Tuesday, December 7, 2010

36wks 2days

Weight: 2lbs in one week.  Total of 33 for pregnancy

Blood Pressure: 140/82. Higher than it has been but no protein in my urine so nothing to worry about

Baby's heart rate: 143 :)

Fundal Height: 38cm- Still 2wks ahead

Cervix- 1.5 CM DILATED!!!  I wasn't expecting any progress so 1/2 a cm is better than nothing.  His head is still resting right on top of my cervix

Next week we will be doing an ultrasound to ESTIMATE Truitt's size.  The big measurement could mean we have a really big baby in there OR it could mean I just have a lot of amniotic fluid... or it could mean a bit of both.  IF he is measuring very big either we will talk about an earlier induction or we will schedule a c-section.  I asked Dr P if I we would try to deliver vaginally first and it just depends on how big the baby is measuring.  He said worst case scenario is that you are able to deliver the baby's head but the shoulders get stuck which can cause life long nerve damage to his arms.  Bottom line- we will be doing whatever the doctor thinks is best for baby and me!


  1. Yah! He's coming soon! I'm on pins and needles, I can only imagine how you guys feel!

    My little cousin has nerve damage in her arm because of how she was delivered. She's 13 now and she forgets her arm is like that as well as we do too, but yeah, it could have been prevented with a c-section. You have a good doctor there. :)

  2. holy cow, he's coming SO SOON!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yippee for 36 weeks! And almost full term status! So happy that everything is going great! I'm wondering how big your baby is too! Can't wait to find out at your next ultrasound!

  4. Wow you are SO close it's amazing!! I'm excited to hear the results of the next ultrasound.

  5. MORE PROGRESS! yay!
    I'll be hoping, ultimately, for whatever is best for T.ruitt. But, of course, I'm hoping that a vaginal birth is still possible- and because I'm impatient, that your induction date will be moved up a tiny bit :)

  6. wow, 1 1/2 cm sounds so close :) good luck to you, may you have a happy, healthy, and beautiful baby Samantha :D

  7. OMG you are so so so close! I can't wait! Eeek!!!
    And you're right...as much as I would love to have a natural, vaginal delivery, you have to do what's best for baby.