Tuesday, November 2, 2010

J and M update

J went for her first OB appointment today.  The doctor said that the tech who does the ultrasounds wasn't in so he did one abdominally (she's 8wks 3days today) and they saw the little baby moving around and saw the heartbeat.  He didn't measure the baby or the heartrate but she will go back in two weeks for another ultrasound done by the tech.  So far so good!

I went and hung out with M at the hospital today.  While I was there they took her BP and it was 140/90 and they also put the baby on the monitor for about 30 minutes.  Her heartrate is nice and reactive and M wasn't having any contractions.  Her OB came in and explained that since she has high protein in her urine she does have pre-eclampsia BUT it hasn't gotten severe to where it's effecting her liver function or anything like that.  Being only 36 weeks there is still a good chance that baby's lungs would be weak and some special care nursery or even NICU time would be needed so for now they sit and wait.  I would be SO frustrated but I do understand!  I asked the doctor why if she's "healthy" enough to not have to deliver now, why can't she be sent home on strict bed rest and she explained that with pre-e sometimes things change with no warning and her BP could spike to stroke level or cause her placenta to fail and even the 30 minute drive from M's home to the hospital could be detrimental to M and or the baby.  So not great news, not horrible news.  The good thing is baby girl lungs tend to develop faster than baby boy's and for some unknown reason babies that are born to moms with high blood pressure tend to do better than other preemies.  Her doctor will induce two weeks from today when M is 38 weeks if she has not gone into labor on her own or had to have been induced.  I don't  know how likely she is to go into labor though being layed up in bed all day long!

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  1. Seeing a baby and heart beat is a great start!!! :-D Bet she's excited to pieces now! Also good that she'll get to see the little one again so soon!

    That blood pressure is borderline but better if I remember rightly. Doc is totally on the money. Pre-eclampsia is so unpredictable. It can also cause seizures which are a BIG problem for both mother and baby. Bright light and a bit too much movement can be enough to see it off e.g. a car ride in the sun. As much as hospital isn't the best way to see out the rest of pregnancy, it is by far the safest. But at least it is looking like she'll get to hang on until this one is fully baked!