Monday, October 11, 2010

Random much?

Well E has been gone two nights now and I'm holding up a lot better than I thought I would be.  I know it's not much time at all (yet) but I hate being alone and am pretty proud of myself so far.  He was packing up the truck to leave as I was leaving for a baby shower Saturday so I did much better than I probably would have and after I cried the entire way to the shower I held it together until he called me that night.  I just called him though and got the lovely recording telling me to "please hold while we try to locate your subscriber..."  You know the orange AT&T coverage map?  He's hunting in one of the white spots!  I'm pretty sure where they're staying has decent signal because he called last night so hopefully I'll be hearing from him soon.  I don't know how military wives do it!  I am just TERRIFIED that my water is going to break or something while he is gone.

Today I started trying to organize our spare room.  We have a 3 bedroom house and of course the master is ours.  One room used to be the office/work out room and we gave away our ab-lounger and elliptical and moved the desk into the third room so that it can be our nursery.  Our 3rd bedroom has a queen sized bed, two dressers, and now a computer desk so it's really crowded now and is in some serious need of organizing. This is also because I have been extremely lazy and putting my clean clothes on the bed rather than putting them away so my goal is to do that this week-have the room completely organized and looking normal.  Today I got a great start on it and hope to finish by tomorrow. 

I found a bag from TJMaxx where I had bought a 5pack of gerber newborn onesies for $3 a few months ago and I opened them and they are TINY!  It absolutely blows my mind!  I thought about washing some of the clothes and blankets we already have but I'm going to wait until E puts together his dressers so I have somewhere to put everything.

Tomorrow I'm going with my mother-in-law and E's grandma to Babies R Us to pickup our Pack and Play (from Mamaw) and swing (from my mom).  E's mom has some 20% off coupons that expire this week AND I had some minor swing drama... When I was looking at my registry I noticed that you can no longer buy my swing online.  We went to a BRU last week and they didn't have any of my swing left so I started to panic.  I called a different one and they still have about 20 left so mom told me to go ahead and pick it up tomorrow :).  I know we still have plenty of time but so far the big stuff has already been claimed- E's parents got the travel system, my mom is getting the swing, and E's grandma is getting pack and play so we're doing great for still being 6 weeks away from the shower!

Last random bit- my heartburn is getting a bit out of control.  Nothing specific triggers it and it's getting to where it's almost always here and just worse when I'm laying down.  I have been taking tums like breath mints but you're not supposed to take more than like 7 a day so I'm thinking about asking Dr P for a prescription next week.  I hate taking tylenol when I need it and felt REALLY guilty the few times I've taken benadryl but I think I have to start taking something for this.  Not only is it the constant burning but I'm having verps... yes, vomit burps.  Gross but exactly what they are.

If you read all of that, I applaud you. To say I'm all over the place is an understatement! OH! Today my BFF and I went and got a pedicure and I'm pretty sure that is going to be a necessary every other week expense over the next 12 weeks :) it was fabulous!


  1. Awwww the time will go by fast without your hubs! Mine was gone for 2 weeks too, and it was ok. When I told my hubs that yours was hunting antelope, he was like "Antelope??? Isn't that from Africa?". haha I had no idea what one was either! Do you eat it? I don't eat anything he brings home...I'm way too picky about meat.

  2. I've never tried antelope but I'm pretty sure when he told me that's what they were hunting for I told him I thought they were African too! I'll eat the regular deer meat if it's in stew or chili but I can't eat just like a steak of it. Antelope is supposed to be really good meat so I'll try it but we'll see!

  3. Whenever J is out of town I absolutely CANNOT sleep at all. I hear ya!

  4. Sounds like you're keeping busy! I envy you and all your planning and organizing. Feel like I'm lagging in that regard.

  5. Glad you're handling it pretty well. It's never easy having your husband away- even if it's not for that long.
    Good luck organizing! And getting that swing! Most of the large things on my registry have been claimed already, as well. Nice feeling, isn't it?