Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update on M

Well her 24hr urine came back with high protein.  She said her doctor told you are considered to have preeclampsia if the level is 300 and hers was 1200!!! The problem is at 35 weeks there is still a pretty high chance that the baby's lungs will still be pretty weak so she is keeping M in the hospital until she delivers which could be tonight or could be in a week.  They are going to watch her labwork and blood pressure VERY closely and go from there.  When they put M on the monitors she was regularly contracting every 8 minutes so it's possible that her body will go into labor on its own soon.  As long as her levels are not dangerous to her or the baby, she will just ride it out but the moment something changes they will induce labor.  Updates will keep coming :)


  1. FX everything stays stable for a while longer. Are they using steroid treatment in case of early delivery??

  2. No, unless there are other factors (other than being preterm) they won't give the steroid shots after either 34 or 35 weeks up here.

  3. Sounds like she is in good hands! Keep us updated!

  4. I hope things turn out well.
    And call me crazy, but I think it's a little strange that they won't do the steroid shots even if they're concerned about the lungs. That just makes no sense to me. Are they going to do an amnio to check lung development? I guess there would be no point if they won't even do the steroids.
    I'm frustrated for M. That just makes NO SENSE to me!