Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hospital bag

I'm sure I'll unpack and repack a few times before the big day but my goal was to have my bag packed by Decemeber 1st and I should have it ready in the next day or two.  I don't know how but I feel like I've overpacked yet forgotten so much all at the same time.  The good news is that we're only 15 minutes from the hospital and there is both a Walmart and Target within 5 minutes so it's no big deal if I do forget anything.  I have taken a lot of advice from friends and the list the childbirth class gave us. Also, The Subfertile Frugalista did a post "Hospital Packing: What I Learned" from her L&D experience with her gorgeous little baby and it was EXTREMELY helpful in me making my list.  All of you expecting mommies definitely should check it out since she's been there/done that!  So here it goes- please feel free to let me know if you think I've left ANYTHING out!

Momma's Clothes:
2 night gowns that button at top for easy nursing
2 pair PJ pants
2 T-Shirts
2 Nursing tank top/camis
3 Nursing bras (actually one one is a nursing bra, the other two are open front sports bras that I think will work. I didn't want to spend the money on more nursing bras until my milk comes in and I know what size I'll need.  Also, the tanks are actually supportive enough that I will be able to sleep in them)
4 pair cotton underwear (I may not need this many because I hear you just want to wear the mesh ones they give you but I have them just in case)
2 pair fuzzy warm socks
2 pair cotton socks
House shoes
Flip Flops
Coming home outfit (yoga pants and t-shirt/hoodie-glamorous, I know!)

The normal things you'd pack plus
Chapstick- everyone says this is a big must- the heavy breathing and oxygen (if needed) will really dry you out!
Heavy Flow pads
Ponytail holders/head band

Boppy Pillow
Nursing Pads
Gel Pads
Nursing cover
Nipple Cream (I have Nuk and Lansinoh brands)

List of Insurance/Work HR contact numbers
Pedi's info (they gave us a card that they will put in Truitt's bassinet saying he's Dr L's patient)
Back Scratcher!
Cell Phone Charger
Camera, extra batteries, and USB cord
Laptop and charger
Pens and notepad
Plug-In Desk Fan
Baby Book
Pillow for me and E
Snacks, Hard Candy and Gum
Pajamas for E (we decided it makes most sense for him to come home to shower, change and check on the dogs so all he needs is PJs!)
Car Seat
Heavy Blanket to throw over carseat
Truitt's Bag!!!

Of course a lot of that (most of the "other") will have to be grabbed when "it's time" but I have it listed out by the door so it can be quickly gathered.

Monday, November 29, 2010

When do you think Truitt is going to be here?

Go and Vote!!!!

35 weeks 1 day


Weight: 8lbs in two weeks. OUCH!  I knew all of the carbs that come with Thanksgiving were going to do me in.  Since I didn't gain any last visit I tried to reason that it's technically 8lbs over the past month ;) so we are now at 31lbs for the pregnancy.

Blood Pressure: 128/70 with no protein in my urine.

Baby's heart rate: I was too busy asking questions to ask what the rate was at but it was nice and strong!

Fundal Height: 37cm- Now only 2wks ahead of where it "should be" but he still mentioned maybe doing an ultrasound in two weeks to check the baby's weight. We will see when we get closer.

Cervix- 1 CM DILATED!!! I was not expecting this AT ALL!  I could sit at this for 5wks and nothing else happen OR it could mean that things will start to happen! Truitt's head is "right there!"

I asked him about when we needed to pre-register and he said NOW! so we went and did that right after the appointment.  I am having a LOT of cramping from the internal exam but he said to expect that and to expect some heavy spotting/light bleeding although I've only had some while wiping- nothing has gotten onto my panty liner.  Being checked wasn't horrible but obviosuly not comfortable.  It was just a lot of pressure and made me need to pee really bad.  He said that Truitt has dropped- I told you I can breathe better!  They also did the Strep B swab.  I go back in one week- well technically 1 week and 1 day because we changed the appointment to Tuesday.  I'm not sure if he'll check me again or wait until the next week.

HOLY GEEZ! I'm starting to dilate!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

35 weeks down, 35 days to go!

How Far Along: 35 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: Over 5lbs and about 20in long! No new fruit this week.

Total Weight Gain: I'll weigh officially tomorrow but according to our scale I'm up 6lbs from 2 weeks ago- Thanks Thanksgiving! So that'll be 29 for the pregnancy.  Could be worse but I was really hoping to stay under 30!

Maternity Clothes: I'm going on Tuesday in search of some nursing bras.  I will only buy one or two but I need some for my hospital bra and enough to get me through the first few weeks until I can get out and buy some more.

Sleep: I wake up about every 2-3 hours to go to the bathroom but I fall back to sleep pretty quickly normally.  I'll sleep on my left side, wake up and pee, and then sleep on my right side. Each time I wake up my back or side is cramping but it's ok.


Movement: I had the scare on Thursday morning when he wasn't moving much but he has made up for it since then!  This morning he was making my whole belly roll!

Food Cravings: Pie, lots and lots of Thanksgiving pies.  Also, my aunt has a lemon tree and it's a mix between a meyer lemon and a mandarin orange.  They taste SO great squeezed into ice water!

What I Miss: Having a pain free pelvis when I change positions! Energy.  My body not aching- but of course, it's worth it for him!

What I'm looking forward to:  Tomorrow's appointment will be my first cervix check. I'm not expecting any progress but it sure will be nice to hear if something is happening.  We took our maternity pics today and I cannot wait to see the pictures!

Milestones: I wrote my list for the hospital bag and plan to get it together this week.  E assembled ALL of the baby gear!  35/35- 35wks down, 35 days to go! I think he's dropped some!!! Breathing is easier but walking is harder! We will be term in just 2 weeks, maybe induced in 4 and we are due in only 5 weeks!

Symptoms: Pubic symphysis pain, Constipation, Highly Emotional, Heart Burn, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, Irritability, Short tempered, Low back pain, Hip pain, leg cramps, Braxton Hicks contractions.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for so much and consider myself so lucky for all of the blessings in my life.

Today was a bit emotional for me.  I woke up this morning after a pretty restless night and noticed that I wasn't feeling Truitt move much...  I debated on going in to the hospital but I'd start to count kicks and he'd finally start moving.  It just wasn't the frequency and intensity I am used to.  Anyway, that had me on edge and I got so upset with E that I busted out crying twice... Once over green beans, and once because of whipped cream.  It was bad.  Then E's family kept telling me how swollen my feet were and they aren't swollen at all! I just have short pudgy toes!  Haha, I recovered nicely though and Mr Man has been moving up a storm inside my belly!  I'm back to work in the morning while E is deer hunting and then I'm coming home and planning on doing some serious organizing.  This morning I counted and this kid has 23 Newborn onesies and 75 0-3month onesies!   That's not including any of the outfits we have hanging- strictly onesies that are folded in his drawers. Most of them are hand-me-downs but hopefully it'll cut down on how often we need to do laundry!  I had 6-9 months and smaller in his dresser but now have to take out the 3-6 and 6-9 stuff to make room for all the little stuff!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Please pardon my whining

I don't feel good. I am SO tired of working 40 hour work weeks.  Yes, I could ask my doctor to go ahead and place me on leave now but the longer I work, the longer I get paid after Truitt gets here.  Sleep has been pretty decent lately until last night when I was up every hour and a half to go to the bathroom.  I don't think I drank more than normal so I have no idea what the deal was... then I couldn't get comfortable once back in bed.  Part of the problem may be that the past few days it's been 80 outside so we actually have been running the air conditioning- at the end of November!  It's supposed to cool down a LOT tonight and hopefully that will help me sleep plus the turkey induced coma should help some tomorrow night.

E told me that he thinks Truitt is coming early because of how different things have gotten in the past week.  That'd be great with me!  Well, no earlier than 37 weeks but anytime after that would be fantastic.  I think I've hit a wall in the past few days and I've started to get puffy.  On top of that, my pubic bone hurts like no other, and now my back and legs are starting to throb also.  I know even if we don't go early, our due date is SO close but I'm just ready to meet my little man.  I am still SO thankful to be pregnant and feel really guilty writing about this but the third trimester slow down is definitely in full swing! 

Truitt, please come and see us before Christmas- Daddy will buy you the Red Ryder BB Gun he promised!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What a mess!

First of all, I cannot believe I'm blogging about this... it's too good not to though.

E and I are watching TV and I was drinking a glass of milk.  I start to cough/choke and it comes out of my nose.  I think that it is hysterical so I start to laugh while I'm choking on milk and it's coming out of my nose and then I pee myself.  Not just a tiny trickle either...

I'm falling apart!

Monday, November 22, 2010

What to pack...

Now that we're only 6 weeks away from our due date and we have gotten most of the baby needs it's time to start thinking about what we need to take to the hospital.  I have asked lots of mommy friends what I do and don't need and it comes down to the fact that the hospital will give us everything we NEED for baby so the rest is just really what we think.  My biggest problem is clothes.  How do you know what he'll fit into?  All the sizes vary SO much... Gerber is the smallest by far, then Carter's brand and then the rest looks huge to me.  So what am I planning- one of each! Haha. I know in the hospital a gown, onesie, or one piece sleeper is easiest so I have one Gerber 5-8lb onesie, one Carter's preemie fleecy sleeper, one Carter's newborn fleecy sleeper, two Carter's newborn cotton sleepers, one Carter's 0-3month cotton sleeper, and then two 3 piece (onesie, pants, and sweater) Carter's newborn outfits that I want him to wear home and for pictures.  That sounds like WAY too much but I don't know what to cut out.  I also have two pair of socks, two burp cloths, two hats, two blankets and I need to buy some scratch mittens.  I know I still need to buy a baby book, nail clippers and a pacifier. 

As for me I don't really have anything together.  E is going to the deer lease for a few days after Thanksgiving so my goal is to have it done by the 1st.  I really need to buy some nursing bras but everyone says not to buy many until after your milk comes in because who knows what size you'll wear.  So, do I just go buy one for the hospital?

Lots and lots of things to think about. What is crazy though is regardless of if he comes early, we're induced the 27th or he comes around his due date- he's coming SOON!

Tonight I bought a "Baby's First Christmas" onesie... it was only $3 so no biggie if he isn't here in time but I figured there is NOTHING wrong with wishful thinking!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

34 weeks!

How Far Along: 34 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: Around 5lbs and about 20in long! What to expect app says a large cantaloupe but I don't get that because it said a cantaloupe a LONG time ago!  I just know he goes from my chest to my pelvis!

Total Weight Gain: Evidently pregnant women cannot add- I'm at 23lbs, not 22. Still aiming for 1lb a week until the end putting me at a total around 30 BUT Thanksgiving is this week and very may well derail my hopes.

Maternity Clothes: Of course!  I still haven't gotten anymore bras but I'm planning on looking for some this week

Sleep: Much better this week! I wake up about every 3 hours to go to the bathroom but I fall right back to sleep.


Movement: Getting painful at times, I've read that there's not as much fluid to cushion him anymore so that's why it can start to get uncomfortable.

Food Cravings: STILL soda!  I'm keeping it down to about 1 caffiene free one about every other day.

What I Miss: Having a pain free pelvis when I change positions! But as always- totally worth it for him!

What I'm looking forward to: Getting the big stuff (swing, pack and play, travel system) assembled.  Not really baby related but- THANKSGIVING!  This could be our last holiday without a baby here although I'm pretty sure he won't be here yet for Christmas.

Milestones: I have washed and put all of his clothes away that are 6 months and smaller! I'm sure I'll reorganize before he comes BUT I feel so much better to know that it is functional now!  We will be term in just 3 weeks, maybe induced in 5 and we are due in only 6 weeks!

Symptoms: Pubic symphysis pain, Heart Burn, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, Irritability, Short tempered, Low back pain, Hip pain, leg cramps, a few Braxton Hicks contractions.


Friday, November 19, 2010

I've decided...

that I either need more hours in a day, less hours in my work week (currently right at 40 hours a week) OR the ability to function on less sleep.  I don't see any of these happening anytime soon but it sure would be nice.  Now that the nursery is put together all I want to do is put things away and organize but I have had NO time!  Two nights ago I did baby laundry and went through things until 10:30 and last night we had Part 2 of our childbirth class, didn't get home until 8:30 and then again I worked in baby's room until 10- not falling asleep until 10:45 only to wake up 6 hours later for work.  ::Yawn::  Tonight E invited friends over for a fish fry so I'm sure it's going to be another long day but the good news is he's going hunting tomorrow morning and then I'm off Sun-Tues so I will get off work tomorrow afternoon, go home and nap and then wake up and "nest."

Last night (probably induced by being so dang tired) I kind of had a melt down.  It really started Wednesday night.  I was going through Truitt's new clothes and taking the tags off so I could wash them and put them away.  I THOUGHT I took anything that would bleed out of the pile but I left a maroon onesie in there.  I went to put the clothes into the dryer and noticed that 4 things- ONE BEING THE OUTFIT I WANTED HIM TO COME HOME IN- had pink splotches on it.  I spray and washed the onesie and went to bed.  When I woke up yesterday the pink was much lighter but still there so I sprayed it again, and washed it again... Before I left for work I checked it and there was still some pink but I didn't have time to spray, soak and wash before work so I called E and asked if he would respray, soak, and wash it when he got home and he said yes.  I get a text from him saying "where's the pink stuff? I just took the wet clothes out of the washer and they're in the dryer."  So I text back saying "I TOLD you they were in the washer and needed to be rewashed- you just ruined it."  Granted I am the one that turned it pink in the first place so I am really the one that did the "ruining" and I felt horrible for snapping.  I got home from work and he told me that it had turned out fine so I pull it out of the dryer and there is still pink splotched all over my white "Handsome Like Daddy" onesie.  I instantly start crying and he doesn't understand so I explain that I feel guilty for snapping at him since I was the one that messed it up in the first place BUT if he would have listened to how I asked him to do it, the pink could have come out and that it was the first outfit I bought once we knew Truitt was a boy. 

THEN we leave (about 10 minutes late because of my melt down) for childbirth class and I ask him what he wants to stop and get to eat and of course he says his normal "I don't care, what do you want?"  So I pull into the easiest on/off the highway fast food place and we sit.  We sat for a good 10 minutes when he finally tells me to just leave because we don't have time to wait.  Cue the waterfalls again.  My stomach was already growling and I couldn't imagine sitting in class for 3 hours starving.  He once again has no clue why I'm crying which makes it worse.  We ended up stopping somewhere else, scarfed down the food and made it to class with 5 minutes to spare. 

Poor guy.  He is such an amazing husband- I'm just a mess!

Part 2 of Childbirth class was good.  We talked about the stages of labor... did you know when you're having Braxton Hicks contractions your belly gets to be as hard as the tip of your nose; during early labor (until you're dilated to a 7) your belly feels like your chin, and during hard labor your belly is as hard as your forehead! YIKES!  She talked about how mom will feel, how dad(or support person) will feel and of course what will be happening during each stage.  She also talked about how important that first hour of baby being here is.  Baby is the most alert that he will be for the next 24-36 hours and it's crucial for breastfeeding and bonding to be established during that time.

I think our "plan" is for E, my mom, E's mom, my bff and my sister (if she's in town), to be in the room during pushing and delivery.  Once Truitt gets here the nurse takes him to the in-room warmer for apgar scoring and to weigh him, put bracelets on and do his footprints.  During that time I deliver the placenta and get any repairs if needed.  After they hand baby back to me we're going to have everyone leave so that E and I can get some alone time with Truitt and try nursing him for the first time.  After I'm able to feed him we'll allow guests back into the room.  We are both very happy with that and hopefully everything will work out!

We also talked about recovery, c-sections and much more but for now, I'm too tired to think of anything else to share!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Shower favorites!

First is something I got in the mail last week so not really from the baby shower.  It is a handmade blanket from my dear bloggy friend Amber.  It means so much to me that she thought of us and made something so heartfelt for Truitt!

The envelope from a co-worker made me choke up.  I know it's simple but it really made me realize how much our life is about to change!

Personalized Camo Blanket... will be perfect for bundling our winter baby!

Personalized "Lovey"

All of these are made by one of my best friend's mother.  I love them all so much but the diaper bag is my favorite!
As you can tell... I love personalized things :)  I got so much great stuff but these are extra special so I had to share them with you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pediatrician Appointment and Breastfeeding Class

This afternoon we met with Truitt's pediatrician.  I had pretty much decided we were going to use him because of friends' recommendations but we still wanted to meet with him to make sure.  The waiting room is great- there are a total of 7 doctors in the practice so it's seperated by doctors and each area has a sick and well child area so that you don't catch a bug while you're there for a well visit.  Dr L is very inviting and he has a 7, 5 and 2 1/2 year old so he knows his stuff at home and at work!  We were able to get all of our questions asked and then some.

*Circumcision-  I know this is VERY controversial but we wanted to hear what he had to say as we aren't completely sure what we want to do.  He said these days it's getting very close to 50/50 on if boys are being circumcised.  He said it pretty much is if dad is, baby is although there are obviously exceptions.  The pros are that it reduces furture risk for STDs (hopefully he will be responsible enough to not have to worry about this!), reduce the chance of penile cancer, it is proven to reduce infections in young boys and it is "easier" to keep clean.  Cons are that it is a medical procedure that will cause minor-moderate pain during and for a few hours after and if not properly cared for it can get infected.  He said that it can be done anytime in the first two weeks but they prefer to do it the morning after birth in the hospital so that the nurses can watch the healing.  I think we have decided that we will be having this done.

*Newborn Visits-  Dr L will see Truitt in the nursery the day he is born regardless of who is on call (unless he's out of town- I think he said he is going to be gone the last few days of December) to assess him.  After discharge he likes a visit at 3-5days old and then again when baby is two weeks old.  As long as everything is going well he will see him again at 2,4,6,9, and 12 months old.

*Sick Care-  He will see a sick child the day you call for an appointment and the practice has an "on-call" line where you speak to either a nurse practioner or the actual doctor after hours.  They are also open on Saturdays for sick children.

*Pacifiers-  He highly recommends them because they reduce the chance of SIDS.  As long as they are not causing breastfeeding problems, try to give them to baby!  ALSO- HAVING A FAN ON IN THE BABY'S ROOM REDUCES THE RISK OF SIDS 70%

I know we talked about more but I can't think of anything else.

Tonight I had my breastfeeding class at the hospital.  It was informative and comforting to know other people are having the same questions I am.  There were only 6 women in the class, and 4 were having girls.  The only other momma having a little boy is due the same day as me!  She's having a scheduled c-section on 12/27 though because she has pelvic floor disease.  ANYWAY- the class.  Here's some of the most helpful/neat to know things we talked about.

*It is very important to first nurse within two hours of giving birth.  Baby will be most alert at this time and it is the best time to get a good latch

*Colostrum is like a power bar and even a teaspoon has enough to satisfy baby

*Your milk will come in normally between days 3 and 5

*The consultant recommended NOT pumping until a few weeks after birth. She said it is so stressful at first that pumping adds so much more that you don't need to worry about.

*If you make it through the first 2 weeks you're likely to nurse for at least 6 months.

*Breastfed baby poo does not stain!

*Your milk's fat content changes throughout the day... in order to have the most filling milk at bedtime eat something high in calories/fat (ice cream) around 3pm.

Again, I know there is much more that we discussed but I'm done for tonight :)

33 weeks 1 day

Weight: EXACTLY the same as two weeks ago so we're up 22 for the pregnancy.  Next visit is after Thanksgiving so I'm expecting a big jump!

Blood Pressure: 130/82.  That's not really bad or anything BUT it's higher than it has been.  I had just a trace of protein in my urine and no swelling in my ankles so they aren't worried.

Baby's heart rate:128.  This FREAKED me out!  It has been running in the 140s-150s so that is MUCH slower.  Dr P assured me that anything over 100 is fine and as long as he's moving the same to not worry but I have no idea why it was that low.  He was moving all over the place in the waiting room so I don't think he was sleeping...

Fundal Height: 36cm!

First of all (gross) since my boobs have gotten so much larger I've noticed a rash of some sort in between them and underneath them.  When Dr P was measuring my belly I pulled my shirt a little higher and had him look.  He told me it's a type of FUNGAL infection...ugh, EW!  I've tried powder and lotion and nothing was helping so he told me to use destin diaper ointment at night and Lotrimin AF(yah know, the athelete's foot stuff!) during the day.  That's SO gross but I wanted to share.

As for the big belly- it's still big.  I asked him IF the ultrasound (at 37wks) is showing a very big baby can he induce me at 38 weeks so we have a better shot at a vaginal delivery and he said unfortunately hospital policy is that a mother cannot be induced prior to 39 weeks unless for a medical condition and a big baby does not count as a condition.  So the plan is pretty much to just wait and see.

I go back in two weeks (35wks) for another check up and my first internal check and then will go weekly until Truitt is here.  What?!?!

E and I also met with the peditrician today and were VERY impressed.  I will update about this later but for now I'm off to a breastfeeding class!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nursery Part 2...

Here is the progess since the last pictures!  We still need to hang things on the wall, buy the changing pad for the table, fix the window treatment, and put everything from the shower away.  Oh, and touch up the paint on the ceiling and baseboards but until then, ENJOY!

Touch ups

Starting the crib

Testing out the crib

Starting the dresser

The "changing tower" which had a bagillion pieces!

Here it is!!!



33 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 33 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: Nearly 5lbs and 18-20in long! Baby is about the size of a PINEAPPLE!

Total Weight Gain: As of last visit 22 pounds. Hoping we only added 2-3 more in the past two weeks but we'll find out tomorrow!

Maternity Clothes: My baby shower sweater dress was not maternity but it hugged the bump great!  I don't know how I'm going to make it through the next two months because nothing seems to be long enough.

Sleep: It was great until the last two nights.  I'd been only getting up about twice a night and falling back asleep as soon as I layed back down but the insomnia hit me hard again two nights in a row!


Movement: All over the place!  I have NO idea how he's positioned anymore because I feel him everywhere.

Food Cravings: Still wanting soda although I've been good about staying away and if I do drink one it's a caffiene free coke once a day.

What I Miss: Being able to bend over without saying "umph" but it is ALL worth it for my sweet little man!

What I'm looking forward to: Putting up everything in the nursery!  We have lots to hang on the walls and plenty of things from the shower to put away.  Also, we're meeting the peditrician tomorrow at 2, Dr P appt at 3:10 and my breastfeeding class at 7!  Childbirth class #2 is on Thursday! Busy, busy, busy week ahead!

Milestones: We had our baby shower! It makes everything seem so real!  We will be full term in just 4 weeks (holy geez!), POSSIBLY induced in 6 and we're due in 7 weeks!  The furniture is put together and I did my first few loads of baby laundry!!!

Symptoms: Pubic symphysis pain, Heart Burn, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, Irritability, Short tempered, Low back pain, Hip pain, leg cramps, AND MY FIRST BRAXTON HICKS CONTRACTION!!!

You got the shower pics so that counts for our weekly belly photo!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baby Shower!

Absolutely amazing.  I think we had 44 people (plus little kids) there and countless gifts.  I honestly told E that we have to go back through everything so we can actually look and appreciate everything since we went so fast through all the gifts.  It took AN HOUR to open everything!  I think we only got two duplicates of outfits.  We got a LOT of diapers (yay!!!), plenty of blankets, outfits, and lots of other stuff I can't really think of right now.  Big item wise I think we got everything we NEED except for the big carseat that he'll need when he outgrows the infant carrier.  We have the swing, pack and play, travel system with extra base, jumperoo, bouncer, play mat, bathtub... and much much more!  We left everything at E's mom's house (where the shower was) and will go back to get it tomorrow.  There will be another post with pictures of the goodies but here are some I HAD to share tonight!

The Invite

Diaper Cake


The Spread

The Gifts

The girls who made it all happen!

The picture that made me say "WHOA?!?! Is my belly really that big?!?!"

Friday, November 12, 2010

Has anyone ever told you how hard RED is to paint?

Well they weren't kidding around.  I just went and painted the F.O.U.R.T.H coat (yes it's safe paint) on the one wall.  Thank goodness we got a whole gallon because we may need it before it's all over.  I REALLY hope this is the last of it though.  E wil have to paint near the ceiling because I figured being 8 months pregnant and on a step ladder wasn't a good idea so I left that for him.  It HAS to be the last coat because we REALLY wanted to put the furniture together tonight so that people can stop by tomorrow and see it after the shower.  Well, I really wanted it done earlier this week so I could spend today putting the room together but E has been very busy and I hate bothering him about it so I controlled myself and left him alone.  The color looks GREAT but you could see where it was a little uneven in spots and my borderline OCD would not ever let that go so I had to fix it.  Right now the window is open and hopefully it's drying beautifully.  The good news is each coat is making it a little darker and I LOVE how it looks next to the blue!  I was worried about it looking too patriotic but it doesn't and once the bedding and everything else is in there I think it will look great.

So I have a confession- I AM A MAJOR REGISTRY STALKER.  I did it with our wedding, and I'm doing it again.  I check each of our registries maybe twice a day and get so excited when something has been purchased... even the $4 bottle brush!  We have already gotten two gifts in the mail- our boppy and cover from my half sister, and the activity gym/mat from my out of state grandparents.  I am proud to report that those two thankyou cards have already been written and sent as well!

In case you missed it- OUR BABY SHOWER IS TOMORROW!  I cannot express how excited I am! A lot of family that will be there hasn't seen the big belly so I am anxious to see how they react.  There's no denying that there's a big ol baby boy in there!  My best friend seems to be doing an amazing job getting everything together and I can't wait to see it all tomorrow! 

I mentioned in the weekly update that I was trying to battle to nasty head cold.  Since last weekend that head cold moved to my chest and ouch!  Have you ever tried coughing violently with a 4-5lb baby in your belly?  I feel bad for him because it can't be pleasant to be shaking around in there.  I called my OB on Wednesday (Day 5 of the crud) and he had me start a Z-pack antibiotic and mucinex.  Today, day 7 of the crud, I finally feel like I can breathe again and my chest isn't so dang tight.  Truitt is still VERY high and I have been short of breath for a while but couple that with a horrible cold and you feel like you're going to pass out from lack of oxygen!

Today's last random item for discussion- I woke up thinking I was having my FIRST (no, I have not had ANY braxton hicks contractions yet and if I have, I have not noticed them) contraction.  My belly was hard as a rock but didn't hurt.  I raised my head a little bit and while pressing on it I noticed that the hardness was pretty isolated and moved if I touched it.  It wasn't a contraction- it was Truitt's tush!  Silly little boy :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One of the best smells in the world has to be...


I decided that I would start washing Truitt's clothes tonight because E had to take some tests for work and goodness it smells SO good!  So far I'm just washing what I bought at the Just Between Friends sale and what I got from my friend that had a garage sale.  After the shower I'll go through everything with tags and see what all I have in what sizes and then start to wash the newborn/0-3 sizes!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

32 weeks!

How Far Along: 32 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: About 19in and 4 1/2lbs! Truitt MAY be bigger because my belly is measuring 3 weeks ahead! Baby is about the size of a HONEYDEW MELON!

Total Weight Gain: As of last visit 22 pounds

Maternity Clothes: As always! I am getting to the point where I am going to HAVE to buy some more bras though.  My first nursing bra I bought at the start of pregnancy is starting to wear out.

Sleep:  Not good at all. I have a cold so I can't breathe... also my hips hurt and the first 30 minutes or so on my side I have some serious pubic symphysis pain-like it feels as if my pelvis is going to pop into two pieces. Yikes!


Movement:  Yes :) I posted a video of him shaking the remote on my belly with his hiccups

Food Cravings: I HAD to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the other day! I've REALLY been craving coke/pepsi/dr pepper.  This is the craziest by far-I have never been a drinker and if I do drink something it's a margarita or something fruity... anyway, we were out eating Mexican and my mouth started watering when the waiter walked by with a beer! I HATE BEER!  I obviously didn't drink anything but my husband, the avid beer drinker, kept saying "That's my boy!" the rest of the night! Also-strawberry poptarts!

What I Miss: Being able to breathe normally, being ache free and more energized! It is ALL worth it for my sweet little man!

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing the nursery and MY BABY SHOWER IS ON SATURDAY!!!

Milestones: Our tracker is now on 8 months! Only one more block left!!!!  We will be full term in 5 weeks (holy geez!), POSSIBLY induced in 7 and we're due in 8 weeks! Also, all four walls of the nursery are painted! E will have to do a second coat tomorrow!

Symptoms: Pubic symphysis pain, Minor Heart Burn, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, Irritability, Short tempered, Low back pain, Hip pain, and of course leg cramps


The walls are painted!

With the first coat at least!  At first we were planning on painting the walls a khaki color but then with the color of furniture E we decided to go with blue.  We had toyed around with painting one wall red but hadn't decided yet.  Today we started painting and E we decided to go ahead and do a red accent wall.  I am actually EXTREMELY happy with how it looks! Tomorrow after work E will paint the second coat and HOPEFULLY that's all that's needed although we have plenty of paint if a third is needed.  Wednesday E is going to put together the furniture and then I will decorate Thursday and Friday so it SHOULD be ready by the shower on Saturday so that we can put things away as we get them.  I'll update as soon as there's more progress :)

Sophie helping Dad get things ready




After- the changing table/short&long dresser will be on the red wall, crib on the wall to the left, and tall skinny dresser on the wall to the right (I think!)

I think it will look fantastic after the next coat!

Truitt has hiccups :)

Watch the right side of the remote bounce! Mr Man had hiccups!  Sorry I breathe so heavy ;)

Friday, November 5, 2010

BABY ZOEY IS HERE!!!! (And 1st Childbirth Class)

M welcomed her baby girl today at 36wks 3days!  She weighs 5lbs 13oz and is 20.5in long!!! I guessed 5lbs 14oz born at 7:14am so I wasn't off by much at all, especially on the weight!  She is doing really well with her breathing but did have the cord wrapped a little tight around her so she was still being observed in the nursery last time I spoke with M.  They started the cervical ripener (I think cytotec or cervadil) around 3pm yesterday and things were slow going until about 1:00am when they broke her water and she was dilated to a 3 and then got an epidural.  Just from the rupture of membranes (no pitocin needed!) and her body relaxing from the epi, she went from a 3 to a 9 in TWO HOURS.  After the text at 3am saying she was at a 9, I got another text at 3:40 saying she was pushing and sweet little Zoey was born at 4:04! That is a FAST first time labor!  Mom is doing wonderfully and she said the epidural was amazing and she didn't tear or have any complications.  I'm getting off work a little early and getting E so we can go see them!

Last night was the first half of our childbirth class at the hospital we will be delivering at and I was very impressed!  The moms were due anywhere from the first of December to the end of January and it was neat to see all of the different sized bellys!  The instructor is a L&D and nursery nurse and was funny and very informative. 

We went over when to come to the hospital and what will happen when we first get there.  She told us that obvioulsy reduced or no fetal movement, vaginal bleeding more than just spotting and rupture of membranes all mean to come in regardless of any other symptoms.  Funny story- she said that sometimes you'll wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, sit up and feel a BIG gush of water so you wake up your husband, get dressed, call your family and get to the hospital... then after getting checked you have to come out and tell your family you're going home because your water didn't break-you just peed yourself!  I was laughing TOO hard! She told us that if your water really has broken it will be a continous flow no matter how big the initial gush is and that you need to come in within two hours of rupture because if water is coming out that means that bacteria could be getting in.  The other thing she spent time on was contractions.  Just because you're contracting does NOT mean you're in labor. Labor is defined by cervical change, not contractions.  She said MOST first time moms should be contracting regularly for 2 HOURS at 5 minutes apart.  If you're still in the same labor pattern after two hours, come in.  When we first get there (unless it's an induction or your water has broken) she said they will check your cervix, put you on the monitors for two more hours and then check your cervix again.  If there is no cervical change and everything else is stable you'll be sent home.

Next, she spent a LOT of time on inductions and I actually feel much better about it.  She said a scheduled induction is the only way you're guarenteed your doctor to deliver you.  NORMALLY you'll go in at midnight (so that you're not billed for the previous day) and they will insert cytotec every 3 hours until about 6am when they begin pitocin and rupture your bag of water.  She said the majority of first time moms will deliver by 5 or 6pm averaging about 1cm dilation per hour.  She also said that all of the OB's at this hospital are very good about not sending you in for induction if your cervix is not favorable.  The pros are that the baby is monitored from the start to finish of labor, you get your doctor, you know when you're coming in and everything is very gradual and controlled.  The cons- it's medicine and even if your cervix is favorable you may not respond to the induction.  I still really want to go into labor on my own but I'm not nearly as apprehensive of induction as I was before last night.

She talked about pain relief and told us that all of the nurses are extremely supportive of birth plans and will help you with whatever you choose be it breathing and body positioning or an epidural.  Speaking of epidural she showed us the needle and HOLY GEEZ! I know that the whole thing does not go into you and that it's just there long enough to thread the catheter in (which is like black fishing line) but it is a looooong needle!  She said the hospital policiy is that you can get one when you're 3-4cm dilated.

We also saw forceps and the vacuum.  YIKES! This is something I REALLY want to avoid but she said they are only used if it's the last option before having to have to an emergency c-section.  She said that my OB exclusively uses foceps and even though they look far more scary than the vacuum they actually put less force on the baby and are normally only used to rotate his head to allow him out.  She said it will sometimes leave red marks on his face but the vacuum leaves a very large swollen red bump on the baby's head.  Again, I REALLY hope we do not have to use them!

We finished the class off with a tour of L&D and the nursery.  You have to get buzzed in two different doors before you can access L&D.  The rooms are very nice!  Depending on patient load (she said during the week there are normally 3 scheduled inductions a day plus whoever comes that is in spontaneous labor) you will either stay in that room or be moved down the hall once the baby comes.  As long as baby is doing fine, they are allowed to stay in your room as long as you'd like after birth and at all other times except for the peditrician's check up and once a shift so the new nurse can evaluate the baby.  While in the nursery,(behind another locked door) the baby can be accompanied by mom, dad and or any of the grandparents.  There were two brand new babies in the nursery when we walked in.  THEY'RE TINY!!!  Also, as soon as the baby is born they are given a "tracking bracelet." I call it baby lo-jack!  If you get too close to one of the doors it will go off, locking down the whole hospital! They said there are some glitches though, like if someone is using a bluetooth headset or has a pacemaker the bracelet will be set off!  At least they're serious about security!

Other two questions that were answered- we're allowed to have as many people in the room during delivery as long as there are no complications.  Ideally I want E, my mom, his mom, my bff C and my sister J (she'll be in town from Dec 23-27th I think) in the room with us.  I know that sounds like a lot and I know a lot of people want just their husband in the room but not me.  Also, they said the baby has to stay in the hospital for 24 hours after delivery but they recommend first time moms, especially if breastfeeding, to go ahead and stay in for the full 48 hours after birth although it's not required.  I guess we'll just see how things go.

Next class we will be talking about the actual labor process, c-sections, and recovery!

If you read all of that, I'm impressed :D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

M is being induced!!!

After being in the hospital for 8 days they finally have decided to start M's induction.  They just compelted another 24 hour urine and some blood work.  The protein in her urine went up and her blood work showed that the preeclampsia is now starting to effect her liver which means it's time to get the baby out!  She was transferred from the women's floor to L&D and started on magnesium for her blood pressure a few hours ago.  They just inserted cervadil to soften her cervix and help with dilation.... so now it's a waiting game. I'm not sure if they're planning on leaving the cervadil in for the routine 12 hours and taking it out around 3am and then starting the pitocin or if they are going to be leaving it in a shorter length of time.

E and I have our childbirth class tonight and I have to work tomorrow so I'm not going to be able to go and see them until tomorrow.  M is 36wks 2days today so hopefully her sweet baby girl will come out big, strong and healthy and will not need any medical assitance.  Please keep them in your prayers and I will update tomorrow morning as soon as I know something!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

J and M update

J went for her first OB appointment today.  The doctor said that the tech who does the ultrasounds wasn't in so he did one abdominally (she's 8wks 3days today) and they saw the little baby moving around and saw the heartbeat.  He didn't measure the baby or the heartrate but she will go back in two weeks for another ultrasound done by the tech.  So far so good!

I went and hung out with M at the hospital today.  While I was there they took her BP and it was 140/90 and they also put the baby on the monitor for about 30 minutes.  Her heartrate is nice and reactive and M wasn't having any contractions.  Her OB came in and explained that since she has high protein in her urine she does have pre-eclampsia BUT it hasn't gotten severe to where it's effecting her liver function or anything like that.  Being only 36 weeks there is still a good chance that baby's lungs would be weak and some special care nursery or even NICU time would be needed so for now they sit and wait.  I would be SO frustrated but I do understand!  I asked the doctor why if she's "healthy" enough to not have to deliver now, why can't she be sent home on strict bed rest and she explained that with pre-e sometimes things change with no warning and her BP could spike to stroke level or cause her placenta to fail and even the 30 minute drive from M's home to the hospital could be detrimental to M and or the baby.  So not great news, not horrible news.  The good thing is baby girl lungs tend to develop faster than baby boy's and for some unknown reason babies that are born to moms with high blood pressure tend to do better than other preemies.  Her doctor will induce two weeks from today when M is 38 weeks if she has not gone into labor on her own or had to have been induced.  I don't  know how likely she is to go into labor though being layed up in bed all day long!

Monday, November 1, 2010

31 weeks 1 day

Weight: Up 5lbs (I was thinking it was going to be closer to 10 so I'm ok with it-NO MORE HALLOWEEN CANDY!) from last visit, up 23 for the pregnancy

Blood Pressure: 118/68

Baby's heart rate:153

Fundal Height: 34cm!

All in all we're looking great.  The only "cause for concern" is that my belly is measuring THREE WEEKS AHEAD!  He said that if that is still the case at our next appointment then we'll be scheduling an ultrasound for around 37 weeks to check T.ruitt's size and if he's measuring that much ahead too then we will talk options.  He really doesn't like to induce before 39 weeks but he also will not allow me to vaginally deliver a 10lb baby (thank goodness!).  Based on E and my body types, he said to expect an 8 1/2lb baby at delivery which I shouldn't have any problem with but if he's measuring to be much ahead of that we will talk about a scheduled c-section.  There is a good chance that the big measurement is just fluid and not baby but we need to check and make sure.

How do I feel about a scheduled c-section?  Sure, I'd love the chance for my water to break at home and tell E, "honey, it's time" but will I change that for the health and safety of my baby and me? ABSOLUTELY! Also, I would much rather a scheduled section rather than to labor for 10 hours only to find out he won't fit and we need an emergency surgery after the baby or I am in distress.  My first choice is obvisouly a vaginal delivery but we'll see what happens!

Earlier today I called our first choice peditrician to see about setting up an appointment and they called back while we were in Dr P's office so we went up to the next floor and got signed up to meet the doctor on the 15th before my OB appointment.  That night I have my breastfeeding class at the hospital too.  I cannot believe it's already time for all of these things to be happening!!!