Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scheduled C-Section

First of all Truitt looks great! He has the cutest profile (although I didn't get any pictures) and everything looks really good.  He's definitely a boy and is still head down looking to my left.

I'm up 2lbs this week so 35 for the pregnancy.  My blood pressure was a little high at 140/82 but no protein in my urine.  He started with a cervical check and I am still 0% effaced.  HIS HEAD IS HIGHER UP THAN LAST WEEK AND NOW I'M ONLY 1CM DILATED.   Ugh, so that was the first disappointment. Then the ultrasound measurements started... his head is measuring 40wks0days one way and 40wks1day the other way... it's already 9.75cm.  All of the measurements together came up with an EDD of 12/24 and today's weight of 8lbs 6oz.  Also Dr P said that my pelvic outlet is small.  How the hell this is possible seeing as I'm 5'9 and fat I have NO idea but he said even if we induced tomorrow he probably wouldn't fit.  My mom is 5'5 and had me, 8lbs 9oz, with no problems.  So, he said that unfortunately (this is where my eyes started welling up and look, they're doing it again!) the hospital will not let him induce prior to 39wks for just big baby so we have to wait until either 12/27 or 12/28 depending on the hospital schedule and have a c-section.  I tried so hard to hold it together but I couldn't. I feel SO guilty because I know all that matters is that he is healthy and he is born safely but this is not at all what I was hoping for.  A c-section is MAJOR abdominal surgery.  I had my gallbladder out laproscopically and that was horribly painful and to think I'm going to be cut wide open and then care for a newborn!?  We will have the added recovery, cost, pain, and pain meds.  I also don't know how I can make it two more weeks.  I am beyond exhausted and cannot see doing this 2 hours of sleep at a time for two more weeks.  On top of that my body hurts so badly and I'm still having to work 40 hours a week?!  There's no reason for me to quit because my blood pressure is still fine and the fluid around the baby is great.  Also, I won't be able to start working again (even though I'm just planning on finding something part time) for 12wks now instead of earlier.  I love that I will have an excuse to be home longer but I am only getting paid for about 6wks and with the additional hospital bills from the surgery things will be tighter.  I will have to work Christmas day.  I feel like if he would just induce me this week we'd have a chance at a successful vaginal delivery but if he's gaining about 1/2lb a week for the next two weeks, a vaginal delivery in two weeks is completely out of the question.  I want to try but I don't want to risk my baby or my health.

It's just been a really emotional afternoon and I feel so guilty for being upset about it.  He did say that IF I go into labor on my own soon that I MAY be able to deliver without a c-section but he doesn't think it'll work.  Plus with no effacement and practically no dilation it doesn't look like it will be happening.  I guess it's time to start reading up on c-sections.

Another appointment next Tuesday.


  1. I am so sorry you are emotional, but late December is a great time to have a baby. My birthday is on the 29th, and I have always loved it!!! Truitt will be here soon. Try to keep your patience. Think of all you went through to get here,

  2. Oh Samantha, I'm sorry :( You and I have always felt the same way about c-sections and I {know} how much you were hoping to avoid one! I also know how impossible it must seem to even THINK of being pregnant for so much longer. But who knows, perhaps he will come earlier than that on his own? I'd start looking into those different wives tales of how to induce labor naturally ;)
    I hope the next couple weeks go by quickly, and that you have a surgery free of complications and a quick {and painless as possible} recovery.
    SO GLAD Truitt is nice and healthy though- that is GREAT! :) A big, healthy boy. Now if only he would cooperate a little more.

  3. Sorry to hear that you didn't get the news you wanted. I hope that everything works out ok. I'll be sending thoughts and prayers your way.

  4. I completely understand your fears/worries about having a c-section. But just remember that nothing is written in stone yet. You may very well go into labor on your own and be able to push Truitt out!

  5. I'll be praying you go into labor on your own VERY soon!!!

  6. Caffeine causes pre-term labor, which is why they limit it for pregnant women. Maybe you should drink a coffee or some coke.

    So sorry to hear about these developments. I know it's not what you wanted. And I agree c-sections sound very scary, but everyone I know who has had one LOVED it and said it was way better than labor (these people did both or got stuck in labor for 30 hours and then had an emergency csection). A scheduled c-section is way less drama than pushing for a day and then having an emergency c-section.

    Thinking of you!

  7. Samantha, don't be so upset, it will be fine, i really think that weather u have a c section or vaginal delivery it will be for the best, at this point (after the childbirth class) i am open to either, and won't matter at all, having him in December is so cool, think of it this way, this whole pregnancy you thought you were having him January, now you are going to meet him early :) it will all work out wonderful I'm sure, don't think of it as a major surgery, think of it as u won't have to go through labor pain, u will go to the hospital calmly on an appointment, no panic! and no pushing and all that good stuff :) good luck to you, and hang in there, now u can start your two-week count down! it's so soon, only 14 days! I have 36 left!!!

  8. I'm so sorry - I would be emotional given that news too! *hugs* Don't feel guilty, of course you want him to be healthy but you also want him OUT and no one ever wishes for a C-section right? So you're totally normal with your thought process, don't beat yourself up!

    Hopefully things change before the 27th and you're able to have the delivery you're hoping for. I'm keeping you in my T&P!

  9. Hi Mama,

    As a new visitor to your blog, I hope you don't mind me weighing in here. For what it's worth-
    I urge you to consider that ultrasounds & Doctor's estimates on baby's size are often times wrong. I can tell you at least 4 stories of women who were told they would not be able to vaginally deliver b/c their baby was too large for their pelvis. Well, the truth is- maybe yes, maybe NO! You won't ever really know until you try, right? And as long as mama and baby are still looking ok, why not wait and let mother nature do her thing? I say never mess with mother nature :) You are right to feel uneasy about having major abdominal surgery. Especially if it is unnecessary. Final thought- Doctors are there to over see the health of mom and baby during pregnancy and delivery. It is their job to provide you with the information you need to make a wise, informed decision. However, the decision is yours to make :)
    Wishing you a healthy and safe delivery of baby Truitt (SOON!), however it may happen.
    Happy Holidays!

  10. Oops- meant to say that those 4 (or more) mamas I know who were told they could not deliver their babies vaginally due to size proved "technology" and "estimates" wrong.

    Also know of 2 moms who went ahead with the c-section, b/c their Doctor told them the baby was going to be "big" and both babies came in to the world at the 7 pound mark.

  11. Kristi, unfortunately it's not the estimated weight that is making the Dr think it won't work it's the fact that his head was already 9.75cm (that's much closer to an actual measurement whereas the weight is an estimate based on the head, stomach and leg length) and he said my pelvic outlet-size between my hips- isn't big enough to pass that through safely. I know the weight isn't a big deal.

    I still would love to try to labor and birth vaginally so we will see what happens!

  12. Gotcha :) Just curious how they measure the head size? Is that by ultrasound too? Did you ask what the margin for error is? (not doubting that you asked all the right questions and are making the best possible informed decision for you and Truitt)- just brainstorming here.
    So what will happen if you do go in to labor on your own? Will Dr then want you to come in to hospital and go right in for the surgery?

    It's just a matter of time now until your baby is here!! Keep focusing on that for sure :)

  13. PS- NICE job on your blog!! It's going to be fun to see all your baby posts :)

  14. He said IF I go into labor on my own he'd see how I dilate and if the head is able to make it to crowning. Yes, the head measurement was also by ultrasound but since it's an actual measurment it's much more accurate (I didn't ask for the stastic) because it's a single measurement than the weight which is an average of the three lengths to get a weight.

  15. Best wishes, Samantha, for a happy and healthy delivery of your baby!!!