Monday, October 18, 2010

29wks 1day

Dr appointment went very well.  I am up 3lbs from last visit so 18.2lbs for the pregnancy.  I guess I haven't been doing as much emotional eating while E's gone as I thought I was!  My blood pressure was up at 128/90 but he said they aren't worried about it because there isn't any protein in my urine.  I really think it's because they make you walk from the waiting room to the scale, weigh, go pee, and then take your blood pressure- that's a lot for a pregnant woman!  He said my belly is measuring right on track but he didn't tell me how many cm and T.ruitt's heartbeat was a strong 140.  He's a pretty consistent little guy! 

I asked Dr P about the heartburn and he said I could do over the counter Zantac or Pepcid (he recommended Zantac because it's quicker relief whereas Pepcid is timed release) and said that if that doesn't work to call in and he will call me in a stronger prescription.  I cannot wait to get some relief! Tums are a joke!

I also asked him about if I should be "counting kicks" as so many books say I should be doing now that I'm in my third trimester (whoa!) but he said it's not necessary unless I notice decreased movement and IF I notice decreased movement I don't need to waste time counting kicks- I should just call/come in.

I meant to ask him how we'll know if I have low fluid since we don't do anymore ultrasounds but I forgot.  I'm sure he'll say that he could tell from my belly measurement and if it's off then we'd do an ultrasound but I'll ask him next time.  Speaking of next time- I NOW GO IN EVERY TWO WEEKS!  I will do that until 36 weeks and then go weekly!  When did we get this far along?!?


  1. Glad the appointment went well!
    And good to know about the kick-count thing...I have a couple more weeks until I was 'supposed' to start doing that, but what your dr. says makes sense.
    And thanks for the tips on the GD test! I was sure to bring a bottle of water with me this morning!

  2. I'm glad things are going so well. Hopefully the Pepcid works- I remember reading on other baby blogs about mamas taking it and it helped. If not, I'd DEMAND a prescription. It sounds to me like your heartburn is worse than usual.
    About the kick counts- I'm supposed to do them, but I don't. It seems like everytime I try, Elliot decides to sleep right through it so he technically "fails". But then an hour or so later, there he is, kicking away. I say as long as you're feeling Tru.itt regularly, everything is probably fine. They're probably just going on the assumption that your fluid is normal, too- I think if it was low, his heartrate or movement would change, so they'd order an ultrasound to find out that way. Although, maybe that's not true, since mine is low and Elliot seems to be acting pretty normally? Hmmm!

  3. i personally can tell, because there is such a difference in my the way my belly looks, that and the he could tell thru measurement. also its actually quite painful when she moves without the fluid being there to "cushion" it.

  4. Wow third trimester! That's amazing. I'm glad everything is still going well. I gulped a little when my doctor asked if I was having contractions yet - I did have two BH's that I'm aware of but it made me realize we're really trucking along here!

  5. wow, every two weeks now, how cool? congrats on everything looking great, i know u must be sooo excited to almost reach 30 weeks :) the anxiety is killing me over here lol good luck Samantha, u r almost done :)

  6. congratulations! your single digit countdown begins! :) you're getting close!!!