Sunday, November 14, 2010

33 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 33 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: Nearly 5lbs and 18-20in long! Baby is about the size of a PINEAPPLE!

Total Weight Gain: As of last visit 22 pounds. Hoping we only added 2-3 more in the past two weeks but we'll find out tomorrow!

Maternity Clothes: My baby shower sweater dress was not maternity but it hugged the bump great!  I don't know how I'm going to make it through the next two months because nothing seems to be long enough.

Sleep: It was great until the last two nights.  I'd been only getting up about twice a night and falling back asleep as soon as I layed back down but the insomnia hit me hard again two nights in a row!


Movement: All over the place!  I have NO idea how he's positioned anymore because I feel him everywhere.

Food Cravings: Still wanting soda although I've been good about staying away and if I do drink one it's a caffiene free coke once a day.

What I Miss: Being able to bend over without saying "umph" but it is ALL worth it for my sweet little man!

What I'm looking forward to: Putting up everything in the nursery!  We have lots to hang on the walls and plenty of things from the shower to put away.  Also, we're meeting the peditrician tomorrow at 2, Dr P appt at 3:10 and my breastfeeding class at 7!  Childbirth class #2 is on Thursday! Busy, busy, busy week ahead!

Milestones: We had our baby shower! It makes everything seem so real!  We will be full term in just 4 weeks (holy geez!), POSSIBLY induced in 6 and we're due in 7 weeks!  The furniture is put together and I did my first few loads of baby laundry!!!

Symptoms: Pubic symphysis pain, Heart Burn, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, Irritability, Short tempered, Low back pain, Hip pain, leg cramps, AND MY FIRST BRAXTON HICKS CONTRACTION!!!

You got the shower pics so that counts for our weekly belly photo!


  1. So wait... it WAS a contraction? That's exciting!
    I can't believe you're 33 weeks. For that matter, I'M almost 33 weeks, too! Ahhh!
    I'm having TERRIBLE leg/foot cramps at night, too. It's horrible.

  2. Holy crap, you are SO CLOSE! This is way too exciting.