Monday, November 22, 2010

What to pack...

Now that we're only 6 weeks away from our due date and we have gotten most of the baby needs it's time to start thinking about what we need to take to the hospital.  I have asked lots of mommy friends what I do and don't need and it comes down to the fact that the hospital will give us everything we NEED for baby so the rest is just really what we think.  My biggest problem is clothes.  How do you know what he'll fit into?  All the sizes vary SO much... Gerber is the smallest by far, then Carter's brand and then the rest looks huge to me.  So what am I planning- one of each! Haha. I know in the hospital a gown, onesie, or one piece sleeper is easiest so I have one Gerber 5-8lb onesie, one Carter's preemie fleecy sleeper, one Carter's newborn fleecy sleeper, two Carter's newborn cotton sleepers, one Carter's 0-3month cotton sleeper, and then two 3 piece (onesie, pants, and sweater) Carter's newborn outfits that I want him to wear home and for pictures.  That sounds like WAY too much but I don't know what to cut out.  I also have two pair of socks, two burp cloths, two hats, two blankets and I need to buy some scratch mittens.  I know I still need to buy a baby book, nail clippers and a pacifier. 

As for me I don't really have anything together.  E is going to the deer lease for a few days after Thanksgiving so my goal is to have it done by the 1st.  I really need to buy some nursing bras but everyone says not to buy many until after your milk comes in because who knows what size you'll wear.  So, do I just go buy one for the hospital?

Lots and lots of things to think about. What is crazy though is regardless of if he comes early, we're induced the 27th or he comes around his due date- he's coming SOON!

Tonight I bought a "Baby's First Christmas" onesie... it was only $3 so no biggie if he isn't here in time but I figured there is NOTHING wrong with wishful thinking!


  1. I don't think most women using nursing bras while they're still in the hospital- so you'd probably be safe just buying them after you're discharged?
    And you have SO MANY outfits to bring! I still have no idea what to bring for Elliot- and he's going to be in the hospital for agessss longer than T.ruitt, haha! I know for sure that I'm bringing his hats. But I need to talk to the NICU to see what they suggest for actual clothes... hmmm.
    You're making me freak out a little about how unprepared my hospital bag is! haha. Motivation to get to it, I guess.
    PS- I have a feeling T.ruitt may be here before Christmas. :)
    PSS- I couldn't help but notice that you only mentioned Gerber and Carters. Have you checked out The Children's Place online? I have a ton of stretchies and sleepers from there- and they seem pretty small compared to some of my others :) AND THEY ARE SO SO SO CUTE!

  2. Most of our stuff is Carter's, Gerber, Circo(Target), and some other brands. I got a LOT of Children's Place stuff (we have an outlet and it was all 1.99 or 2.99!) but it's all 0-3month or bigger.

  3. i def used nursing bras at the hospital! but i also didnt stay in a gown i was in my own pjs so it made it alot easier when visitors are there & nurses being in & out! true you boobs will get bigger as your milk comes in but i dont for see it being like a bunch of cup sizes bigger. im still in the ones i got for the hospital. when I am real full & my biggest, i just have major clevage & look like im wearing a push-up. but now that i just rambled, i highly suggest bringing one. & def scratch mittens!

  4. Good thing baby clothes are small, no need to worry they will take up too much room in your bags! I am excited for you that you are getting so close. I hope he gets to wear his Christmas onesie. Throw that in the bag too just in case :-)

  5. Take a boppy with you! All my friends say they wish they would have taken one with them!

  6. I put Bunny's clothes and accessories in her diaper bag. That way I wouldn't over pack. But I have some side snap t-shirts, some onesies, sleep and plays, and gowns, scratch mittens, hats, socks, receiving blankets, pacifiers, and of course, BOWS for her hair! LOL! Her bag is the only one that's packed. I'm going to work on mine this week.

    Oh, I have one preemie size outfit in the bag, and the rest are newborn and 0-3 months, just in case. My Boppy is already in the car.

  7. hahaha, wow, that's a lot of clothing for the little one! I love it :) I would say bring just one nursing bra, obvi I dont know what I'm talking about, but as you're a leaky lady like myself, I would probably want one.