Friday, November 12, 2010

Has anyone ever told you how hard RED is to paint?

Well they weren't kidding around.  I just went and painted the F.O.U.R.T.H coat (yes it's safe paint) on the one wall.  Thank goodness we got a whole gallon because we may need it before it's all over.  I REALLY hope this is the last of it though.  E wil have to paint near the ceiling because I figured being 8 months pregnant and on a step ladder wasn't a good idea so I left that for him.  It HAS to be the last coat because we REALLY wanted to put the furniture together tonight so that people can stop by tomorrow and see it after the shower.  Well, I really wanted it done earlier this week so I could spend today putting the room together but E has been very busy and I hate bothering him about it so I controlled myself and left him alone.  The color looks GREAT but you could see where it was a little uneven in spots and my borderline OCD would not ever let that go so I had to fix it.  Right now the window is open and hopefully it's drying beautifully.  The good news is each coat is making it a little darker and I LOVE how it looks next to the blue!  I was worried about it looking too patriotic but it doesn't and once the bedding and everything else is in there I think it will look great.

So I have a confession- I AM A MAJOR REGISTRY STALKER.  I did it with our wedding, and I'm doing it again.  I check each of our registries maybe twice a day and get so excited when something has been purchased... even the $4 bottle brush!  We have already gotten two gifts in the mail- our boppy and cover from my half sister, and the activity gym/mat from my out of state grandparents.  I am proud to report that those two thankyou cards have already been written and sent as well!

In case you missed it- OUR BABY SHOWER IS TOMORROW!  I cannot express how excited I am! A lot of family that will be there hasn't seen the big belly so I am anxious to see how they react.  There's no denying that there's a big ol baby boy in there!  My best friend seems to be doing an amazing job getting everything together and I can't wait to see it all tomorrow! 

I mentioned in the weekly update that I was trying to battle to nasty head cold.  Since last weekend that head cold moved to my chest and ouch!  Have you ever tried coughing violently with a 4-5lb baby in your belly?  I feel bad for him because it can't be pleasant to be shaking around in there.  I called my OB on Wednesday (Day 5 of the crud) and he had me start a Z-pack antibiotic and mucinex.  Today, day 7 of the crud, I finally feel like I can breathe again and my chest isn't so dang tight.  Truitt is still VERY high and I have been short of breath for a while but couple that with a horrible cold and you feel like you're going to pass out from lack of oxygen!

Today's last random item for discussion- I woke up thinking I was having my FIRST (no, I have not had ANY braxton hicks contractions yet and if I have, I have not noticed them) contraction.  My belly was hard as a rock but didn't hurt.  I raised my head a little bit and while pressing on it I noticed that the hardness was pretty isolated and moved if I touched it.  It wasn't a contraction- it was Truitt's tush!  Silly little boy :)


  1. Stop painting, lady! That's what your hubs is for. Just put your feet up and rest up for your shower tomorrow.

  2. Have so much fun at your shower tomorrow!! And I am SUCH a registry stalker too, its addicting but it gives me something to do when I get bored at work. And I love seeing how much great stuff the baby is getting!! Makes it feel so real!

  3. Fingers crossed that this is the last coat of paint needed! I totally understand yur registry stalker addiction. Matter of fact, I STILL look at mine, and my showers are done! LOL!

    It took me awhile to figure out if I was having Braxton Hicks or not. My entire tummy tightens, and now they're becoming slightly painful.

  4. Well I really hope that's the last coat you need! I love the idea of letting people stop by to peek at the nursery after the shower :)
    I can't believe you haven't had any Braxton Hicks yet! T.ruitt must be very comfy in there. I'm sure you'll start getting them eventually. At first they don't really feel like anything- you can just physically feel that your belly is really hard. Can't miss them now though!
    GOOD LUCK at your shower tomorrow!
    ps- I'm a registry stalker too :)

  5. Have fun at the shower! Can't wait to see pictures!