Saturday, December 11, 2010

What a day! (Baby is fine :D)

My grandmother is 84 years old and her husband (she remarried after being divorced for 49 years!) passed away 3 years ago.  She is in pretty good health but is having some memory problems but the doctors assure us that it is just "old age."  Shortly after her husband passed away she got sick and had home health coming to stay with her during the day but quickly recovered and they were no longer needed so a sitter was hired bascially the keep her company and keep up with the house.  She comes Monday-Friday 9a-2p and takes Nana to run her errands, cooks meals, etc.  My mom hangs out over there all day Saturday and then we also go over there on Sunday afternoons and stay for supper. About a year ago two men came by and asked her if she wanted them to do some yard work and she said ok; they came back inside a bit later and told her it was going to be $1500 so she wrote them a check and they immediately cashed it.  Unfortunately there was nothing the police could do because she willfully wrote the check so it wasn't considered theft or anything. 

Yesterday I was getting off of the highway to go home from work and my uncle calls me frantically saying that Nana was at the bank trying to cash a check for $3000.  I called my husband and had him meet me outside (I was about 3 minutes away from home) and then drove back to town to figure out what was going on with her.  I work for the Sheriff's office so I called the Police Department and they had someone on their way to her house and to the bank.  Evidently what happened was a guy (maybe two- we're still not sure) came to her and told her that they had done some work on her roof and she owed them $3000.  She told them she didn't have that kind of money at the house so they offered to take her to the bank since she hasn't driven in a year or so. SHE LET A MAN DRIVE HER IN HER CAR TO THE BANK where he drove her through the drive through trying to cash the check.  The teller, thank God, made her come in (she was already in her pajamas and robe) and then called my uncle who is on her account.  I guess the guy realized something was up since it was taking a while and he left her car in the parking lot and ran off on foot.  By the time the police got to her house no one was there, but we're not sure if there ever was even a second guy.

Nana is just upset that she almost got "screwed" out of $3000 but she doesn't realize that he could have hurt or even killed her and stolen the car which is worth a whole lot more than 3k.  E and I stayed at her house to speak with the officers and then my uncle and mom both made it there from out of town.  My uncle told her this is it though and she can no longer live on her own.  She will either be going to an assisted living facility, which she is highly against, or my mom and stepdad will be moving in with her.  We are so lucky that she's ok and I hate that her "last freedom" of living on her own is going to be gone but who knows what could have happened.  It's sick to think there are people all over the place that prey on the elderly and scam them daily.

On top of all of this my aunt had a pretty severe stroke a week and a half ago and is now in rehab.  She still has all of her mental capacities but lost total control of her right side.  They moved her from the hospital to the rehab center at the start of last week and she has made amazing improvements.  She has been able to take small steps assisted with those side by side bars and each day her speech is getting more clear.  As if this wasn't all stressful enough for the family though, the whole Nana situation happened.

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks! I told Truitt it is now time for him to come and that the family is in need for some good news.  I have said all along 12/11/10 would be an awesome birthday but I know he's not ready to come yet.  Hopefully next weekend he'll change his mind and decide he's ready!

Thanks for listening... I really needed to get all of that out!


  1. Holy crap, how awful!!!
    I work for a major bank here in Canada, and we see that type of scam stuff ALL THE TIME. Especially with seniors. They are way too trusting and gullible.
    One of my rich clients lost over $250,000 because someone from Nigeria or something sent them an email saying they were a long lost cousin and blah blah blah. Wire them money for legal fees and they'll get back a huge inheritance. So the clients believed it all, and came in to wire a quarter of a million dollars. Even though the teller and the bank manager saw all these red flags, the clients insisted on doing it. And now they will never see that money again.
    Sheesh!!! Such awful people in this world!
    Yay for 37 weeks though!!!!

  2. Ohh, man. That made me SO angry that people do that to older people. I hope they catch that guy, but he will get his! I hope your aunts gets even better too.

    I hope he comes soon too! You and my future niece are right there with each other in giving birth! I hope my baby guess is right!

  3. Thank God your grandmother is okay. I can't believe there are such awful people in this world.

    37 weeks--you're getting close!!

  4. WOW! I can't believe someone would take advantage of a dear elderly woman like that!! What has this world come to?! It must be really hard for her to give up her last bit of freedom and to accept the fact that she can no longer live on her own. I would feel like a burden or a child again, sort of.
    We just made the decision to move my great-grandmother (who is 89) into assisted living. She has fought us all the way but her memory is really going and she was forgetting when/if she ate and she is also a fall risk since her balance is really off these days. It's tough to have to make that decision. She's really gone downhill since moving her- I hope Elliot will get to meet his great-great-grandmother before she passes!
    I'm also sorry to hear about your aunt. :(
    I agree- your family needs some GOOD NEWS. Come on, Truitt! :D

  5. Wow! I'm so glad that your grandmother is okay. That's really scary! People are freaking nuts these days!

    I was hoping Bunny would come today also, I loved the idea of her being born on 12/11/10. But so far, it seems like she's going to stay put until she's 3 years old... I know, impossible, but it sure feels like it could happen. LOL!

  6. oh my goodness!!!!! That is so scary. I know she'll hate to give up her freedom, but it really is for the best. Who knows what that man could've done. Losing $3000 really would have been the least of it. Gosh, I am so happy she's okay.

  7. I am so glad that your grandma is okay. On a side note, I am getting super excited for your big day!

  8. Thank goodness your grandma is ok. That's a really scary story and luckily there is a happy ending!