Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The difference a week makes!

Whoa.  When Dr P walked in I asked him if he'd strip my membranes thinking he'd say no since we were planning on a c-section but amazingly when he checked me he had a surprised look on his face and said I'm 2 1/2cm dilated 60-80% effaced and now he thinks my body will accomidate a vaginal birth!  My pelvis has spread more making the pelvic outlet wider.  SO HE STRIPPED MY MEMBRANES! If you're not familiar, it's when the doctor sweeps his finger between the bag of water and your uterus/cervix to release the hormones.  SOMETIMES it'll be enough to start labor but normally for first time moms it doesn't do much other than help ripen your cervix for induction.  He said on women that have already had a child it works really well but not to expect much other than cramping and spotting but it couldn't hurt to do it.  It was uncomfortable but not nearly as bad as I was expecting.

He had already put me down for a c-section on Monday, December 27th but now he thinks that I don't need one (YAY!) but unfortunately the hospital only takes 3 inductions a day and Monday and Tuesday are already full so he called and scheduled me for Wednesday morning, December 29th!  He said my cervix is already favorable so I won't even need cervadil; he'll just break my water and start me on pitocin in the morning.  ALSO he said he really wants to do it Tuesday the 28th so he's hoping one of the inductions will go into labor before so I may get to go in on Tuesday!  There's also a chance that I will go into labor on my own before then but we're not expecting that.  I go in on Monday at 1:00 and he'll check me again and strip my membranes again and then we'll find out if we get moved to Tuesday or if it'll be Wednesday.  There is still a good chance that I will need a c-section due to his size BUT now that my pelvis is spreading and my cervix continues to progress we're hoping that a vaginal birth will be successful!  I am just happy to get the chance to try!

Dr P leaves TONIGHT for vacation and will not be back until Sunday night (so technically Monday morning) so IF something happens before then it'll be the on call Dr delivering but I'm ok with that.  Tomorrow I'm back to work and will work until Christmas day and then I'm DONE!  I can't believe we're so close to meeting our son!

Weight- Up 5.5lbs since last week-OUCH that's 41.5 for the pregnancy!

Fundal Height-40cm (still 2 ahead)

BP- 140/82 but again, no protein in urine

Truitt's Heartrate- Loud and Strong but I didn't get a number.

Labor watch- 2.5cm 60-80% effaced


  1. My birthday is December 29th, so I am pulling for that!!!!! I can't wait to hear about little man's appearance into this world! Keep up the good work momma!

    About 10x more than I normally would have been... because I know how amazing labor/birth is, and how wonderful it is to finally meet the little person you've been carrying inside of you for so long.
    I hope all goes well for your last week or so of being pregnant! YAY!
    PS- Pitocin sucks. Really, REALLY sucks. I wanted to cry everytime they came in to up my dose. So I'm hoping that:
    a) your water breaks and you go into labor on your own {like I did}
    b) you progress quickly and don't get stuck at 5-6cms {like I did} and therefore can do the whole thing WITHOUT that stinkin Pitocin

  3. Yah! I'm so happy he said he'll induce you! GREAT news!!

  4. Wow!!! So exciting~it sounds like you're close, and I wouldn't be surprised if you went into labor before your induction date!

  5. That's great news! Hopefully you're able to deliver vaginally like you're wishing for! I'll keep my fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and we hear a great success story soon!

  6. Fantastic news Sam!!!!! I'm so happy that it looks like you will get the vaginal birth you hoped for!

  7. aaaaah so exciting. I knew baby boy wouldn't let us down!

  8. How exciting!!! Love this post!! :) Hoping for all the best!