Friday, December 31, 2010

Birth Story and Hospital Stay

First let me start by saying we're home.  We stayed at the hospital two nights.  Yesterday morning Dr P came in and released me but said if I felt like I needed to we could stay another day.  The day after birth was VERY rough-more to come in a bit- but yesterday I got out of bed at about 7am and was up and around until 10am and did great so we decided to come on home.  Since getting home things have been quite the whirlwind BUT we are happy.  E and I have snapped at each other but things are going well. I was up pretty much all night but that was probably my fault!

I wasn't expected to sleep ANY before the induction but I was able to sleep from about 9:30-1:30 and then up at 2, 3 and stayed up at 3:40 and started getting ready.  We got to the hospital at 5:00am and got things going.  My nurse had me fill out the paperwork, got me into a gown, we took our last pregnant belly picture, got me on the monitors and finally started the pitocin at 6:25.  Before the meds started I was 3cm, 80% effaced still-3station and having contractions regularly every 10 minutes but wasn't feeling anything.  Dr P does a high dose pitocin protocol so I started at 6 units rather than the normal 2 and after 30 minutes it's bumped to 16 and then to 24 in another 30 minutes!!!  At 7:10 Dr P came in and broke my water.  Holy geez I didn't know there was so much.  I seriously thought that after all of that water that Truitt was only going to weigh 7lbs and the rest of the big belly had to be due to fluid!  When he broke my water I was 3-4cm, 80%, and still -3station.  By 8am I was having painful contractions that were 3 minutes apart but able to breathe through them.  About 30 minutes later I said I was ready for the epidural and then got out of bed until the anesthesiologist made it in there. E wasn't able to watch because he was a bit woozy but it wasn't bad at all!  He had me sit cross legged on the bed and roll my back out towards him.  My nurse helped hold my neck down.  I had about 3 strong contractions during this time and luckly breathed through them just fine.  By 9:20 the epidural meds were in and I felt WONDERFUL!  My nurse checked me again and I was 6cm, 100% effaced but still -3 station.  No one could believe how quickly I had dilated.  At 11:00 I was checked again and was 8cm and finally he had dropped to -2station.  At 1:30 Dr P got out of surgery and came and checked me again.  I was 9cm but unfortunately never got past -2 station so he decided it was time for a c-section.  I was completely ok with this.  I had given labor every chance and it wasn't bad at all (thanks to the epidural!) so I wouldn't always be wondering what if.  My nurse told me that now she felt ok in telling me that she thought my baby was going to weigh close to 10lbs!

We wheeled into the OR at 2:02 and the prep began.  I was doing well and didn't have the anxiety or difficultly breathing that I figured would set in. At 2:16 (or 18 I can't remember) the cutting began and E got to come sit by my head.  Truitt was born at 2:22!  E immediately popped out of his chair and went to the warmer to watch him get his once over :)  He scored 9 on his apgar!  They took him to the nursery to weigh him and finish the assesment and then someone came in and told me that my "little guy" was 9lbs 12oz!  There was NO way he would have come out vaginally and the reason why he never dropped was because of some "ledge" on my pelvic bone.  After I was sewn up (2:38) I was wheeled back into my room and E came in shortly after and started showing me pictures.  Truitt came in a few minutes later and I began to nurse him.  He latches like a champ!  He nursed for an HOUR and was still screaming when we'd take him off the breast so the nurse told us she thought we should supplement.  His blood sugar was also slightly low at 47 and they want it above 50.  He ate an ounce and a half!  Afterwards the guests began coming in to meet Truitt.  About 7 they took him back to the nursery for bath and pictures and I was moved into a different room in the postpartum hall because there are so many deliveries right now.  My mom stayed with me for a while and E went home to eat, shower and check on the dogs.  After E came back I fed Truitt again and then we sent him to the nursery and had them bring him back when it was time to eat.  I'd nurse 30min-hour and then we'd give him a bottle until he was satifisfied.

The nurse came in at about 6am Wednesday morning and took my catheter out and then also got rid of my morphine pump :(.  I had a friend come in about 8 and I finally got up out of bed.  I was very sore but it felt great to get out of that bed and I sat in a rocker for about an hour.  After she left we decided I'd get up and shower and I went to pee for the first time.  As I walked to the bathroom I left a trail of bright red blood and then when I sat down I passed some really big (lemon sized) clots.  We called the nurse and she said she'd call the doctor and I went ahead and showered.  The doctor ordered some meds to start contractions again to make sure it wasn't active bleeding.  The next time I had to go to the bathroom I had more clots and was really weak and shaking.  She called the doctor and he was in the room within 10 minutes.  He then layed my bed down flat which caused a lot of pain and I felt like I couldn't breathe... then he stuck his handS inside of me while a nurse pushed on my uterus from the outside.  I was screaming and have never hurt that bad in my life.  He was able to get almost all of the clots out and thankfully my bloodwork came back showing the blood levels were actually better than they had been first thing in the morning.  Probably what caused this was since I almost fully dilated but then had a c-section, the clots didn't come out when the placenta was delivered.  At one point they were mentioning an emergency d&c but thank goodness the contraction pills and fundal massage took care of it.  The rest of the day I was in extreme pain and an emotional mess so we asked for no visitors other than our parents.

The night went really well though as did Thursday morning so we got released.  Since the meds I have only had minor bleeding.  I still have contractions when Truitt latches on to nurse but they're not bad.  My incision is very sore still (18 staples!) but each time I get up hurts a little less and once I'm standing straight I feel really good.

Last night, our first night home was a little rough.  We got home at about 2 and had constant visitors until 9. Truitt is happiest on the boob but since I don't have my milk yet he pretty much just uses it as a pacifier.  By the time he gets to the bottle he's so hungry he eats too fast and then gets gassy and hurts his belly.  I really hope my milk comes in soon and that helps him out! We're sleeping in the living room right now until my staples come out and I can lay flat and last night Truitt didn't like his bassinet and wanted to sleep on my chest only.  I let E sleep and just woke him up when Truitt needed changing so I think I slept maybe 3 hours the whole night.  I was planning on napping today while E took care of him but haven't been able to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time or so. 

It is all SO worth it though!

Oh, I weighed yesterday and am down 15.8lbs already! I guess that's easy to believe seeing as my baby was almost 10 of that!

Thank you all for your kind words and congratulations, we really appreciate it!

Here's some pictures :)






Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Truitt Ray is here!!!

Our lives changed today at 2:22pm when our 9lb 12oz, 21in long baby boy came into this world.


I had a c-section because I quickly dilated to 9cm but never got past -2station.  I cannot tell you how glad I am that we had this done especially now that we know his size.


We are both doing great, he scored a 9 both times on his apgar and he is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I am very sore and exhausted.  As soon as I got back to my room he latched on and nursed for AN HOUR and was still starving so we had to supplement a bottle in which he gulped down over an ounce.  The nurse said I will probbably need to continue this until my milk comes in. Birth story to come soon.

Monday, December 27, 2010


We check in tomorrow morning at 5am to induce labor!  We will get to the hospital and get checked in and they will start an IV and begin the pitocin.  Dr P will be in some time before 8am and will break my water and we'll go from there.  Great news is I'm already 3cm so I can get my epidural as soon as I'm ready for it!  My plan is to wait until I'm 5cm or hurting badly though.  We will see how that goes :)

So- I'm 3cm dilated already BUT his head is still at -3 station.  HOPEFULLY breaking my water will drop his head to rest on my cervix (and eventually pass through my pelvis) but there's a chance that his head is too big to drop and if that's the case I'll need a c-section and we would know that by lunch time.  If his head does drop and continues to do so as it should then we will continue with labor.  Come time to push, there's a chance that he'll be too big to push out and of course we'd obviously not know this until then and we'd need a c-section if I'm not able to get him to come out.  Regardless of what happens- HE'S COMING TOMORROW!!!

Dr P didn't strip my membranes because he said since it didn't do anything last week it probably wouldn't do anything tonight plus my water will be broken in the morning anyway.  Good news is he's on call so even IF something happened tonight on its own, MY doctor will be delivering Truitt!

I can't explain all that is going through my head.  It seems like we JUST found out that we were pregnant but in the same sense it seems like it was ages ago.  I am so worried I am not going to be a good mother and will not be a good wife but I cannot wait to experience everything.  This pregnancy has been such a blessing and I am so thankful for everything we have gone through.  I cannot believe we are meeting our son tomorrow!

I also feel terribly guilty about leaving the dogs.  I know their life is about to change drastically and I can't help but feel bad about it.  They don't eat when we're gone so I'm worried about that and they sleep in our bed so I'm not sure what they're going to do the next two nights.  My mom always stays here when we're out of town but with the whole grandma incident that happened a few weeks ago she's been staying with her so I guess they'll be sleeping alone.  E is planning on coming home to shower and make sure they eat for an hour or so tomorrow night and hopefully my or his mom will come spend some time with them too.

Well I'm off to finally instal the carseat, take down the Christmas decorations, vacuum, try out our new hard floor cleaner we got for Christmas, and anything else I can think of!!! How in the world do they expect me to get any sleep tonight?! I told Dr P I was going to have to take something and he told me to not even bother because it wouldn't help :)

Next time I am posting it will be my son's birth announcement!!! I am going to try my hardest to post that tomorrow night but it may be Wednesday depending on how things go.  Thank you so much to every one of you for all of the support and kind words you have offered during this journey to meeting our son! I am so grateful for every one of you!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

39 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 39 weeks!!!! What?!

How Big is The Baby: Average is 20in and just over 7lbs.  My guess for his birth weight is 8lbs 15oz and 20in long.  E thinks 10lbs exactly (he better be wrong!) and 21 in. 

Total Weight Gain: As of last Tuesday, 40.6lbs I don't know why I keep calculating wrong.  With Christmas goodies and everything this week I think I'll be up another 5lbs tomorrow for a total of 45ish

Maternity Clothes: Thank goodness this is the last week. Nothing fits anymore!  I gave a good chunk of what I had to my sister and just kept what will double as nursing clothes :)

Sleep: Not too bad- waking up every 3 hours but out like a light when I lay back down.  Turning in bed is extremely painful and I'm staying exhausted during the day but I'm about to be up all night with a baby!!!


Movement: Slowing down but still "enough"

Food Cravings: Water. I think I'm starting to swell a bit so my body is craving the water.  And E's grandma's chocolate pie!

What I Miss: I know I still have a few more days of it but I'm already thinking about how much I'm going to miss being pregnant!

What I'm looking forward to: Tomorrow's appointment!  I think he will strip my membranes again and we'll find out if we're going to be induced Tuesday or Wednesday morning! WE ARE MEETING OUR SON IN JUST A FEW DAYS!

Milestones: 39 weeks! Whoa!!! Having my membranes stripped was a milestone even though it didn't yield any results! 

LABOR WATCH: 2 1/2cm dilated, 80% effaced, a LOT of dischage (eww!), some Braxton Hicks contractions, a few real ones. 

My mom thinks I'm going to go in to labor overnight but I'm still thinking he's holding out until induction time!

And I present to you, our last weekly belly pic!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!


My due date buddy(*s) is(*are) in labor! *UPDATED*

Before I had mad the announcement at work telling everyone I was pregnant I was talking to one of our IT guys about how we couldn't find each other on facebook.  He told me to look for his wife, C, since I couldn't find him and her profile picture was of their daughter sitting in front of wooden blocks that spelled out "Big Sister"  I read on her wall and it announced that they were due 1/2/11!  I told him that I was pregnant too and that was our due date and since then his wife and I have been talking pretty much daily.

This is her third pregnancy.  Their first was with a little boy that was delivered around 17 weeks.  I have never asked what happened I just know that they lost their child.  Their second pregnancy gave them a beautiful daughter that will be two in a few months but she had an incredibly complicated delivery.  C was induced and after a horrible labor period ended up having to have an emergency c-section.  After the c-section, C developed blood clots AND got a blood infection and was very close to not making it.  Understandably she wanted to go about this delivery much differently.  Rather than using a local doctor she found one about 45 minutes away that has a very high success rate for VBACs and doesn't have a problem letting your pregnancy go past your due date as long as you and baby are healthy.  Anyway, this whole time she has said how she's convinced I'll go into labor before her BUT I got a text from her at 3am saying her contractions were painful and 4 minutes apart and that she was pretty sure she'd be having a Christmas baby!  Her goal was to labor outside of the hospital as long as she could to avoid temptation of an epidural so they were waiting a while before going up there.  I just got a text from her husband and he said that she's laboring in the tub at home and they were going to the hospital when her contractions get closer than 3 minutes.  I know she really wants to have a successful VBAC so I am praying she gets that and her healthy Santa Baby!

As for Truitt, he's still snug as a bug in the belly.  I guess that $3 1st Christmas onesie will be thrown in the Goodwill bag and I'll be getting him a 12 month sized one tomorrow when they're on sale!  I cannot believe that he will be here in the next 4 days!!!

****UPDATE****Well I got a text from my friend, K, that is due the day after me saying she got admitted to the hospital at about 10 this morning and was currently 5cm and paper thin so her little girl is coming today too!  The great news is she was scheduled for induction (remember the one that was only 1cm dilated and baby's head not even engaged) on Tuesday so now hopefully I can get her spot and not have to wait until Wednesday!!! I called Dr P's office to leave a message for him telling him about it (yes, seriously) but on the weekend there's no message leaving, just tells you to call L&D so I'll be calling first thing Monday!

I got a text from C's husband saying their baby girl is here! 8.5lbs (not sure if that's 8lbs 5oz or 8 1/2lbs) and she was able to have the med-free birth she had hoped for!!!

K had her baby girl around 3:30pm a little over 7lbs and 19in!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Here, there and everywhere

I'm still pregnant!  I was REALLY hoping my body would respond to Dr P stripping my membranes, the lunar eclipse and/or the full moon but no such luck.  E and I gave it all we had on Tuesday after our appointment by going Christmas shopping, on a long walk with the dogs, having sex and then I used the breast pump before bed but no such luck.  I guess Truitt is just too dang comfortable inside the belly and is staying in as long as he can!  Crazy thing is... he's being kicked out in 5 (maybe even 4) days!!! I cannot even begin to realize how soon that is!  I bought a yoga ball yesterday since E threw my old one away when we were making T's room into the nursery and have it with me at work and have been rolling and bouncing on it hoping to help him drop even lower and help my hips spread even wider.  Seeing as we are going to be over 39 weeks when I deliver I'm expecting him to be right at 9lbs so I still need all the "wide" thoughts to be able to avoid a c-section.  Watch him surprise us all and only be 7 pounds! 

In addition to still being pregnant, I'm still working.  Tomorrow, Christmas day, is my last day of work and I will be one day shy of 39 weeks pregnant.  Whoa!  I have mixed feelings about this.  I have been SO irritable lately and my job makes it worse but I'm glad that I'm still working because I have no idea what I'd be doing if I was off work.  I don't want to be out spending money and I don't want to be at home sitting so I guess this is best for me.  So many people have expressed how shocked they are that I'm still working but I've been blessed with no health problems during my pregnancy (knock on wood, we still have a week left!) and the longer I work, the longer I get paid once my little man is here.  I've mentioned before but I do NOT get a paid maternity leave.  I will get my saved up holiday/vacation/sick pay which is about 6 weeks worth and that's it.  If I were planning on coming back and wanted to take off more time under FMLA I would have to pay in to cover my deductions on my check.  BUT when I have two weeks of time left I will be putting in my notice stating I am not returning.  I feel guilty for making them hold my position and then leaving but my boss said that's how I have to do it in order to keep my insurance so that's how it has to be.  Almost everyone knows I'm not coming back anyway.  I still am going to have to find some type of work part time to be able to keep our savings account where we want it but that won't be until late spring.

My friend T, that has a due date one week before me, had her baby on Tuesday!  Her doctor planned an induction but told her that she may need a c-section because her cervix wasn't favorable yet but T wanted to go ahead with the induction anyway.  She went to the doctor Monday at 1:30 and had her membranes stripped and was 1/2 cm dilated.  They checked into the hospital Monday night at 6pm and started cervadil.  She began having regular contractions even before the pitocin and took some IV meds for it but didn't get any relief.  Around 4am they started the pitocin and took out the cervadil and she was only 1cm dilated.  Her doctor came in around 8 and broke her water and let her have an epidural.  At about noon they all decided that her body wasn't going to respond and she had a c-section.  Her little girl was born at 1:22pm and mom and baby are doing well.  T said the surgery was so easy and that she's glad that her next pregnancy she will be given the option of a repeat section and get to skip labor all together. 

I have another friend due the day after me and she's being induced this Tuesday.  It's her second baby but she's only 1cm dilated and the baby isn't even engaged in her pelvis but her doctor is still going to induce her.  I guess this is why so many result in c-sections.  I THOUGHT they will only induce you if your cervix is favorable (based on dilation, effacement, and station) but I guess not.  I hope her little lady decides to drop more so things go well!

I'm sure this can make me sound like a hypocrite but Dr P has told me that my cervix is very favorable.  I know that I still have a very high chance of c-section because he's measuring big but all we can do is wait and see! 

If you read all that, way to go!  I hope you all have a very wonderful holiday no matter what you celebrate and enjoy your families!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The difference a week makes!

Whoa.  When Dr P walked in I asked him if he'd strip my membranes thinking he'd say no since we were planning on a c-section but amazingly when he checked me he had a surprised look on his face and said I'm 2 1/2cm dilated 60-80% effaced and now he thinks my body will accomidate a vaginal birth!  My pelvis has spread more making the pelvic outlet wider.  SO HE STRIPPED MY MEMBRANES! If you're not familiar, it's when the doctor sweeps his finger between the bag of water and your uterus/cervix to release the hormones.  SOMETIMES it'll be enough to start labor but normally for first time moms it doesn't do much other than help ripen your cervix for induction.  He said on women that have already had a child it works really well but not to expect much other than cramping and spotting but it couldn't hurt to do it.  It was uncomfortable but not nearly as bad as I was expecting.

He had already put me down for a c-section on Monday, December 27th but now he thinks that I don't need one (YAY!) but unfortunately the hospital only takes 3 inductions a day and Monday and Tuesday are already full so he called and scheduled me for Wednesday morning, December 29th!  He said my cervix is already favorable so I won't even need cervadil; he'll just break my water and start me on pitocin in the morning.  ALSO he said he really wants to do it Tuesday the 28th so he's hoping one of the inductions will go into labor before so I may get to go in on Tuesday!  There's also a chance that I will go into labor on my own before then but we're not expecting that.  I go in on Monday at 1:00 and he'll check me again and strip my membranes again and then we'll find out if we get moved to Tuesday or if it'll be Wednesday.  There is still a good chance that I will need a c-section due to his size BUT now that my pelvis is spreading and my cervix continues to progress we're hoping that a vaginal birth will be successful!  I am just happy to get the chance to try!

Dr P leaves TONIGHT for vacation and will not be back until Sunday night (so technically Monday morning) so IF something happens before then it'll be the on call Dr delivering but I'm ok with that.  Tomorrow I'm back to work and will work until Christmas day and then I'm DONE!  I can't believe we're so close to meeting our son!

Weight- Up 5.5lbs since last week-OUCH that's 41.5 for the pregnancy!

Fundal Height-40cm (still 2 ahead)

BP- 140/82 but again, no protein in urine

Truitt's Heartrate- Loud and Strong but I didn't get a number.

Labor watch- 2.5cm 60-80% effaced

Sunday, December 19, 2010

38 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 38 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: Last week the ultrasound estimated him at 8lbs 6oz but "average" right now is 6.8lbs! Holy Heck!!!

Total Weight Gain: As of last Tuesday, 35lbs. I'll weigh again Tuesday but I'm expecting to be up to close to 40lbs because I've done a lot of holiday eating this weekend.  Also, today is our for Christmas get together and that means pie. Lots and lots of pie.

Maternity Clothes: My shirts aren't long enough to cover my belly panel but I'm not buying anything else. It toook 5 outfits to find something to wear today.

Sleep: The past two nights have been SO much better! I've only woken up twice each night and while my hips and pelvis still hurt REALLY bad I fall back asleep! I do have pretty painful contractions when I first try to get out of bed.


Movement: Slowing down but still "enough"

Food Cravings: Pie?!

What I Miss: Being able to walk comfortably, the hope of a vaginal delivery, thinking he MAY be here by Christmas- I've given up on that!

What I'm looking forward to: Tuesday's appointment. Meeting my Son! Regardless of if he comes on his own or by c-section, he will be here in the next 9 days!!!

Milestones: 38 weeks! Whoa!!! Also, I'm getting looks of pity from most women who look at my belly! First trip to L&D

LABOR WATCH: 2cm dilated, 80% effaced, a LOT of dischage (eww!), Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and a few real (painful) ones


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trying to get things going...

So I think that IF I were to go into labor in the next week I'd have a chance at delivering vaginally so I'm trying a lot of things :)

Sex- Semen contains prostaglandins which are supposed to help soften your cervix, also if you orgasm the uterine contraction can trigger labor contractions.  I feel like I'm back in my TTC days because afterwards I'm literally laying with a pillow under my butt to get the semen to my cervix so the prostaglandins can start working.  It's quite awkward though because my belly is SO big!  So far I haven't had any noticable results (but hopefully I'm dilating some or effacing more) but it can't hurt, right?  Plus at least 6 weeks postpartum is quite a long time to wait for the poor hubs.

Pineapple- Eat FRESH pineapple on an empty stomach before a meal. Pineapple, as well as papaya and mango, contain a proteolytic enzyme called bromelainThe mechanism by which pineapple contributes to inducing labor might be the proteolytic action of bromelain. Bromelain might help to soften the connective tissue of the cervix and, thus, bring on labor. Now, you probably have to eat a whole shipment of fresh pineapple and if I eat too much it blisters my mouth but I did eat half of one before supper last night and I will eat the other half with breakfast or lunch today.  It's tasty so why not!

Nipple Stimulation- Oxytocin is released when breasts are stimulated which can trigger contractions to be longer or stronger.  I hooked up my breastpump and it went to work.  At first I was using the double pump feature and then turned one side off and HOLY GEEZ there's a difference!  I have read for effective pumping to turn it up to the level that is uncomfortable and then turn it down one notch so I figured that would work for this too but goodness I made a mess!  I was leaning back in the recliner so the colostrum was pooling around the cup rather than running down into the bottle.  I didn't even realize I had that much until it was running down my stomach. What an experience- that stuff is STICKY!  Good news is I know how to use my pump; bad news is no contractions.

Walking-  With work I've been getting off at 6pm and "thanks" to daylight savings time nonsense it's already dark when I get home.  On Fridays and Saturdays I get off at 4 though so E, Sophie and Emma and I went for a walk when I got home yesterday.  It was cold and windy but the puppy girls had sweaters on so they seemed to enjoy it but E and I were pretty dang uncomfortable. Today's walking will be at walmart and some other stores finishing up our Christmas shopping.

I've pretty much decided that this kiddo is either coming on Christmas day or not until the c-section.  I would LOVE for him to be here sooner but seeing as  E and I were both 2 weeks late I just don't see Truitt choosing a different path.  As for Christmas day, everyone keeps mentioning how absolutely horrible it will be for him to have his birthday then so I think that's when it will happen IF labor is going to happen on its own.  All we can do is sit and wait.  I promise to my child though that regardless of what day his birthday is on, Christmas or not, we will always try everything possible to make it the best birthday ever.

Signs and symptoms wise- not much. Yesterday I had three very strong and painful contractions back to back where I could barely catch my breath but that was it.  I still have Braxton Hicks on and off all day as well as some shooting pains in my cervix when I change positions.  Each morning I loose a fairly good size of mucus and it's changed from clear to more white with brown tinge to it so I'm thinking it may be part of my plug?  Not sure.

I'm feeling better about the high probability of having a scheduled c-section.  My family is very supportive and I know that they will all be willing to help in any way they can during those first few weeks.  A lot of my friends have had some serious complications with vaginal birth and are still having problems months and years later from the tearing or cutting during labor as well as bladder problems and hemroids.  So at least I know I will be avoiding that for the most part.  I am still really bummed that during that most important hour after birth I will be laying on my back getting sewn up and then super drowsy in recovery rather than holding my baby and bonding with him but as long as he and I are both safe, we will be able to make up for it somehow.  I'm also worried about the pain meds effecting breastfeeding but so many c-section mommas do well and I'm confident that the nurses will be very helpful.

So now, we sit and wait.  I've also read that Italian food can stimulate labor- something about the oregeno and another spice used so E and I may be going out for supper tonight.  There's an authentic Italian place we love and I'm thinking it is what's on our menu tonight.  Also, Monday I am planning on going to get my last pre-baby eyebrow wax and am going to treat myself to a pedi.  I am going to ask the lady to push all of the pressure points that she knows of that can stimulate labor.  Although I don't think he's coming early I don't think there's any harm in trying to speed things along!

Tomorrow we are doing E's dad's side of the family's Christmas.  We normally do it Christmas Eve but I will be working and his cousin's girls are 4 and 8 so they need to be home (about 3 hours away) for Christmas morning to open Santa's gifts.  I'm hoping all the great food may trigger something!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wahoo first trip to L&D!

Let me start off by saying I was right. I knew that I didn't need to go but figured I'd "what if" all day if I didn't go in. I finally called Dr P's nurse and left a message and she called back telling me to go in to checked out.

This morning I woke up at 2:45 and got out of bed to pee.  The dog wanted out so as I walked down the hall to let her out and passed the bathroom I noticed that I had a decent gush of water.  I went to the bathroom, still peed and noticied my panties were completely wet.  I thought nothing much of it, just that I really had to pee and changed my underwear.  I woke up again at about 6:45 to go to the bathroom again and this time as I sat out of bed I had another gush.  My underwear were once again completely wet and this time I noticed that the majority of it was just damp (so it was wet from a bit earlier) and then there was the large brand new wet spot from the "gush."  I went ahead and called L&D and asked them if I thought I was leaking did I need to call my doctor or did I just go into L&D and she said to come in.  I showered and got ready for work, put a panty liner on went on in to work.  By 10 I hadn't had much leaking- the panty liner was practically dry- so I decided it was probably just pee overnight but I went ahead and called Dr P's office just to see what they thought. I got a call back and surprise, they told me to go in and get checked.

I told my boss I'd be back in a few hours and called L&D and told them I was on my way but expecting to be sent home.  First she checked me with some swab and a ph strip and both were negative for amniotic fluid. Then she did a cervical check and WE HAVE PROGRESS! I am now 2cm dilated, 80% effaced, and -3 station! I think that's a pretty HUGE jump from yesterday's 1cm and 0%effaced.  Maybe this kiddo wasn't happy with his "assigned" birthday that Dr P told us yesterday and wants to come sooner.  The nurse told me to go home and have intercourse and we'll probably be back in there in a day or two.  I sure hope she's right!  I was hooked up to the moinitors and at first he must have been sleeping because his heartrate was pretty flat but they had me drink some cold apple juice and he woke right up!  His strip looked great according to the nurse and I only had a few real contractions during the two hours.  So, all in all it was a wasted trip but I feel much better knowing I've had some big changes from yesterday.  My plan is to have sex daily, walk as much as I can, and anything else possible to get this baby to come early and prove to Dr P that he IS ready and I don't need a c-section!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scheduled C-Section

First of all Truitt looks great! He has the cutest profile (although I didn't get any pictures) and everything looks really good.  He's definitely a boy and is still head down looking to my left.

I'm up 2lbs this week so 35 for the pregnancy.  My blood pressure was a little high at 140/82 but no protein in my urine.  He started with a cervical check and I am still 0% effaced.  HIS HEAD IS HIGHER UP THAN LAST WEEK AND NOW I'M ONLY 1CM DILATED.   Ugh, so that was the first disappointment. Then the ultrasound measurements started... his head is measuring 40wks0days one way and 40wks1day the other way... it's already 9.75cm.  All of the measurements together came up with an EDD of 12/24 and today's weight of 8lbs 6oz.  Also Dr P said that my pelvic outlet is small.  How the hell this is possible seeing as I'm 5'9 and fat I have NO idea but he said even if we induced tomorrow he probably wouldn't fit.  My mom is 5'5 and had me, 8lbs 9oz, with no problems.  So, he said that unfortunately (this is where my eyes started welling up and look, they're doing it again!) the hospital will not let him induce prior to 39wks for just big baby so we have to wait until either 12/27 or 12/28 depending on the hospital schedule and have a c-section.  I tried so hard to hold it together but I couldn't. I feel SO guilty because I know all that matters is that he is healthy and he is born safely but this is not at all what I was hoping for.  A c-section is MAJOR abdominal surgery.  I had my gallbladder out laproscopically and that was horribly painful and to think I'm going to be cut wide open and then care for a newborn!?  We will have the added recovery, cost, pain, and pain meds.  I also don't know how I can make it two more weeks.  I am beyond exhausted and cannot see doing this 2 hours of sleep at a time for two more weeks.  On top of that my body hurts so badly and I'm still having to work 40 hours a week?!  There's no reason for me to quit because my blood pressure is still fine and the fluid around the baby is great.  Also, I won't be able to start working again (even though I'm just planning on finding something part time) for 12wks now instead of earlier.  I love that I will have an excuse to be home longer but I am only getting paid for about 6wks and with the additional hospital bills from the surgery things will be tighter.  I will have to work Christmas day.  I feel like if he would just induce me this week we'd have a chance at a successful vaginal delivery but if he's gaining about 1/2lb a week for the next two weeks, a vaginal delivery in two weeks is completely out of the question.  I want to try but I don't want to risk my baby or my health.

It's just been a really emotional afternoon and I feel so guilty for being upset about it.  He did say that IF I go into labor on my own soon that I MAY be able to deliver without a c-section but he doesn't think it'll work.  Plus with no effacement and practically no dilation it doesn't look like it will be happening.  I guess it's time to start reading up on c-sections.

Another appointment next Tuesday.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Excuse my whining and the "birth plan"

I LOVE being pregnant.  I have been SO blessed with such a great pregnancy.  I have a very healthy baby boy growing inside of me.  I haven't had any complications (other than the one time scare of bleeding) and have felt great until a few weeks ago.  Now that I am so close to the end I really understand why so many people complain at the end of their pregnancy.  I feel so guilty writing this because I know so many people would kill to be where I am but I'm so ready to have my healthy and happy baby in my arms and be able to see my husband with him.

I have gotten to the point where I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable.  At night I cannot sleep more than 2 hours at a time.  I fall asleep on my right side and wake up to a throbing right ovary so I get up and pee, lay on my left side and rub on my ovary until I fall asleep.  I have a hard time on my left side because my hip feels so bruised from sleeping on it.  2 hours later I wake up again and if my ovary isn't still hurting I try my right side again.  This continues every 2 hours.  Normally after I wake up around 4am I'm able to sleep 3 or 4 hours in one stretch before getting up.  Good news- I will be used to waking up all night so night time nursing isn't going to be as foreign to me.  Bad news- I am absolutely exhausted, irritable, and have a horrible headache.

I think tomorrow, pending ultrasound results, I am going to beg Dr P to induce me next week. I don't know how long I can go on not sleeping any without even having a newborn to care for.  I also think my hip may snap off at the joint.  That, and my pelvis could explode.  I asked him last week if anyone's pubic symphysis has ever exploded and assured him that I may very well be the first case because when I move it feels like it's going to just pop out!  So I am going to plead that he allows me to induce at 38 weeks rather than waiting until 39 and we will see what the result is.  I'm really afraid if he tells me he can't do it I may have a mental breakdown/sobfest right there on the table. MAYBE Truitt is going to big enough that I won't even have to beg and he'll suggest moving up the day anyway!

So- speaking of the birth, this is our plan. IF I go into labor on my own we will let our parents know we are on our way to the hospital and that's it.  After we know if it's the real thing and they are keeping us I will send a text out to the rest of the family and my close friends.  I hope to be able to text them as I progress with updates.  Again, I'm having E, my mom, E's mom and my best friend in the room during delivery.  After Truitt is born they will stay in the room and take pictures while he's in the warmer being checked and the after birth stuff is happening with me. After they give him to me we're asking everyone to leave and we want about an hour to bond and nurse for the first time. After that we will send out a mass text saying he is here and I will be posting on facebook and on here as soon as possible and having our family come in to meet him.  I do NOT want social networking to interfere with my brand new baby at all but I know how anxious people will be to hear so we're hoping to figure out a happy medium!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

37 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 37 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: Over 6lbs and about 20in long! Baby is big as aWATERMELON!!!

Total Weight Gain: As of last Tuesday, 33lbs. I'll weigh again Tuesday but I'm expecting to be up about 6 more pounds. Seriously- this week I have eaten horribly.

Maternity Clothes: My shirts aren't long enough to cover my belly panel but I'm not buying anything else.

Sleep: Not good at all.  I cannot sleep for longer than two hours at a time the first part of the night and then normally after I wake up around 4 I'll sleep until 7.  I have to pee and normally wake up with painful contractions.  Also, my hips feel bruised from laying on them.  I really may try sleeping in the recliner to see if that helps.


Movement: Lots of hiccups today!

Food Cravings: Soda but I've only allowed myself one this week.

What I Miss: Being able to walk comfortably :) The waddle is horrible and painful and slow! I know it's all worth it for him but I look pitiful!

What I'm looking forward to: Tuesday's appointment. We will have an estimate on his weight.  I'm really hoping he's big enough to induce before Christmas but not too big to where they just want to schedule a c-section!

Milestones: WE ARE FULL TERM!  I cannot tell you how many people have told me that he's coming in the next week- they said I look a LOT different than what I've been looking like I guess?  I also filled out all of the recall postcards on the baby gear :). We are due in ONLY THREE WEEKS!

LABOR WATCH: 1.5cm dilated, and baby's head is low! Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and a few real (painful) ones! ***ALSO, I THINK I'M LOSING MY MUCUS PLUG!***


And to think we thought I looked pregnant at 17wks!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What a day! (Baby is fine :D)

My grandmother is 84 years old and her husband (she remarried after being divorced for 49 years!) passed away 3 years ago.  She is in pretty good health but is having some memory problems but the doctors assure us that it is just "old age."  Shortly after her husband passed away she got sick and had home health coming to stay with her during the day but quickly recovered and they were no longer needed so a sitter was hired bascially the keep her company and keep up with the house.  She comes Monday-Friday 9a-2p and takes Nana to run her errands, cooks meals, etc.  My mom hangs out over there all day Saturday and then we also go over there on Sunday afternoons and stay for supper. About a year ago two men came by and asked her if she wanted them to do some yard work and she said ok; they came back inside a bit later and told her it was going to be $1500 so she wrote them a check and they immediately cashed it.  Unfortunately there was nothing the police could do because she willfully wrote the check so it wasn't considered theft or anything. 

Yesterday I was getting off of the highway to go home from work and my uncle calls me frantically saying that Nana was at the bank trying to cash a check for $3000.  I called my husband and had him meet me outside (I was about 3 minutes away from home) and then drove back to town to figure out what was going on with her.  I work for the Sheriff's office so I called the Police Department and they had someone on their way to her house and to the bank.  Evidently what happened was a guy (maybe two- we're still not sure) came to her and told her that they had done some work on her roof and she owed them $3000.  She told them she didn't have that kind of money at the house so they offered to take her to the bank since she hasn't driven in a year or so. SHE LET A MAN DRIVE HER IN HER CAR TO THE BANK where he drove her through the drive through trying to cash the check.  The teller, thank God, made her come in (she was already in her pajamas and robe) and then called my uncle who is on her account.  I guess the guy realized something was up since it was taking a while and he left her car in the parking lot and ran off on foot.  By the time the police got to her house no one was there, but we're not sure if there ever was even a second guy.

Nana is just upset that she almost got "screwed" out of $3000 but she doesn't realize that he could have hurt or even killed her and stolen the car which is worth a whole lot more than 3k.  E and I stayed at her house to speak with the officers and then my uncle and mom both made it there from out of town.  My uncle told her this is it though and she can no longer live on her own.  She will either be going to an assisted living facility, which she is highly against, or my mom and stepdad will be moving in with her.  We are so lucky that she's ok and I hate that her "last freedom" of living on her own is going to be gone but who knows what could have happened.  It's sick to think there are people all over the place that prey on the elderly and scam them daily.

On top of all of this my aunt had a pretty severe stroke a week and a half ago and is now in rehab.  She still has all of her mental capacities but lost total control of her right side.  They moved her from the hospital to the rehab center at the start of last week and she has made amazing improvements.  She has been able to take small steps assisted with those side by side bars and each day her speech is getting more clear.  As if this wasn't all stressful enough for the family though, the whole Nana situation happened.

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks! I told Truitt it is now time for him to come and that the family is in need for some good news.  I have said all along 12/11/10 would be an awesome birthday but I know he's not ready to come yet.  Hopefully next weekend he'll change his mind and decide he's ready!

Thanks for listening... I really needed to get all of that out!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

36wks 2days

Weight: 2lbs in one week.  Total of 33 for pregnancy

Blood Pressure: 140/82. Higher than it has been but no protein in my urine so nothing to worry about

Baby's heart rate: 143 :)

Fundal Height: 38cm- Still 2wks ahead

Cervix- 1.5 CM DILATED!!!  I wasn't expecting any progress so 1/2 a cm is better than nothing.  His head is still resting right on top of my cervix

Next week we will be doing an ultrasound to ESTIMATE Truitt's size.  The big measurement could mean we have a really big baby in there OR it could mean I just have a lot of amniotic fluid... or it could mean a bit of both.  IF he is measuring very big either we will talk about an earlier induction or we will schedule a c-section.  I asked Dr P if I we would try to deliver vaginally first and it just depends on how big the baby is measuring.  He said worst case scenario is that you are able to deliver the baby's head but the shoulders get stuck which can cause life long nerve damage to his arms.  Bottom line- we will be doing whatever the doctor thinks is best for baby and me!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

36 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 36 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: Around 6lbs and about 20in long! Baby is big as a CRENSHAW MELON(I had to google that) and my what to expect app says a WATERMELON!!!

Total Weight Gain: As of last Monday, 31lbs. I'll weigh again Tuesday.

Maternity Clothes: My shirts aren't long enough to cover my belly panel.  Half of my maternity pictures will have to be edited because of it! Oh well, I'm not buying anything else with only a month to go!

Sleep:  Better. My hips feel brusied from sleeping on my side but I try to angle in different ways to help with it.  I'm still waking up a lot to go to the bathroom but normally fall asleep quickly afterwards.


Movement: Definitely slowing down.  I still feel my "6-10/hour" when I count but I can tell he's short on space.

Food Cravings: Nothing specific

What I Miss: Normal emotions :) I miss wearing my wedding band all day everyday and being comfortable thoughout the day.  I cannot wait until Truitt's here though, I know it's all worth it for him!

What I'm looking forward to: Tuesday's appointment.  I'm interested to see if I've thinned out any or if I've dilated any more.  Also I'm looking forward to going into labor and having this baby!!!

Milestones: MY HOSPITAL BAG IS PACKED! Also, the pack and play is in our room ready for baby.  I have had a few "real" contractions a day that are painful and take my breath away but of course nothing regular yet! We will be term in just ONE WEEK, maybe induced in 3 and we are due in ONLY FOUR WEEKS! Also, the tracker up top has now moved to the NINTH MONTH!

LABOR WATCH: 1cm dilated, and baby's head is low!  Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and a few real ones!

Can you tell he has dropped?!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Maternity Pictures

It was VERY windy outside and there's no hiding my extra 30lbs but other than that, I think they turned out great... Enjoy!