Monday, November 29, 2010

35 weeks 1 day


Weight: 8lbs in two weeks. OUCH!  I knew all of the carbs that come with Thanksgiving were going to do me in.  Since I didn't gain any last visit I tried to reason that it's technically 8lbs over the past month ;) so we are now at 31lbs for the pregnancy.

Blood Pressure: 128/70 with no protein in my urine.

Baby's heart rate: I was too busy asking questions to ask what the rate was at but it was nice and strong!

Fundal Height: 37cm- Now only 2wks ahead of where it "should be" but he still mentioned maybe doing an ultrasound in two weeks to check the baby's weight. We will see when we get closer.

Cervix- 1 CM DILATED!!! I was not expecting this AT ALL!  I could sit at this for 5wks and nothing else happen OR it could mean that things will start to happen! Truitt's head is "right there!"

I asked him about when we needed to pre-register and he said NOW! so we went and did that right after the appointment.  I am having a LOT of cramping from the internal exam but he said to expect that and to expect some heavy spotting/light bleeding although I've only had some while wiping- nothing has gotten onto my panty liner.  Being checked wasn't horrible but obviosuly not comfortable.  It was just a lot of pressure and made me need to pee really bad.  He said that Truitt has dropped- I told you I can breathe better!  They also did the Strep B swab.  I go back in one week- well technically 1 week and 1 day because we changed the appointment to Tuesday.  I'm not sure if he'll check me again or wait until the next week.

HOLY GEEZ! I'm starting to dilate!


  1. OMG already dilating! sounds so soon, good luck to u :) 31 pounds isn't bad, if u gain another 4 u'll be right on track with the avrg 35 pounds weight gain :) i'm already at 25+ and 3 weeks behind u...great to know the baby is head down n dropped, so all is good n ready. it's so close i can't sleep cause i think of him and the delivery ALL THE TIME! lol

    I'm excited for you.
    Scratch that.
    I'm excited for US since we're BOTH making some progress :)