Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making room for baby...

Now that we've reached 24 weeks I feel like I'm finally ready to start on the nursery.  I have said from the start that we are not painting until it's cooled off but the problem is we're in Texas and even though it's mid September, it's still in the 90's with a heat index near 100 due to humidity.  I do not want to get furniture until the room is painted because it will just be in the way but now I'm starting to wonder when we'll get it done. 

Oh, have I mentioned that E IS GOING TO WYOMING FOR TWO WEEKS IN OCTOBER? Yah, that's just over 1,000 miles away .  He has said time and time again that he will stay home but the reality is that he already spent $600 on the hunting license/draw process, he REALLY wants to go, he probably won't be going again for quite a few years, and I'll be 28 weeks so Dr P insists that it will be ok. 

So, back to the nursery.  I think we're going to paint the first week of October before he leaves and then order the furniture. Ordering the furniture-  I have looked at all types and styles of cribs.  At first I wanted a crib with the changing table attached and then would just buy a tall chest but then I found on JCPenney.com they have 3 piece sets (crib, tall chest and short long dresser where you can put the pad on top) for amazing prices.  The problem is color of wood.  No JCP carries baby furniture in the store so you can't see it in person before you buy it. The good news is you can return/exchange it and there's only a 3-4 day turn around so I think that's what we're going to do. 

My main goal is that the nursery is done by the time I have my shower (Novemeber 13th) so that I can come home and put my goodies away and not just have them strung out everywhere. 

***UPDATE*** So the more I think about it, the more I don't like my plan I just described!  If we get the furniture AFTER we paint how do we know the colors will match that we have chosen for the walls and the wood?  Also, like Tina mentioned in my comments what if the piece we want is on backorder and takes longer than a week to ship and takes a while to put together?  SO NEW PLAN Order the furniture THIS WEEK(!!!) and just don't set it up until after we paint!  Still try to paint the first week October if the furniture has gotten here or wait until E gets home to paint. 

We are planning on going with a khaki/light brown color and maybe a red accent wall.  Absolutely not your typical nursery colors but we really think it will look great with the bedding we chose.  Also, the furniture we're planning on getting is "maple" which is light-medium colored wood that should match the rest of the wood in the house pretty well!

Remember this is the bedding we got:
I am getting so excited!!!


  1. Exciting! I would say order your JCP furniture soon, because my friend had ordered it and it was on backorder for a couple of months. Also, they had some issues with the furniture not assembling correctly, so now they're dealing with that. Also, try and get the ship to store option, because if you have it delivered, apparently the shipping costs are astronomical. I only know all of this because I ALMOST bought JCP furniture. It's lovely!!!

  2. 1. Are you KIDDING me? Our baby showers are on the exact same day. What are the chances of THAT? (And I still have to look at your registry. I got distracted yesterday)
    2. I debated for the first half of this pregnancy on what color to go with for the nursery furniture. At first, I was completely set on espresso. But I JUST changed my mind and decided to go with white- it goes better with my modern theme, and then I can mix and match pieces from different places, if need be. (such as bookcases and shelves)
    3. What color(s) are you planning on doing? I'm thinking a nice light green. I'm not a huge fan of baby blue.
    4. I miss the Arizona heat. It's been cold here! :(

  3. Thanks for the input Tina and Jess! I went back and updated my post and after talking with E I think we're going to order the furniture this weekend to make sure it gets here in time and matches the paint color we choose!

    Jess, that's awesome about the shower! I was going to have mine the 20th but I figured some people may celebrate Thanksgiving early so that's the day we chose!

    We're planning on painting a khaki or brown color and maybe a red accent wall!

    Come take the Texas heat! I'd LOVE some 70 degree fall weather!!!

  4. yippee for 24 weeks and getting baby furniture! we are waiting for a repair in our ceiling to be done before we start painting/decorating the nursery! I so hate waiting! I just want to go buy stuff and get ready! I feel all in chaos right now! we have an empty room and shopping feels like its on hold! ah well!

  5. You have a great plan! I'm still completely clueless about what I'm going to do with the nursery. Bunny's room is on the small side, so trying to strategically place furniture is going to be a bit difficult. And am I the only one who's family won't let them buy a thing before the shower?!?!? I feel totally unprepared and it's freaking me the heck out!

  6. Fun stuff - our nursery has a LONG way to go before we can start to decorate it. I can't wait until it's close to done though!

  7. Yay for 24 weeks for both of us!! I finally have started letting myself plan as well, there is just so much out there and I have no clue what to do. But your new plan sounds great, and the nursery is going to be adorable...can't wait to see progress pics!!

  8. that bedding is so precious....i bet the nursery is going to look so wonderful!! hope it turns out just the way you and E imagine and hope that it will!!