Friday, November 5, 2010

BABY ZOEY IS HERE!!!! (And 1st Childbirth Class)

M welcomed her baby girl today at 36wks 3days!  She weighs 5lbs 13oz and is 20.5in long!!! I guessed 5lbs 14oz born at 7:14am so I wasn't off by much at all, especially on the weight!  She is doing really well with her breathing but did have the cord wrapped a little tight around her so she was still being observed in the nursery last time I spoke with M.  They started the cervical ripener (I think cytotec or cervadil) around 3pm yesterday and things were slow going until about 1:00am when they broke her water and she was dilated to a 3 and then got an epidural.  Just from the rupture of membranes (no pitocin needed!) and her body relaxing from the epi, she went from a 3 to a 9 in TWO HOURS.  After the text at 3am saying she was at a 9, I got another text at 3:40 saying she was pushing and sweet little Zoey was born at 4:04! That is a FAST first time labor!  Mom is doing wonderfully and she said the epidural was amazing and she didn't tear or have any complications.  I'm getting off work a little early and getting E so we can go see them!

Last night was the first half of our childbirth class at the hospital we will be delivering at and I was very impressed!  The moms were due anywhere from the first of December to the end of January and it was neat to see all of the different sized bellys!  The instructor is a L&D and nursery nurse and was funny and very informative. 

We went over when to come to the hospital and what will happen when we first get there.  She told us that obvioulsy reduced or no fetal movement, vaginal bleeding more than just spotting and rupture of membranes all mean to come in regardless of any other symptoms.  Funny story- she said that sometimes you'll wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, sit up and feel a BIG gush of water so you wake up your husband, get dressed, call your family and get to the hospital... then after getting checked you have to come out and tell your family you're going home because your water didn't break-you just peed yourself!  I was laughing TOO hard! She told us that if your water really has broken it will be a continous flow no matter how big the initial gush is and that you need to come in within two hours of rupture because if water is coming out that means that bacteria could be getting in.  The other thing she spent time on was contractions.  Just because you're contracting does NOT mean you're in labor. Labor is defined by cervical change, not contractions.  She said MOST first time moms should be contracting regularly for 2 HOURS at 5 minutes apart.  If you're still in the same labor pattern after two hours, come in.  When we first get there (unless it's an induction or your water has broken) she said they will check your cervix, put you on the monitors for two more hours and then check your cervix again.  If there is no cervical change and everything else is stable you'll be sent home.

Next, she spent a LOT of time on inductions and I actually feel much better about it.  She said a scheduled induction is the only way you're guarenteed your doctor to deliver you.  NORMALLY you'll go in at midnight (so that you're not billed for the previous day) and they will insert cytotec every 3 hours until about 6am when they begin pitocin and rupture your bag of water.  She said the majority of first time moms will deliver by 5 or 6pm averaging about 1cm dilation per hour.  She also said that all of the OB's at this hospital are very good about not sending you in for induction if your cervix is not favorable.  The pros are that the baby is monitored from the start to finish of labor, you get your doctor, you know when you're coming in and everything is very gradual and controlled.  The cons- it's medicine and even if your cervix is favorable you may not respond to the induction.  I still really want to go into labor on my own but I'm not nearly as apprehensive of induction as I was before last night.

She talked about pain relief and told us that all of the nurses are extremely supportive of birth plans and will help you with whatever you choose be it breathing and body positioning or an epidural.  Speaking of epidural she showed us the needle and HOLY GEEZ! I know that the whole thing does not go into you and that it's just there long enough to thread the catheter in (which is like black fishing line) but it is a looooong needle!  She said the hospital policiy is that you can get one when you're 3-4cm dilated.

We also saw forceps and the vacuum.  YIKES! This is something I REALLY want to avoid but she said they are only used if it's the last option before having to have to an emergency c-section.  She said that my OB exclusively uses foceps and even though they look far more scary than the vacuum they actually put less force on the baby and are normally only used to rotate his head to allow him out.  She said it will sometimes leave red marks on his face but the vacuum leaves a very large swollen red bump on the baby's head.  Again, I REALLY hope we do not have to use them!

We finished the class off with a tour of L&D and the nursery.  You have to get buzzed in two different doors before you can access L&D.  The rooms are very nice!  Depending on patient load (she said during the week there are normally 3 scheduled inductions a day plus whoever comes that is in spontaneous labor) you will either stay in that room or be moved down the hall once the baby comes.  As long as baby is doing fine, they are allowed to stay in your room as long as you'd like after birth and at all other times except for the peditrician's check up and once a shift so the new nurse can evaluate the baby.  While in the nursery,(behind another locked door) the baby can be accompanied by mom, dad and or any of the grandparents.  There were two brand new babies in the nursery when we walked in.  THEY'RE TINY!!!  Also, as soon as the baby is born they are given a "tracking bracelet." I call it baby lo-jack!  If you get too close to one of the doors it will go off, locking down the whole hospital! They said there are some glitches though, like if someone is using a bluetooth headset or has a pacemaker the bracelet will be set off!  At least they're serious about security!

Other two questions that were answered- we're allowed to have as many people in the room during delivery as long as there are no complications.  Ideally I want E, my mom, his mom, my bff C and my sister J (she'll be in town from Dec 23-27th I think) in the room with us.  I know that sounds like a lot and I know a lot of people want just their husband in the room but not me.  Also, they said the baby has to stay in the hospital for 24 hours after delivery but they recommend first time moms, especially if breastfeeding, to go ahead and stay in for the full 48 hours after birth although it's not required.  I guess we'll just see how things go.

Next class we will be talking about the actual labor process, c-sections, and recovery!

If you read all of that, I'm impressed :D


  1. Congrats to M!

    And it sounds like you had a great birthing class. Ours was okay. Minimally informative. I think the condescending nurse/teacher turned me off. But thanks for sharing your info. I feel like I learned something!

  2. I read it all... now where's my award? Just kidding.
    Congratulations to M and her husband on their little girl. She's really not even THAT small, for being born early. :) that's great. I hope Baby Zoey continues to do well.
    And your birth class sounds awesome. I've debated on doing one but I think I'd just feel weird without having my husband there. I've thought about bringing my mom {since she will most likely be my birth coach/partner if my husband doesn't get there in time} but I don't know. I'll have to look into it more.
    I plan to have my mom, dad {but he will be sitting up by my head for support- he doesn't do well with blood etc}, and of course HOPEFULLY my husband in the room during delivery. I just feel as though I'm going to want a lot of support since I'll probably be a nervous wreck. I plan to send my dad down immediately after the birth with the NICU team so he can oversee the silo/evaluation/line hookup process and take pictures for me.
    I'm still no THRILLED about the idea of an induction either. Although really that doesn't sound as bad as I thought.

  3. Congrats to M - I'm glad Zoey is doing well.

    I have to sign up for our Childbirth classes, I think at this next doctors appointment I'll get the info I need. Is it strange that I still don't always "believe" it's going to happen?

  4. Glad to hear the everything is going well for little Zoey and mum. :-D

    Also good that you've enjoyed your fist antenatal class too! They do some things a little differently over there to what they do here and I have to say I had to LOL at requiring security tags to prevent neonatal robberies!!!

    Amazed you feel comfortable at the idea of having so many people with you!!! It will be DH (if he wants to be there), me and whatever medical staff is required. I don't want anyone in there who has a chance of getting all anxious, stressed, excited, opinionated or anything else. In fact, we're not having any visitors for the first 24 hours so we have time to establish a bond with our baby before too many scents and bodies get involved. :-) My goodness, I sound so conservative!! LOL! But I think it is a good thing that you feel that comfortable with so many friends and family you're happy to have them there. That's tight - I love it!