Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Growing baby!!!

Today was Truitt's 2 week well visit.  Last week he had gained a little bit from his hospital discharge weight and was at 9lbs 5oz.  Doctors like to see gain of an ounce a day at this point so I was hoping that my milk had gotten him to about 9lbs 10oz and that would be a little less than an oz a day.  Evidently T-Ray wants to stay a big boy because he weighed in today at 10lbs 2oz!!! I couldn't believe it!  All of that is on momma's milk too! I haven't supplemented since last Sunday night/Monday morning before the last weigh in!  I cannot tell you how good it feels to know that I am providing for my little man in a way that no one else can.  Breastfeeding has definitely been frustrating at times but this shows me that it is totally worth it!  The doctor was very impressed at this- its just 3 oz shy of a pound!  He had to get his little foot pricked for the second half of his blood test they took in the hospital and it broke my heart.  I don't know how I'm going to be able to deal with his shots at the end of next month!

E took today off so that he could go to the appointment together so afterwards we went by my work to get all of the insurance paperwork taken care of.  It was SO nice to show him off and hear everyone tell us how perfect he is!  Then we drove down to eat lunch and I was pretty sure Mr Man was going to wake up as soon as we got our food but he slept right through it.  After that we went to Babies R Us (it's about 30 minutes away) to use our Rewards coupons that expire this weekend.  I nursed him in the car TWICE! I was impressed! The first time was right after the doctor's appointment, before we went to work while E was getting his hair cut and the second time was after we left Babies R Us.  I know BRU has a mommy's room but he was sleeping soundly until we got in the car.  My breasts were pretty full because it had been 3 1/2 hours since he last ate and at one point he came off of my nipple and milk squirted all over the car.  E and I were laughing hysterically and poor little man just looked at me so confused as to why he had milk ALL over his face!

Dr L told me that I should only pump in the mornings and MAYBE once in the afternoon if I feel full because otherwise I will start producing too much and get engorged often.  I also asked him when it's ok to give him a bottle of pumped milk at night or from the grandparents and he said 4-6weeks is the best time.  He said IF nipple confusion is going to happen it normally is during week 2 or 3 but he said if you wait until baby is 8-12weeks old he may refuse the bottle.  SO, two more weeks of just boobie and then daddy is going to take over night time feeds on the weekend so momma can sleep some!


  1. Great update!! That's awesome breastfeeding is going so well and the scales are reflecting it! I agree, around 4-5 weeks is the best time to try a bottle and then try and keep it up occasionally do he doesn't "forget" :)

  2. Awesome weight gain!! And how cool that it's because of you! I am so happy for you and your "little" guy!

  3. Way to go, mama!!! You're doing a great job of growing your little man! :)

  4. So glad he's gaining weight! I'm learning SO much from your posts! Hope I remember all of this!

  5. Great job! It's always nice to hear how BF works its way out - I'm semi scared to do it because I'm afraid I'll fail or not produce enough.

    I have heard that same timeline for switching from breast to bottle for nipple confusion. I hope all goes well!

  6. GROWING BOY! Wow! Isn't it amazing?! Elliot weighs two whole pounds more than when he was born now. I can't believe it.
    LOL about the milk squirting. :) I wish I had to worry about oversupply/squirting! None of that around here.