Tuesday, January 4, 2011


First we went to my appointment.  E had to work so my mom took us.  Dr P and his nurse both said I was moving great so that made me feel really good. I layed down on the exam table (ouch!) and his nurse took out my 18 staples.  She said everything looks great and steri-stripped the incision.  I still have to be really careful but she said everything is healing well.  I go back in a week to get cleared to drive.  I actually asked to weigh and I am down 25.8lbs from exactly one week ago, the day before giving birth! I weighed the morning before delivery at the hospital and their scale was 1.6lbs lighter so I'm going with Dr P's scale.  I know my baby was almost 10lbs and then I still had the water and placenta but I am very impressed that 1/2 of the weight is gone.

Next we went upstairs to Truitt's appointment.  I went to check in and they said that my appointment was actually at 11:40 not 1:40 but thank goodness the Dr said he'd see us.  Truitt is at 9lbs 5oz so he probably lost a little more in the past few days from the hospital come home weight (9lbs 4.8oz) and started gaining again.  All of my questions were answered and we have a very healthy and happy baby boy!


  1. Hey sweetness!

    Glad to hear everything went well! I hope the positive feedback has given you some reassurance that all is well and you are doing the right thing!


  2. OMG I missed everything!!! He's so handsome! Congrats! I'm glad you're both doing well and I cannot wait until I step on the scale and see my weight coming back down too! haha!

  3. wow, you've lost a ton of weight! I'm jealous, I, on the other hand, have gained 25 lb so far this pregnancy...looking forward to losing them and more soon after the baby arrives.
    great that all is well with you guys, I'm glad you're recovering fast. So how does it feel to finally hold him and kiss him after SO LONG? must be amazing. I'm so ready now, I can't sleep thinking about him all through the night.

  4. He is such a beautiful baby! SO glad everything is going well!