Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Due Date!

Today was my official due date but instead I have a 5 day old baby boy!  Truitt is doing great and is such a blessing!  He HATES diaper changes and today was his first sponge bath and you would have thought we were trying to kill him he was so upset.  As soon as he is clothed and swaddled again he's just as happy as can be though.  He toots like a grown man and makes the cutest faces ever.  I am more in love with him than I could ever imagine.  E is an amazing father and it warms my heart to see him with his son.

Before I put him on the breast I express some milk to get him to turn to me.  I noticed on Friday night that it was no longer colostrum but it was milk!  Since then I've been producing much more but still not what I think is enough.  During the day I am able to keep him full but last night I had nursed for 30 minutes per side and then he still took an entire 2oz bottle of formula.  This happened TWICE in a row.  I am going to ask the doctor tomorrow about how to increase my supply.  I have tried pumping after nursing him but he is eating all I have because I only got about 1/2 an ounce after each time.  Hopefully it's still early and my milk will pick up soon.  I don't have anything against formula feeding but I REALLY want to be able to nurse enough to keep my baby satisified.  I also have noticied he is far less fussy after eating breast milk than when he takes formula from the bottle.

We are still sleeping in the living room.  Due to the staples I cannot lay flat in bed without a lot of pain.  I'm in the recliner and E insists on sleeping in here with me so he's on the couch.  Truitt doesn't do well at all in the bassinet so we start him in the vibrating bouncy chair but after the first feeding he won't fall back asleep unless he's on our chest.  I know this is a HORRIBLE habit but right now it's easier to do and actually sleep than try to figure something else out.  Last night I was able to sleep 2 hours, then 3 hours, then 3 hours. I felt like a new person!  I also got two, one hour naps during the day.  E is going back to work in the morning so tonight I am going to try to do as much as possible.  Right now with my soreness I am unable to get up with Truitt in my arms and walk down the hall to change him so I'm hoping I can do it all tonight other than the diaper changes.

Luckily I have not had any major bleeding.  I am having the normal postpartum bleeding but no more clots!  The past few days I have had a lot of muscle soreness and getting from sitting to standing, and standing to walking has been really painful but once walking I do well.  Today a lot of the soreness is gone but I have more incision pain.  I counted and there are 18 staples!  I call in the morning to find out when they come out.  Truitt has his appointment at 1:40 so I'm really hoping they'll have me come in right before or after to get them taken out.  Sometimes they take them out in the hospital so I know it's not too early and the skin around the staples is getting a little red so I think it's time.  I know there are internal disolvable sutures and I think they might have glued the outside too so we'll see. 

Tomorrow is our first outing and I'm already a little anxious about it.  E will be at work so my mom is taking us.  I am worried about germy people trying to touch him so I am keeping a blanket over his carseat!  I'm also worried about the doctor telling me we're doing something wrong although I'm really looking forward to getting my questions answered!

Update to come after tomorrow's appointment!


  1. Sweetness, don't worry about supposedly bad habits. Those first weeks when dealing with a new born are HARD work. Sleep is lacking and you won't get a lot of you time. When you're early post op and exhausted, you do what you've got to do to get that baby back to sleep and don't let alone judge you for it. There will be plenty of time to change patterns down the track and guaranteed by six years old he isn't going to need to lie on your chest to get to sleep!!

    Don't stress too hard about germs. Your baby will carry your immune defenses for the first six months and breast feeding will help to ensure that is maintained. If you don't get sick from it, he should be fine. As he gets older and he starts socialising he will get sick. Kids share with other kids but it is good for the immune system to get worked - avoids developing allergies and what not cause the body has learned what to do.

    It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job Sam!!! :-)

  2. Aww, sounds like you are doing a wonderful job, and the pics you've posted are just precious, he is absolutely adorable!

  3. happy due date!!! :) it sounds like you're doing great--those first weeks are rough--and i've heard that you can't really spoil your baby at that point. :)

    i'm sure you'll get lots of breastfeeding advice, so i won't offer any, unless you want some. just let me know!

    have a great appointment!!!

  4. I agree, you can't spoil a newborn baby and I don't think you will create bad habits this soon either :) You're doing just fine by trusting your instincts!

    Regarding the milk supply- nurse, nurse, nurse. Keep baby skin to skin and pump after each feed. Drink lots of water and eat oatmeal every day. You might want to google PCOS and breastfeeding, as there is (sometimes) a connection with low milk supply and PCOS :( Not to say that this will be the case for you! It's still early and you are establishing your supply now. But, it's just something to tuck away in your mind should your supply not increase to meet baby's needs, you could discuss with a lactation consultant or your Doctor.

    Happy Due Date- isn't it nice he is here already?!

  5. kennedy still sleeps on my chest some of the night, dont worry about it girl!

    keep pumping! & happy due date!
    & im sure you not doing a THING wrong! :)

  6. I don't think that's spoiling him either. He deserves it after his journey into the world. :) You sound like a great mommy! I hope the germy people stay away too!

  7. wow, it's so real now isn't it? having him in your arms, feeding him, changing him, all sounds like another world to me right now. I don't think there's a "Wrong" way or "right" way when it comes to raising a child, just do what feels right for you, you're a wonderful mommy and he'll be a very happy and healthy baby :) good luck in your appointment, I hope you feel better fast...

  8. Good luck tomorrow!
    I'm glad things are going relatively well. As for your milk supply... I'm looking for ways to increase mine as well. I'm talking to my lactation consultant about it tomorrow, so I'll give you any good tips I get! Some I've heard a lot lately are oatmeal, pumping/nursing more often, fenugeek (sp?), drinking lots of water and milk... have you tried any of those?

  9. I'm late, but CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!