Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What a mess!

First of all, I cannot believe I'm blogging about this... it's too good not to though.

E and I are watching TV and I was drinking a glass of milk.  I start to cough/choke and it comes out of my nose.  I think that it is hysterical so I start to laugh while I'm choking on milk and it's coming out of my nose and then I pee myself.  Not just a tiny trickle either...

I'm falling apart!


  1. Oh no...and LOL!!! I've been peeing when I cough too... oh the joy!

  2. LOL! Make sure you remember to tell him that when he grows up!

  3. LOL! :D That's hilarious. Mr. Tru.itt better appreciate all you're doing for him!
    I have to be SUPER CAREFUL when I sneeze. If I don't tighten up my muscles then I leak. lol