Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goodnews all around :)

J had her ultrasound today and after a scare from the tech, she found out her sweet little bean is measuring just under 7 weeks with a due date on June 11th and a heart rate of 160!  She said a tech was doing the ultrasound and pointed out the sac and said "but I don't see what I'm looking for..." J said, "a heartbeat" and the tech said yes!!! Of course the dr comes in and finds it right away and it may be just me but I don't think the tech should have said that!  I would've had a meltdown!  Anyway, the fertility dr released her and she goes to her OB for another ultrasound in two weeks so I pray everything goes well and baby bean sticks where s/he is and continues to grow.

The other fantastic news is-E IS ON HIS WAY HOME 4 DAYS EARLY!  He already got his mule deer and antelope and even though the other two people hadn't gotten a mule deer, they decided this morning they didn't care about it and wanted to come home sooooo he should be here in the middle of the night! I can't wait!!!

Now if only my Texas Rangers can pull it together and get a win!!!


  1. Glad everything is well with J! I'm hoping the Rangers can pull it together too!

  2. Happy things are well with J, I agree, that tech should not have said that, how terrifying!!!!

    Happy your hubby is coming home early, I can only imagine how thrilled you must be.

  3. Glad J got some great news. Shame on that tech!

  4. Glad you both got great news! It will be so great to have your husband back, I'm sure!! :) Especially earlier than you thought. What a nice surprise.

  5. Congrats to J - I hope her pregnancy continues to go well. And I'm glad to hear E is on his way home!