Monday, November 1, 2010

31 weeks 1 day

Weight: Up 5lbs (I was thinking it was going to be closer to 10 so I'm ok with it-NO MORE HALLOWEEN CANDY!) from last visit, up 23 for the pregnancy

Blood Pressure: 118/68

Baby's heart rate:153

Fundal Height: 34cm!

All in all we're looking great.  The only "cause for concern" is that my belly is measuring THREE WEEKS AHEAD!  He said that if that is still the case at our next appointment then we'll be scheduling an ultrasound for around 37 weeks to check T.ruitt's size and if he's measuring that much ahead too then we will talk options.  He really doesn't like to induce before 39 weeks but he also will not allow me to vaginally deliver a 10lb baby (thank goodness!).  Based on E and my body types, he said to expect an 8 1/2lb baby at delivery which I shouldn't have any problem with but if he's measuring to be much ahead of that we will talk about a scheduled c-section.  There is a good chance that the big measurement is just fluid and not baby but we need to check and make sure.

How do I feel about a scheduled c-section?  Sure, I'd love the chance for my water to break at home and tell E, "honey, it's time" but will I change that for the health and safety of my baby and me? ABSOLUTELY! Also, I would much rather a scheduled section rather than to labor for 10 hours only to find out he won't fit and we need an emergency surgery after the baby or I am in distress.  My first choice is obvisouly a vaginal delivery but we'll see what happens!

Earlier today I called our first choice peditrician to see about setting up an appointment and they called back while we were in Dr P's office so we went up to the next floor and got signed up to meet the doctor on the 15th before my OB appointment.  That night I have my breastfeeding class at the hospital too.  I cannot believe it's already time for all of these things to be happening!!!


  1. 10 lb baby? holy smokes!

    Yes, scheduling a c-section is SO MUCH better than being in labor for 10-20 hours and then having to do an emergency c-section. Don't worry about it

  2. Oh goodness, I hope he is not measuring as far ahead when you go back!

  3. I totally agree with the wanting a vaginal delivery, but willing to do planned c-section. I just want to be emotionally prepared when I start the birth process with whatever outcome. You're getting so close. Congrats :-)

  4. The thing with birth is that is can be really unpredictable. Even if bub is measuring the right size, orientated the right way and it still looks hunky dory, things can change and you may still end up on the table. If you are prepared for the fact that anything can happen and keep an open mind, baby will be fine and so will you... both physically but also mentally during and after birth. xxx

  5. A friend of mine was told that her daughter was measuring 2 weeks ahead and it ended up just being the fluid - hopefully that's all it is with your baby as well.

  6. Wow, its crazy when the dr. starts throwing around the word c-section, like how are we already to that point?!? Hopefully its just the fluid but its good your doc is on top of things! We're heading to our baby class too, and it just seems so surreal! Happy 31 weeks!!