Monday, November 15, 2010

33 weeks 1 day

Weight: EXACTLY the same as two weeks ago so we're up 22 for the pregnancy.  Next visit is after Thanksgiving so I'm expecting a big jump!

Blood Pressure: 130/82.  That's not really bad or anything BUT it's higher than it has been.  I had just a trace of protein in my urine and no swelling in my ankles so they aren't worried.

Baby's heart rate:128.  This FREAKED me out!  It has been running in the 140s-150s so that is MUCH slower.  Dr P assured me that anything over 100 is fine and as long as he's moving the same to not worry but I have no idea why it was that low.  He was moving all over the place in the waiting room so I don't think he was sleeping...

Fundal Height: 36cm!

First of all (gross) since my boobs have gotten so much larger I've noticed a rash of some sort in between them and underneath them.  When Dr P was measuring my belly I pulled my shirt a little higher and had him look.  He told me it's a type of FUNGAL infection...ugh, EW!  I've tried powder and lotion and nothing was helping so he told me to use destin diaper ointment at night and Lotrimin AF(yah know, the athelete's foot stuff!) during the day.  That's SO gross but I wanted to share.

As for the big belly- it's still big.  I asked him IF the ultrasound (at 37wks) is showing a very big baby can he induce me at 38 weeks so we have a better shot at a vaginal delivery and he said unfortunately hospital policy is that a mother cannot be induced prior to 39 weeks unless for a medical condition and a big baby does not count as a condition.  So the plan is pretty much to just wait and see.

I go back in two weeks (35wks) for another check up and my first internal check and then will go weekly until Truitt is here.  What?!?!

E and I also met with the peditrician today and were VERY impressed.  I will update about this later but for now I'm off to a breastfeeding class!


  1. Wow... you are getting SO CLOSE!! I can't believe it's almost here!

  2. That stinks about the rash. Hopefully now that you know what's going on you can get that cleared up. My doc had a look at my boobs at my last appointment too- but for the exact OPPOSITE problem... I was concerned that they didn't seem to be growing/changing. hah!
    I'm interested in how meeting with the pedi went- what kind of questions did you ask? I haven't started my hunt yet because I'm not 100% sure if Elliot needs to see a special pediatrician or what. I plan on asking this at my next appointment in GR.
    Hopefully your little {or not so little?!} man isn't TOO big. I know you'd rather do a vaginal birth! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. If it's any consolation... I do know more than one mother who gave birth to 8lb+ babies naturally and vaginally. So I guess it just depends on how superwomanly you're feeling when you go into labor! lol!