Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Please pardon my whining

I don't feel good. I am SO tired of working 40 hour work weeks.  Yes, I could ask my doctor to go ahead and place me on leave now but the longer I work, the longer I get paid after Truitt gets here.  Sleep has been pretty decent lately until last night when I was up every hour and a half to go to the bathroom.  I don't think I drank more than normal so I have no idea what the deal was... then I couldn't get comfortable once back in bed.  Part of the problem may be that the past few days it's been 80 outside so we actually have been running the air conditioning- at the end of November!  It's supposed to cool down a LOT tonight and hopefully that will help me sleep plus the turkey induced coma should help some tomorrow night.

E told me that he thinks Truitt is coming early because of how different things have gotten in the past week.  That'd be great with me!  Well, no earlier than 37 weeks but anytime after that would be fantastic.  I think I've hit a wall in the past few days and I've started to get puffy.  On top of that, my pubic bone hurts like no other, and now my back and legs are starting to throb also.  I know even if we don't go early, our due date is SO close but I'm just ready to meet my little man.  I am still SO thankful to be pregnant and feel really guilty writing about this but the third trimester slow down is definitely in full swing! 

Truitt, please come and see us before Christmas- Daddy will buy you the Red Ryder BB Gun he promised!


  1. I hear ya! Last night I was in tears because of the pelvic pain. It feels like it is going to fall apart, and the shooting pains... Ouch!

    I am literally counting down the hours until I'm full term. I told my husband yesterday that I feel like the end of this pregnancy is near, my body just feels different.

    We don't have much longer to go, hang in there! And I'll try to do the same, LOL!

  2. You can do it! Work sucks but getting paid is awesome so just power through (atleast that's what i'm telling myself!) I am opposite of you...I have a feeling my baby is going to be late. boooo.....
    i really don't want to be induced but I want her here by xmas! ugh!
    Pretty soon we'll have our babes in our arms!

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean. After hoping and praying that Elliot would stay in for just one week about a million weeks in a row... I feel guilty but now that things are progressing {and I feel like utter CRAP!} I'm so excited for him to just BE here already :)
    Hang in there, girly. The end is definitely in sight!
    When's your first internal again?! I'm curious to see if there is any progress being made at all.

  4. I hope he makes his appearance before Christmas! These last few weeks are hard but just think of how close you are to meeting him!