Sunday, October 17, 2010

29 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 29 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: Approximately 3.1lbs and 17in!  Baby didn't "grow much" over the past week but his brain was busy growing and developing folds for all of the smarts he's going to learn!  I read we're about to start a very large growth (weight) spurt this week though. Baby is about the size of a BUTTERNUT SQUASH/SMALL PUMPKIN!!!

Total Weight Gain: As of last visit, 15.2lbs. I weigh tomorrow at my doctor appointment and I'm guessing I'm up about 6lbs from last visit so a total of 21 for the pregnancy. I'll update as soon as I know!

Maternity Clothes: My mother-in-law but me some ADORABLE bump hugging (non maternity) sweaters that I can't wait to wear.  Only problem is that it's still 85 outside and I'm way too hot natured for that!

Sleep: My newest thing is I go to lay down and wake up a few mintues later CHOKING on acid/reflux/something.  It burns SO bad and I sound like an 80 year old chain smoker. Then my belly muscles start hurting from coughing so hard AND sometimes I pee a little bit... Last night I added another pillow under my head (so now we're at 6 pillows I sleep with) and it seemed to help!


Movement: Yes! His newest trick is I'll put the TV remote or my cell phone on my belly and he'll kick so hard it falls off! I can't wait for E to bring the camera back from Wyoming so I can take a video of it!

Food Cravings: Nothing special this week.  I have felt nauseous the past few mornings but hopefully that will pass!

What I Miss: MY HUSBAND! He already got his antelope and mule deer but he's there with two other people so hopefully they will get theirs in the next day or two and they will get to come home early.  I also miss the days of no heartburn!

What I'm looking forward to: Dr's appointment tomorrow!!!  Asking for something for the heartburn and as always hearing my little guy's heartbeat.  I'm also going to ask about when I need to make an appointment to meet the peditrician.  Of course I am also so ready for my husband to come home and start the nursery AND my sister J goes for her ultrasound this Wednesday-praying for a healthy heartbeat!

Milestones: I've started reading The Happiest Baby on the Block and it seems so surreal that I'm reading a BABY BOOK! I mean, I know he's coming but the fact I'm reading about caring for an infant?!!?  Also, We only have 11 weeks to go BUT that means only 8 weeks until term and only 10 weeks until the *possible* induction date?!?!

Symptoms: Heartburn, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, Irritability, Short tempered and of course leg cramps

Not sure why the picture is all blurry looking- I guess I need to clean my phone case! I know it's not the mirror because I just cleaned it!


  1. Wow! Time is aflyin'!! Hope the heartburn abates very soon.

  2. tums!!! i always have tums on hand for heartburn. :)

  3. Unfortunately Tums aren't even touching it anymore :(

  4. Check out that cute bump! Hope your heartburn goes away.

  5. 29 weeks!! Almost in the 30's! yay!
    Sorry your heartburn has been so terrible, though. Hopefully your doctor prescribes you some magical medicine for it tomorrow.
    And thanks for all the votes :) I really, REALLY appreciate it!

  6. Lookin' good Samantha! It sucks that you have such horrible heartburn, hopefully something will be able to help you out. Time is flying by! So exciting!!

  7. i wanna get the dvd of happiest baby on the block! you will have to let me know if its worth it from the book! :)

  8. Try TUMS for the heartburn - my doctor suggested it for my acid reflux I have. It's also a good way to get in extra calcium.

  9. Hooray!! We're almost at 30 weeks, I can't wait to get down to single digits to go!! And that heartburn sounds brutal, I hope the dr. gives you something to relieve it!!