Thursday, November 4, 2010

M is being induced!!!

After being in the hospital for 8 days they finally have decided to start M's induction.  They just compelted another 24 hour urine and some blood work.  The protein in her urine went up and her blood work showed that the preeclampsia is now starting to effect her liver which means it's time to get the baby out!  She was transferred from the women's floor to L&D and started on magnesium for her blood pressure a few hours ago.  They just inserted cervadil to soften her cervix and help with dilation.... so now it's a waiting game. I'm not sure if they're planning on leaving the cervadil in for the routine 12 hours and taking it out around 3am and then starting the pitocin or if they are going to be leaving it in a shorter length of time.

E and I have our childbirth class tonight and I have to work tomorrow so I'm not going to be able to go and see them until tomorrow.  M is 36wks 2days today so hopefully her sweet baby girl will come out big, strong and healthy and will not need any medical assitance.  Please keep them in your prayers and I will update tomorrow morning as soon as I know something!

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  1. Yep... just goes to show how quickly things can change! 36 weeks should be fine. My niece was born at 35 weeks and breech before they had a chance to try and do an emergency c-sect. Spents a little while in the special care nursery with a naso gastric feed and UV lights but didn't require NICU. She's really only a few days off when they consider them fully baked so hopefully all goes well!