Tuesday, October 26, 2010

M may be having her baby sooner rather than later. Updated.

As I've mentioned many times before E's cousin's wife M is pregnant and due 5 weeks before me (11/30).  She has had a pretty complicated pregnancy.  At first we just thought it was very bad morning sickness and then they found out she needed to have her gallbladder out and finally got to feeling better after being so sick she lost 30lbs.  Since then things have been better but she's had some problems with her uterus pushing the newly formed scar tissue.  Around 32 weeks her ultrasound showed low amniotic fluid so she was put on modified bed rest and has gone in for weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests.  Her little girl is still doing well and her fluid has gone up all the way to 12 BUT her blood pressure continues to climb.  Yesterday she was having pretty consisitent contractions and a lot of pressure so she went in to get checked.  She was 80% thinned but not dilated BUT her BP was 159/90 at its highest point.  They pushed fluids and monitored her for 4 hours and then sent her home after things went back to normal.

This morning her mom called and told her that her grandpa probably won't make it through the night (he's been sick for a while and recently had a brain aneurysm) and she got really upset.  Coupled with that she said her contractions have gotten more uncomfortable and frequent since getting checked last night so she went back to L&D.  She just texted saying she's dilated to a 1 and her BP is 158/98 (OUCH!).  She's waiting on the doctor now so it's a wait and see thing I guess.  When they did the utlrasound yesterday to check her fluid the baby was measuring 5lbs 11oz and she is 35 weeks today. Hopefully they can keep her in longer but if not I think they'll give her a steroid shot for lung development and being over 5lbs she should hopefully be pretty strong.  Please pray for a healthy baby girl and I'll be sure to update as soon as I know more!

Her urine came back with a lot more protein than yesterday so they are going to admit her and closely watch her blood pressure and labwork and will be inducing most likely tomorrow night/Thursday morning.  I was talking to a friend who is a NICU nurse and she said 35weekers normally do fine and get to stay in the newborn nursery rather than go to the NICU and she also that said for some unknown reason, babies of hypertensive mothers tend to due better than other preemies.  They think it may be because of the stress in utero but who knows.  Still lots of prayers for strong healthy lungs!


  1. Yipe... high BP... preeclampsia.. not good at all. She needs to be unstressed and very rested if her little one is to stay inside for long enough!!! Poor girl.. that is one rough journey. Hopefully, she'll make the distance but on a more positive note, they consider them fully baked at 37 weeks and even if she does deliver now, she'll be small and need some help but her odds are brilliant. (My niece is testament to that!)

  2. Praying! But at 35 weeks, her baby has a great chance of having no NICU stay.

  3. Sending prayers to you and your family! I personally know about 3 different babies that were born at 35 weeks and NONE of them had to stay in the NICU. They were all healthy, and went home when mom and dad did.

  4. It sounds like her baby will be here pretty soon - hopefully all goes well, keep us updated!