Sunday, December 19, 2010

38 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 38 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: Last week the ultrasound estimated him at 8lbs 6oz but "average" right now is 6.8lbs! Holy Heck!!!

Total Weight Gain: As of last Tuesday, 35lbs. I'll weigh again Tuesday but I'm expecting to be up to close to 40lbs because I've done a lot of holiday eating this weekend.  Also, today is our for Christmas get together and that means pie. Lots and lots of pie.

Maternity Clothes: My shirts aren't long enough to cover my belly panel but I'm not buying anything else. It toook 5 outfits to find something to wear today.

Sleep: The past two nights have been SO much better! I've only woken up twice each night and while my hips and pelvis still hurt REALLY bad I fall back asleep! I do have pretty painful contractions when I first try to get out of bed.


Movement: Slowing down but still "enough"

Food Cravings: Pie?!

What I Miss: Being able to walk comfortably, the hope of a vaginal delivery, thinking he MAY be here by Christmas- I've given up on that!

What I'm looking forward to: Tuesday's appointment. Meeting my Son! Regardless of if he comes on his own or by c-section, he will be here in the next 9 days!!!

Milestones: 38 weeks! Whoa!!! Also, I'm getting looks of pity from most women who look at my belly! First trip to L&D

LABOR WATCH: 2cm dilated, 80% effaced, a LOT of dischage (eww!), Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and a few real (painful) ones



  1. Praying for a Christmas vaginal miracle for you. Congrats on still looking cute at 38 weeks, so excited for the pics of your little prince I know will come soon.

  2. 9 days!!!!!!!!! WOW, it seems like it was yesterday I was reading your 20 week post :) Congrats on keeping him baking that long, 9 days, MAN!!! good luck Samantha, I wish you a happy, healthy and beautiful baby....

  3. Hurry up and come out, baby boy!! We're all waiting for you!

  4. Yea!!! Any day now he'll be here! How exciting!