Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 31 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: Almost 4lbs and 19in!  The bump still says a SMALL PUMPKIN and my what to expect app still says a HEAD OF LETTUCE.

Total Weight Gain: As of last visit 18.0lbs. I think when I weigh tomorrow I'm going to be (deep breath) up about 8lbs from just two weeks ago and 26lbs for the pregnancy.  I really ate a lot of candy but I'm praying our home scale is way off and it's closer to 5lbs!

Maternity Clothes:  I REALLY need it to cool off so I can wear my long sweaters.  My shirts aren't really covering my belly panel in the jeans anymore.

Sleep: So so.  Most nights I wake up every few hours to pee and can normally fall back asleep except for once a night when when I wake up around 2am and then I'm up for an hour or so tossing and turning.  I did have to take benadryl once this week because I was up all night the night before unable to sleep.  Plus my ears really hurt and were stopped up!


Movement: Lots and lots! I absolutely love it.  Friday though I think his butt was sticking out and it HURT. He wouldn't move for about two hours and I was in so much pain I though about going to the hospital but I was able to fall asleep and woke up all better.  My sweet puppy Sophie layed against my belly and I think the warmth from her made him finally move!

Food Cravings: It's not so much a craving but I have NO self control and keep eating Halloween candy.  I'm glad we got rid of almost all of it!

What I Miss: Not knowing what "pubic symphysis" pain is! Being able to be on my feet for longer periods of time but it is ALL worth it for my sweet little man!

What I'm looking forward to: Dr's appointment tomorrow.  Hopefully having the nursery ready for furniture by next weekend and MY SHOWER IS IN TWO WEEKS!!!

Milestones: 31 weeks! SINGLE DIGIT WEEK COUNTDOWN!  Geez!!!

Symptoms: Pubic symphysis pain, Heartburn! (I had a few days with no Zantac but have had to start it again,) Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, Irritability, Short tempered, Low back pain, Hip pain, and of course leg cramps
*****You got my belly picture yesterday but I'll take another one tomorrow.  J goes for her first OB appointment (she's been seeing ther fertility dr) on Tuesday and will get another ultrasound and hopefully everything will be great.  M is still at the hospital and had another ultrasound tonight and baby was measuring a whopping 6lbs 6oz at 35wks 5days.  Her fluid had gone up to 12 and is now at 10 but as long as it's above 8 they're happy.  It's still a wait and see game but she said that her Dr had mentioned induction at 36wks before the whole hospital thing anyway due to low fluid BUT with her fluid being above 8 I'm not sure what they're going to do.  I know that everyday she stays pregnant is so much healthier for baby's lungs but I know she's ready to deliver and get out of the hospital.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update on M

Well her 24hr urine came back with high protein.  She said her doctor told you are considered to have preeclampsia if the level is 300 and hers was 1200!!! The problem is at 35 weeks there is still a pretty high chance that the baby's lungs will still be pretty weak so she is keeping M in the hospital until she delivers which could be tonight or could be in a week.  They are going to watch her labwork and blood pressure VERY closely and go from there.  When they put M on the monitors she was regularly contracting every 8 minutes so it's possible that her body will go into labor on its own soon.  As long as her levels are not dangerous to her or the baby, she will just ride it out but the moment something changes they will induce labor.  Updates will keep coming :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

M may be having her baby sooner rather than later. Updated.

As I've mentioned many times before E's cousin's wife M is pregnant and due 5 weeks before me (11/30).  She has had a pretty complicated pregnancy.  At first we just thought it was very bad morning sickness and then they found out she needed to have her gallbladder out and finally got to feeling better after being so sick she lost 30lbs.  Since then things have been better but she's had some problems with her uterus pushing the newly formed scar tissue.  Around 32 weeks her ultrasound showed low amniotic fluid so she was put on modified bed rest and has gone in for weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests.  Her little girl is still doing well and her fluid has gone up all the way to 12 BUT her blood pressure continues to climb.  Yesterday she was having pretty consisitent contractions and a lot of pressure so she went in to get checked.  She was 80% thinned but not dilated BUT her BP was 159/90 at its highest point.  They pushed fluids and monitored her for 4 hours and then sent her home after things went back to normal.

This morning her mom called and told her that her grandpa probably won't make it through the night (he's been sick for a while and recently had a brain aneurysm) and she got really upset.  Coupled with that she said her contractions have gotten more uncomfortable and frequent since getting checked last night so she went back to L&D.  She just texted saying she's dilated to a 1 and her BP is 158/98 (OUCH!).  She's waiting on the doctor now so it's a wait and see thing I guess.  When they did the utlrasound yesterday to check her fluid the baby was measuring 5lbs 11oz and she is 35 weeks today. Hopefully they can keep her in longer but if not I think they'll give her a steroid shot for lung development and being over 5lbs she should hopefully be pretty strong.  Please pray for a healthy baby girl and I'll be sure to update as soon as I know more!

Her urine came back with a lot more protein than yesterday so they are going to admit her and closely watch her blood pressure and labwork and will be inducing most likely tomorrow night/Thursday morning.  I was talking to a friend who is a NICU nurse and she said 35weekers normally do fine and get to stay in the newborn nursery rather than go to the NICU and she also that said for some unknown reason, babies of hypertensive mothers tend to due better than other preemies.  They think it may be because of the stress in utero but who knows.  Still lots of prayers for strong healthy lungs!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 weeks-OMG!!!

How Far Along: 30 WEEKS!!!!!!

How Big is The Baby: Approximately Over 3lbs and 18in!  He's getting to be so big! There's no good food to compare to this week.  The bump stays on a SMALL PUMPKIN and my what to expect app says a HEAD OF LETTUCE but I think they are yo-yoing back with size based on their descriptions!

Total Weight Gain: As of last visit 18.0lbs.  We're aiming for 1lb a week until the end but I think with E getting home this week I'm going to be over that goal.  I'll get back on track though :)

Maternity Clothes: I have to find some longer shirts... having a long torso to begin with coupled with a big bump, my shirts aren't covering my stretchy band on the pants anymore

Sleep:  The Zantac (well Walmart's brand of it) has been AMAZING! I've been taking it about once a day instead of the twice possible and I feel so much better.  Unfortunately sleep isn't much better because of some decently intense pubic symphysis pain.  E and I were able to be in bed for TWELVE hours last night and it was fantastic even if I was up every few hours to pee.


Movement: E LOVES seeing him bounce the remote on my belly and he's been able to feel him more now that he's home. My grandma was able to feel him today too! She's the first to feel him other than E and tomorrow is her 84th birthday so I think he did it as her present!

Food Cravings: Luigi's Real Italian Ice- the lemon one. YUM!!!

What I Miss: Bending over without holding onto something for balance :) It is SO worth it though! I love my huge belly and the little guy growing in there!

What I'm looking forward to: My shower is in 3 weeks! The invites are going out this week and I'm so excited! I'm a bit of a registry stalker but hopefully I can control myself!!!

Milestones: HELLO 30 WEEKS! That blows my mind!  10 weeks until due date, 7 weeks until term and only 9 weeks until the *possible* induction date?!?! AND WE BOUGHT PAINT FOR THE NURSERY!

Symptoms: Pubic symphysis pain, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, Irritability, Short tempered, Low back pain, and of course leg cramps.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goodnews all around :)

J had her ultrasound today and after a scare from the tech, she found out her sweet little bean is measuring just under 7 weeks with a due date on June 11th and a heart rate of 160!  She said a tech was doing the ultrasound and pointed out the sac and said "but I don't see what I'm looking for..." J said, "a heartbeat" and the tech said yes!!! Of course the dr comes in and finds it right away and it may be just me but I don't think the tech should have said that!  I would've had a meltdown!  Anyway, the fertility dr released her and she goes to her OB for another ultrasound in two weeks so I pray everything goes well and baby bean sticks where s/he is and continues to grow.

The other fantastic news is-E IS ON HIS WAY HOME 4 DAYS EARLY!  He already got his mule deer and antelope and even though the other two people hadn't gotten a mule deer, they decided this morning they didn't care about it and wanted to come home sooooo he should be here in the middle of the night! I can't wait!!!

Now if only my Texas Rangers can pull it together and get a win!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

29wks 1day

Dr appointment went very well.  I am up 3lbs from last visit so 18.2lbs for the pregnancy.  I guess I haven't been doing as much emotional eating while E's gone as I thought I was!  My blood pressure was up at 128/90 but he said they aren't worried about it because there isn't any protein in my urine.  I really think it's because they make you walk from the waiting room to the scale, weigh, go pee, and then take your blood pressure- that's a lot for a pregnant woman!  He said my belly is measuring right on track but he didn't tell me how many cm and T.ruitt's heartbeat was a strong 140.  He's a pretty consistent little guy! 

I asked Dr P about the heartburn and he said I could do over the counter Zantac or Pepcid (he recommended Zantac because it's quicker relief whereas Pepcid is timed release) and said that if that doesn't work to call in and he will call me in a stronger prescription.  I cannot wait to get some relief! Tums are a joke!

I also asked him about if I should be "counting kicks" as so many books say I should be doing now that I'm in my third trimester (whoa!) but he said it's not necessary unless I notice decreased movement and IF I notice decreased movement I don't need to waste time counting kicks- I should just call/come in.

I meant to ask him how we'll know if I have low fluid since we don't do anymore ultrasounds but I forgot.  I'm sure he'll say that he could tell from my belly measurement and if it's off then we'd do an ultrasound but I'll ask him next time.  Speaking of next time- I NOW GO IN EVERY TWO WEEKS!  I will do that until 36 weeks and then go weekly!  When did we get this far along?!?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

29 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 29 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: Approximately 3.1lbs and 17in!  Baby didn't "grow much" over the past week but his brain was busy growing and developing folds for all of the smarts he's going to learn!  I read we're about to start a very large growth (weight) spurt this week though. Baby is about the size of a BUTTERNUT SQUASH/SMALL PUMPKIN!!!

Total Weight Gain: As of last visit, 15.2lbs. I weigh tomorrow at my doctor appointment and I'm guessing I'm up about 6lbs from last visit so a total of 21 for the pregnancy. I'll update as soon as I know!

Maternity Clothes: My mother-in-law but me some ADORABLE bump hugging (non maternity) sweaters that I can't wait to wear.  Only problem is that it's still 85 outside and I'm way too hot natured for that!

Sleep: My newest thing is I go to lay down and wake up a few mintues later CHOKING on acid/reflux/something.  It burns SO bad and I sound like an 80 year old chain smoker. Then my belly muscles start hurting from coughing so hard AND sometimes I pee a little bit... Last night I added another pillow under my head (so now we're at 6 pillows I sleep with) and it seemed to help!


Movement: Yes! His newest trick is I'll put the TV remote or my cell phone on my belly and he'll kick so hard it falls off! I can't wait for E to bring the camera back from Wyoming so I can take a video of it!

Food Cravings: Nothing special this week.  I have felt nauseous the past few mornings but hopefully that will pass!

What I Miss: MY HUSBAND! He already got his antelope and mule deer but he's there with two other people so hopefully they will get theirs in the next day or two and they will get to come home early.  I also miss the days of no heartburn!

What I'm looking forward to: Dr's appointment tomorrow!!!  Asking for something for the heartburn and as always hearing my little guy's heartbeat.  I'm also going to ask about when I need to make an appointment to meet the peditrician.  Of course I am also so ready for my husband to come home and start the nursery AND my sister J goes for her ultrasound this Wednesday-praying for a healthy heartbeat!

Milestones: I've started reading The Happiest Baby on the Block and it seems so surreal that I'm reading a BABY BOOK! I mean, I know he's coming but the fact I'm reading about caring for an infant?!!?  Also, We only have 11 weeks to go BUT that means only 8 weeks until term and only 10 weeks until the *possible* induction date?!?!

Symptoms: Heartburn, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, Irritability, Short tempered and of course leg cramps

Not sure why the picture is all blurry looking- I guess I need to clean my phone case! I know it's not the mirror because I just cleaned it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh In-Laws!

Let me start by saying I feel REALLY guilty about doing this post.  I know that I am so blessed to have in-laws that are so supportive and fantastic and I really do appreciate everything they do but I just need to vent a litte bit!

E's mom has worked in production (a factory) in every job she has ever held.  Last summer she began having some pretty serious problems with her back and it led to her taking medical leave to get it figured out.  Turns out she had some extremely damaged discs in her neck and back.  She had surgery on the neck first because it was really serious and pushing on her spinal column and just got out of a neck collar about a month ago.  She still has a low back problem and has also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and anxeity because of all of the stress dealing with her injuries and recovery.  Needless to say, she will not be able to go back to the type of work she did and being that she's in her mid 50s she doesn't want to (and who can blame her!) learn a new type of job.  Also she is eligible to start drawing retirement this Decemeber so it's really not a big deal  Ok- so here's the dilema.  Ever since she has realized she isn't going to go back to work she has been buying things for a full nursery at her house!  I think it's sweet that she's so excited about her first grandbaby but how much does she think she's going to be watching him that she needs a crib and a changing table?!  She keeps mentioning that E and I may want to go out or away but I don't see us wanting to leave the baby overnight and even if we are comfortable with that, wouldn't a pack and play work?!  I REALLY appreciate the willingness to help watch him but I just feel like she's wasting her money spending so much on something he is going to use rarely.  Also, E says I've never seen her "normal" before the back and neck, she was dealing with restless leg syndrome and some other problems and has gotten progressively more "scattered."  I know she would never do anything to hurt the baby and she will be very aware of him but what if she forgot to do something... I don't know.  I feel better though.

Secondly, his grandma.  E is one of 4 grandchildren.  He has two cousins, the first is married and he has two girls and the other is married and his wife is due a month before me with a little girl.  E has one brother who is 2 years younger than him and was married for about a year and a half to a lady that was much older than him with 2 high schoolers but they're now divorced.  The cousins and E's brother are horrible with money and asking the parents/E's aunt and uncle and the grandparents for money all.the.time.  E would rather eat garbage than ask for money but thankfully he is an amazing budgeter and we do quite well.  He hates presents and prefers for us to take care of everything on our own, which I have no problem with.  Our plan after the baby comes is to quit my job.  I am very unhappy there now and if I had to leave my baby to go work there every day I would resent the job so much more.  Money wise, we're fine but won't be able to put much into savings each month as we'd like so the plan is after about 12 weeks for me to start working part time for my mom and be able to put the entire check into savings.  She has said that if it's not busy I can bring T.ruitt and if it is busy I will meet E at his work when he gets off and drop off the baby and then go work a few hours for mom.  E's grandma has mentioned me working nearly everytime we see her.  I really think it's because she's worried we will turn into the other grandchildren and ask for money all of the time but we won't.  We had mentioned me staying at home before and got a horrible reaction from her so now when she asks I just tell her I haven't decided yet and then she goes in to how I need to go right back to work and stay where I am...

Bascially I feel like saying to everyone that this is OUR child and we will know what is best for him and our family.  I really appreciate everyone's support and I know we're first time parents but I think our decisions we make are the most important.  Again, I feel guilty because I am so thankful for everything they do for us but still- back off a little bit!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Random much?

Well E has been gone two nights now and I'm holding up a lot better than I thought I would be.  I know it's not much time at all (yet) but I hate being alone and am pretty proud of myself so far.  He was packing up the truck to leave as I was leaving for a baby shower Saturday so I did much better than I probably would have and after I cried the entire way to the shower I held it together until he called me that night.  I just called him though and got the lovely recording telling me to "please hold while we try to locate your subscriber..."  You know the orange AT&T coverage map?  He's hunting in one of the white spots!  I'm pretty sure where they're staying has decent signal because he called last night so hopefully I'll be hearing from him soon.  I don't know how military wives do it!  I am just TERRIFIED that my water is going to break or something while he is gone.

Today I started trying to organize our spare room.  We have a 3 bedroom house and of course the master is ours.  One room used to be the office/work out room and we gave away our ab-lounger and elliptical and moved the desk into the third room so that it can be our nursery.  Our 3rd bedroom has a queen sized bed, two dressers, and now a computer desk so it's really crowded now and is in some serious need of organizing. This is also because I have been extremely lazy and putting my clean clothes on the bed rather than putting them away so my goal is to do that this week-have the room completely organized and looking normal.  Today I got a great start on it and hope to finish by tomorrow. 

I found a bag from TJMaxx where I had bought a 5pack of gerber newborn onesies for $3 a few months ago and I opened them and they are TINY!  It absolutely blows my mind!  I thought about washing some of the clothes and blankets we already have but I'm going to wait until E puts together his dressers so I have somewhere to put everything.

Tomorrow I'm going with my mother-in-law and E's grandma to Babies R Us to pickup our Pack and Play (from Mamaw) and swing (from my mom).  E's mom has some 20% off coupons that expire this week AND I had some minor swing drama... When I was looking at my registry I noticed that you can no longer buy my swing online.  We went to a BRU last week and they didn't have any of my swing left so I started to panic.  I called a different one and they still have about 20 left so mom told me to go ahead and pick it up tomorrow :).  I know we still have plenty of time but so far the big stuff has already been claimed- E's parents got the travel system, my mom is getting the swing, and E's grandma is getting pack and play so we're doing great for still being 6 weeks away from the shower!

Last random bit- my heartburn is getting a bit out of control.  Nothing specific triggers it and it's getting to where it's almost always here and just worse when I'm laying down.  I have been taking tums like breath mints but you're not supposed to take more than like 7 a day so I'm thinking about asking Dr P for a prescription next week.  I hate taking tylenol when I need it and felt REALLY guilty the few times I've taken benadryl but I think I have to start taking something for this.  Not only is it the constant burning but I'm having verps... yes, vomit burps.  Gross but exactly what they are.

If you read all of that, I applaud you. To say I'm all over the place is an understatement! OH! Today my BFF and I went and got a pedicure and I'm pretty sure that is going to be a necessary every other week expense over the next 12 weeks :) it was fabulous!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

28 weeks!!! THIRD TRIMESTER!

How Far Along: 28 weeks! HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER!!!

How Big is The Baby: Approximately 2.9lbs and 17in! The size of a head of a SMALL CABAGE! Crazy to think he will only grow a few inches longer but will be doubling (or tripling!) his weight before birth!

Total Weight Gain: As of last visit, 15.2lbs.  I'll weigh again a week from Monday

Maternity Clothes: I really need some more shirts but I hate spending money on them... I keep checking out Motherhood for sales but I refuse to pay their regular prices

Sleep: Much better this past week! Only waking up about twice and falling asleep pretty promply after each time.  I'm a bit worried about the next two weeks though because I don't ever sleep well when E is out of town.


Movement: Yes :) E told him to move a lot to give me peace of mind and so far he's listening :)

Food Cravings: I REALLY want chicken nuggets from Mcdonald's right now but I'm going to resist.

What I Miss: My husband! He left yesterday for Wyoming and will be gone for two weeks... I don't understand how you military wives do it!

What I'm looking forward to: E coming home and doing his nursery!!!

Milestones: I'm officially in MY THIRD TRIMESTER!  Half of what I have read says 27 weeks and the rest says 28 so I figured if I waited until 28 then all bases are covered!  I cannot believe that there are less than 3 months until our due date.  I also signed up for our childbirth classes at the hospital!  This week has also brought on the stranger comments "Oh sweetie, when are you due?" "3 months" **They glare at belly** "OH REALLY?!?!?"

Symptoms: Heartburn, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Excessive Crying, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, Leg Cramps, Constipation...


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shower ettiquette question...

I cannot believe that my shower is in just 6 weeks!  My bff of 18 years and two other friends are planning everything and I've been working on my guest list and here's my question...

Do you send invitations to people/family that you know will not come?  I have family that is out of state so I know they will not be attending and I feel like if I send them an invite I'm just asking for a gift but I feel like I should send them one... so what do you think?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I cannot really put into words how amazing the ultrasound was today. Yes, I've seen him on the ultrasound screen before.  Yes, I've heard his heartbeat. Yes, I've felt him move.  Seeing his face today though gave this a whole new element and my eyes welled up the first time his little face showed up on the screen.  It was such a wonderful experience and I recommend it to ANYONE!

We walked in and you aren't on a medical table-it's a bed with an actual mattress! E sat on a super comfy couch and my mom was in a big oversized chair and we all watched the ultrasound projected onto a big screen.  The tech asked what our goal was and we told her to make sure it's a boy and to see what he looks like.  As she put the gel on my belly she said she wanted to check his heartbeat first before checking to see boy or girl but then said "nevermind, he wants to show us he's a boy first!"  Not only did we see his penis but we also got a scrotum shot and a full "turtle" view of the whole package.  His heartbeat was great at 144 and while we got an amazing show, the little booger wouldn't get his hand out of his face.  At one point he even had his FOOT IN HIS MOUTH!  I am going to go through the video soon and get some still pictures off of it but until then here you go...

The first thing he showed us

"Hey Dad! Look at my muscles!"

Profile shot- Left cheek. Black blob is where he was moving his hand around so much


Profile shot- Right cheek with right hand on the side

Sucking on that bottom lip!

Arm under his chin

Growing, growing, grooooooowing!

So I didn't realize how much my belly had changed until I did this...

OH! My 3D/4D ultrasound is in 4 1/2 hours! Post with lots of pictures (hopefully) to come tonight!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

27 weeks!!! ***updated with picture***

How Far Along: 27 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: 2 and 1/2 lbs and 16in! The size of a head of CAULIFOWER

Total Weight Gain: Just barely over 15lbs.  I am now officially the heaviest I have ever been but at least this number has come during pregnancy and has a reason!

Maternity Clothes: Yes but no new purchases this week.

Sleep: Eh. I still wake up every 2 or 3 hours and it normally takes me about an hour to fall back asleep


Movement: I've been soaking in the bath each night and love watching my belly contort in all different directions!

Food Cravings: APPLE JUICE!

What I Miss: Sleeping through the night

What I'm looking forward to: OUR 3D/4D ULTRASOUND IS TUESDAY!!! Also, getting the nursery in order. THIRD TRIMESTER NEXT WEEK!

Milestones: I passed my sugar test!!!  Today a random old lady touched my belly and said "Boy?" it made me smile- I love people noticing me as pregnant!  Also, this week the baby's lungs are much more developed!

Symptoms: Heartburn, Insomnia, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Mood Swings, Minor Foot/Ankle Swelling, and HORRIBLE leg cramps at night!