Saturday, December 25, 2010

My due date buddy(*s) is(*are) in labor! *UPDATED*

Before I had mad the announcement at work telling everyone I was pregnant I was talking to one of our IT guys about how we couldn't find each other on facebook.  He told me to look for his wife, C, since I couldn't find him and her profile picture was of their daughter sitting in front of wooden blocks that spelled out "Big Sister"  I read on her wall and it announced that they were due 1/2/11!  I told him that I was pregnant too and that was our due date and since then his wife and I have been talking pretty much daily.

This is her third pregnancy.  Their first was with a little boy that was delivered around 17 weeks.  I have never asked what happened I just know that they lost their child.  Their second pregnancy gave them a beautiful daughter that will be two in a few months but she had an incredibly complicated delivery.  C was induced and after a horrible labor period ended up having to have an emergency c-section.  After the c-section, C developed blood clots AND got a blood infection and was very close to not making it.  Understandably she wanted to go about this delivery much differently.  Rather than using a local doctor she found one about 45 minutes away that has a very high success rate for VBACs and doesn't have a problem letting your pregnancy go past your due date as long as you and baby are healthy.  Anyway, this whole time she has said how she's convinced I'll go into labor before her BUT I got a text from her at 3am saying her contractions were painful and 4 minutes apart and that she was pretty sure she'd be having a Christmas baby!  Her goal was to labor outside of the hospital as long as she could to avoid temptation of an epidural so they were waiting a while before going up there.  I just got a text from her husband and he said that she's laboring in the tub at home and they were going to the hospital when her contractions get closer than 3 minutes.  I know she really wants to have a successful VBAC so I am praying she gets that and her healthy Santa Baby!

As for Truitt, he's still snug as a bug in the belly.  I guess that $3 1st Christmas onesie will be thrown in the Goodwill bag and I'll be getting him a 12 month sized one tomorrow when they're on sale!  I cannot believe that he will be here in the next 4 days!!!

****UPDATE****Well I got a text from my friend, K, that is due the day after me saying she got admitted to the hospital at about 10 this morning and was currently 5cm and paper thin so her little girl is coming today too!  The great news is she was scheduled for induction (remember the one that was only 1cm dilated and baby's head not even engaged) on Tuesday so now hopefully I can get her spot and not have to wait until Wednesday!!! I called Dr P's office to leave a message for him telling him about it (yes, seriously) but on the weekend there's no message leaving, just tells you to call L&D so I'll be calling first thing Monday!

I got a text from C's husband saying their baby girl is here! 8.5lbs (not sure if that's 8lbs 5oz or 8 1/2lbs) and she was able to have the med-free birth she had hoped for!!!

K had her baby girl around 3:30pm a little over 7lbs and 19in!


  1. LOL Sam, that was hardly a fair bet! Mums on their second or higher bub tend to drop their bundle closer to time or a little earlier and have much shorter labours. The more they've had before, the faster the bub... generally speaking although not a hard and fast rule!

    Sounds like your youngester will have many play mates around the same age!! So many Christmas babies!! :-D