of the habit of sleeping on our chest upright in the recliner within the next month.  While he said there is nothing bad with it for the baby, it is going to get even harder on us and if we don't change it by 6 months it will be extremely to break him of it once we do try.  Also, Truitt is probably waking from every movement from whoever is holding him and that's in turn waking us both up. He sugguested that we wait until we have a weekend with nothing planned and that we start him out by putting him down to sleep alone (either in the crib, bassinet, or pack and play in our room) and let him sleep there until he wakes.  Once he wakes he said it's fine to move him in bed with us or go to the recliner but as long as we start him in the crib/bassinet/pack and play for the night then he will get used to it.  We will probably try this in the next two weeks or so.

*Fussyness-  Truitt is completely healthy (thank God) and there is no MEDICAL reason for his fussy nature or crying habits- it is strictly tempermant and personality.  While he may continue to be a clingy/crying baby after 3 months he did assure us that in another month or so, he will be much more able to soothe himself and this will improve.  Just because he is a fussy baby and that is his current personality, it does NOT mean he will be a miserable child, teen, or adult!  For the nighttime colic gas drops and gripe water are perfectly fine.

*Poop-  When we first came home, every diaper used to be wet and dirty.  About a month ago there were some diapers that were just wet and he would only poop every other change or so.  Two weeks ago T started holding his poo overnight and would have a big one in the morning.  Last week he started going a few days with nothing more than a small smear in his diaper.  Dr L told us that they are growing so fast right now that most of the breastmilk is used in the body and very little is left for waste (poop) so it's perfectly fine for them to go a week with no poop.  As long as his belly is still soft and he isn't appearing to be straining to go there is no problem.  For formula fed babies or any baby after solids have been introduced it's a different story.  He said that when he finally poops it'll probably be a CAR SEAT POOP- yah know, when you have to clean the baby, clothes and the carseat.  Made me laugh :)

Truitt is still wiped out from the shots so his 2 month pictues will have to wait until tomorrow but I will post them as soon as I can take them!


  1. what kinda of oral vaccine did he get?
    kennedy has had nothing like that?
    did you opt out of any?

  2. I'm curious about the oral vaccine, too- Elliot didn't get one.
    Glad you got your questions answered.
    I hope he feels better soon! Back to his normal fussy self, hehe. Glad there's no medical reason. He'll grow out of it, and someday you'll wish he still wanted something to do with you, lol.

  3. Its for rotavirus which is the most common cause of nausea and diarhea

  4. Our ped gave an oral vaccine too, I wish they all could be oral vaccines! Thank you for posting the answers to your questions, they are really helpful :)

  5. Awww...I wish all vaccines could be oral--G LOVED his! It is so sad to see them crying when they get their shots!

    Happy 2 months, Truitt!!! :)

  6. Such cute pictures! Enjoyed this update!