Friday, December 24, 2010

Here, there and everywhere

I'm still pregnant!  I was REALLY hoping my body would respond to Dr P stripping my membranes, the lunar eclipse and/or the full moon but no such luck.  E and I gave it all we had on Tuesday after our appointment by going Christmas shopping, on a long walk with the dogs, having sex and then I used the breast pump before bed but no such luck.  I guess Truitt is just too dang comfortable inside the belly and is staying in as long as he can!  Crazy thing is... he's being kicked out in 5 (maybe even 4) days!!! I cannot even begin to realize how soon that is!  I bought a yoga ball yesterday since E threw my old one away when we were making T's room into the nursery and have it with me at work and have been rolling and bouncing on it hoping to help him drop even lower and help my hips spread even wider.  Seeing as we are going to be over 39 weeks when I deliver I'm expecting him to be right at 9lbs so I still need all the "wide" thoughts to be able to avoid a c-section.  Watch him surprise us all and only be 7 pounds! 

In addition to still being pregnant, I'm still working.  Tomorrow, Christmas day, is my last day of work and I will be one day shy of 39 weeks pregnant.  Whoa!  I have mixed feelings about this.  I have been SO irritable lately and my job makes it worse but I'm glad that I'm still working because I have no idea what I'd be doing if I was off work.  I don't want to be out spending money and I don't want to be at home sitting so I guess this is best for me.  So many people have expressed how shocked they are that I'm still working but I've been blessed with no health problems during my pregnancy (knock on wood, we still have a week left!) and the longer I work, the longer I get paid once my little man is here.  I've mentioned before but I do NOT get a paid maternity leave.  I will get my saved up holiday/vacation/sick pay which is about 6 weeks worth and that's it.  If I were planning on coming back and wanted to take off more time under FMLA I would have to pay in to cover my deductions on my check.  BUT when I have two weeks of time left I will be putting in my notice stating I am not returning.  I feel guilty for making them hold my position and then leaving but my boss said that's how I have to do it in order to keep my insurance so that's how it has to be.  Almost everyone knows I'm not coming back anyway.  I still am going to have to find some type of work part time to be able to keep our savings account where we want it but that won't be until late spring.

My friend T, that has a due date one week before me, had her baby on Tuesday!  Her doctor planned an induction but told her that she may need a c-section because her cervix wasn't favorable yet but T wanted to go ahead with the induction anyway.  She went to the doctor Monday at 1:30 and had her membranes stripped and was 1/2 cm dilated.  They checked into the hospital Monday night at 6pm and started cervadil.  She began having regular contractions even before the pitocin and took some IV meds for it but didn't get any relief.  Around 4am they started the pitocin and took out the cervadil and she was only 1cm dilated.  Her doctor came in around 8 and broke her water and let her have an epidural.  At about noon they all decided that her body wasn't going to respond and she had a c-section.  Her little girl was born at 1:22pm and mom and baby are doing well.  T said the surgery was so easy and that she's glad that her next pregnancy she will be given the option of a repeat section and get to skip labor all together. 

I have another friend due the day after me and she's being induced this Tuesday.  It's her second baby but she's only 1cm dilated and the baby isn't even engaged in her pelvis but her doctor is still going to induce her.  I guess this is why so many result in c-sections.  I THOUGHT they will only induce you if your cervix is favorable (based on dilation, effacement, and station) but I guess not.  I hope her little lady decides to drop more so things go well!

I'm sure this can make me sound like a hypocrite but Dr P has told me that my cervix is very favorable.  I know that I still have a very high chance of c-section because he's measuring big but all we can do is wait and see! 

If you read all that, way to go!  I hope you all have a very wonderful holiday no matter what you celebrate and enjoy your families!


  1. Wow - he does sound pretty comfy in there! Sheesh! Hang in there, mama.

  2. Ugh, I'm with ya! These babies don't want to leave the comfort of the womb! I just had my membranes stripped on yesterday, I hope it works!

    Also, I hope you're able to have the birth you desire, either way, I can't wait to see Truitt!!

  3. wow Samantha I can't believe you stayed working so long, good for you, more money and it takes your mind of the baby (if that's even possible) 4 days sounds soooooooooo soon, Truitt will finally be in your arms not in your belly :) I can't wait to read THAT post...stay strong, and enjoy your last few days of pregnancy, soon you'll be a REAL mommy :D

  4. Isn't working this late in the game miserable? Ugggh. I hope Truitt comes soon!

  5. You are getting so close! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and Truitt!

  6. A tiny friend of mine home birthed a 10lb 4oz baby at 41 weeks. She's always posting stuff about how csections are largely unnecessary and that position has so much more to do with successful vaginal delivery than size. I don't always agree with everything she posts, and am more worried about these two coming early, but for you, please be encouraged that he can come on his own, despite size. Wishing you good luck.

  7. stay strong mama and enjoy these last beautiful days!!! someday you'll miss them!!! congrats and Merry Christmas!!!

  8. Hey Sam!

    Merry Christmas!!! (Or it will be for you tomorrow I think...)

    I sympathise with having to work Christmas. Life of a shift worker. One of the benefits for me being in admin at the moment is that I at least get the weekends and public holidays off! All our road crews are doing what they can to maintain the festive cheer dressing up the ambulances and wearing Santa hats with small feasts at station.

    Anyhow, I am not 100% sure about protocols but realistically speaking induction involves two drugs which are designed to take over what the body is supposed to do by itself i.e. drop that baby down, open up and push that baby out. Chances are if an induction is happening it is because this hasn't happened naturally. If it doesn't naturally then there are really only two options... try and stimulate it with drugs or have c-section. The other reason is that induction has been chosen to get baby out early because there is a medical problem. That being the case there is always a risk that either mother or baby isn't going to respond well to the hurry up and emergency c-section required. So, essentially, the correlation between induction attempts and c-section aren't necessarily a result of poor medical practice.

    Anyhow, sounds like your little man is quite comfy where he is at the moment so all you can do is play it by ear. I'll be waiting to hear more exciting news from over the next week!

    Good luck!


  9. Well, you can't say you didn't try! :)
    I'm hoping your induction goes really well. And that you get a vaginal birth like you want.
    My water broke on its own but I got stuck at 5-6cms and needed Pitocin. Eventually, it got things moving but it took AWHILE.