Friday, January 21, 2011

Fussy McFussPants

Truitt is quite the fussy baby.  If he's not eating or sleeping he's whining or crying.  We have a few rare moments where he's awake and happy about it but keyword rare.  I feel like I'm an awful mom and I'm doing something to make him unhappy.  I know he's getting enough to eat because he poops and pees after every feeding.  I constantly check to make sure he's not too warm or cool.  If he's not swaddled he's REALLY unhappy so we keep him swaddled.  We've tried the swing (which he HATES and screams so hard he chokes), the bouncy chair, white noise...nothing soothes him.  I don't think it's colic because he fusses all day everyday not just a few hours at a time at the same time everyday. I've tried the 5 S's (from Happiest Baby on the Block- Swaddling, Shushing-white noise-, Sucking, Side/Stomach Laying, and Swinging) and they have no postitive effect on him.  He does get pretty gassy (and I've tried adding and taking things out of my diet with no change in him) and we have used Mylicon but he has no problem tooting the gas out so I'm not sure if it hurts him or not. 

I know some babies just fuss but it breaks my heart to think that my little guy is unhappy.  E promises me that he isn't unhappy and I'm doing a good job but I just feel so inadequate and like I am doing something wrong.  E's parents said he fussed constantly until he was a year old so maybe it's just genetic.  I just want my baby to be happy!

I would take a fussy Mr Man anyday over no Mr Man at all though and it doesn't make me love him any less... I just want HIM to be happy (didn't I just say that?!)


  1. your absolutely NOT an awful mom! Some babies are just fussy i guess! He might like t.v or it could be gas, alot of babies have gas! But if it really scares you, then maybe you could take him to the pediatrician!

  2. I totally hear you! The worst part of the crying is when you can't fix it! To be honest, I'm really glad you wrote this I know I'm not the only one who feels this way sometimes! Thank You ! And i know you love this little man more than words can are a great mom!

  3. Oh goodness! Sorry to hear that Fussy McFusspants has moved in. But, give him time, and I am sure you will see some big changes. For what it's worth, you may find this reading helpful- it explains what normal newborn crying is all about.

    Also- don't give up on the 5's yet! It works. persistence is key :)

    Hang in there and please continue to keep us updated!

  4. Aww(((Sam))) You're a great mom, don't worry. Maybe he's just like his dad. :) I hope the 5 Ss work soon.

  5. Aw. I'm sorry your little guy is fussy. Ethan gets fussy here and there, and for the most part, it's tolerable, but my husband gets so stressed out and tries everything to make him stop crying. I hope this is just a quick phase for Truitt!

  6. Obviously we all agree, you are a good mom! When Dylan hit 3 weeks, he was colic and would cry all the time, he didn't even somewhat like the swing until he was 6 weeks old and even then, it didn't work. I would consider it colic if it's prolonged crying after you know he's fed, changed, and being soothed but doesn't quit crying. Dylan was often up from 7pm-2am and had to be walked around and patted and slightly tilted in my arms:( It went on until he was 4 1/2 months. One of Dylan's problem was that he wasn't get enough milk from me, I exclusively breast fed until he was 8 weeks at which time he had a check up and was weighed and had only gained 1lb 2 oz in those 8 weeks. The first time he was supplemented with 2 oz. formula he cooed and his body relaxed, it was incredible. But just be strong and know it's not because you are doing anything wrong! Some days, I'd cry right along with him:)