Friday, September 24, 2010

Debbie Downer post... Sorry! (But Baby is great!!!)

I have been a pretty crappy blogger this past week.  Excuses, excuses but I don't think I've gotten on my computer at home and when I check blogger at work I only have time to read and not comment so please forgive me!

As for work- our overtime pay is REALLY screwy.  If you work over 80 hours in a 2 week pay period you accrue those hours at time and a half- so you work 4 hours and bank 6.  You only get paid for this however ONCE EVERY 6 MONTHS so it's a pretty crappy deal and most people end up taking it off before you get paid for it which I think is the idea anyway so they're not short money.  Anyway, we are due to get paid September 30th and March 31st for the overtime but since I'm going to be on maternity leave here sooner than later they're letting me carry my time from September rather than get paid for it now so that I will get paid for longer once T.ruitt comes.  I told my boss I'd be willing to work some overtime to get things added up and evidently she thought that meant I'd work all day everyday.  I'm not really exaggerating THAT much either.  This week for example I worked Tuesday 10a-8p, Wednesday 8a-6p, Thursday 12p-8p, Friday 6a-4p, Saturday 6a-5p, Sunday 4p-8p.  Then after ONE DAY OFF I will work another 52 hours next week.  I don't want to say no but I'm worried that I'm going to get too tired.

As for being tired- last night I slept from 9:30-1:30 and layed in bed from 1:30 until my alarm went off at 5.  I HATE taking anything but I'm going to have to because I am so tired I feel like I can barely function.  Tonight I am planning on trying benadryl again and praying that I don't find myself staring at the dark walls in the middle of the night again.

Also, this week there have been two cases at work that have really bothered me and now that they've been released on the news I can talk about them.  The first one is a call came in on Monday of a structure fire and when the fire department got on scene they found three people inside that had been murdered. Yes, that sounds bad enough until you hear that one of the ladies was pregnant.  When they investigators told me that I nearly got sick.  They weren't sure quite how far along she was but they said during the autopsy the baby was already developed enough to look like a baby.  Then, yesterday A GROWN WOMAN HAD A BABY AT WORK AT A BURGER PLACE AND THEN WALKED IT TO THE DUMPSTER AND WENT HOME.  Thank God the child is ok and the mother was arrested and according to the news will possibly be charged with attempted capitol murder but how in the world do you do that?!?!?!  How do you carry a child, DELIVER HIM FROM YOUR BODY, and simply throw him in the trash and walk away? There are SO many people that would do anything to be able to have a child and this person just dumped him?  Also, she was less than 5 minutes away from a hospital that is a Baby Moses site where you can drop off an infant no questions asked.  Absolutely disgusts me.  I pray that the little guy is healthy (he was found almost immediately and rushed to the hospital.  I heard he was about 5lbs and they didn't ship him to a bigger hospital with a NICU so that's promising) and that a loving family gets to adopt him and give him the wonderful life he deserves.

Geez that was all depressing.

IN HAPPIER NEWS!  Today is the presale for our local Just Between Friends Sale and I couldn't be more excited! Basically it's a HUGE garage sale of baby/kids/other stuff for a.m.a.z.i.n.g prices.  Also, everything is checked for quality (no rips, stains, defects) and all of the baby and kid gear is checked for recalls.  Look back tomorrow to hear the amazing deals I got!

Also, I have been tagged to answer a few questions and will get to that on Sunday!!!


  1. Gosh--what a rough week you've had! I hope you're able to get plenty of rest--you need it!

    I know there's a lot of evil in this world, but it still shakes me to the core when I hear stories like you told. I just can't believe people can be so cruel!

    To answer your question--we're thinking about getting a Toyota Highlander or maybe a Honda Pilot. :)

  2. I'm sorry you are having to work so much. Don't overdo it girl!

    I'm going to a parents of multiples pre-sale tonight similar to the sale you are talking about. Hoping we both get some great stuff.

  3. So you get a feel for what it is like for me... I do eight ten hour days in a row. Mind you, I do get six days off after that but tell me that is not a long stretch when your sleep is tattered and you're carrying around a baby nom nom nomming on all your energy and resources!!!

    Do what you can for as long as you feel appropriate and then have a chat with your boss. Explain that the overtime is good and you appreciate the extra but you are really struggling with quite THAT amount of generosity. Hopefully they are not that much of an a**hat that they take offence.

    Look after yourself first. xxx

  4. Wow, that is a lot of time to work and a crazy way to get paid for it. Take care of yourself and think about that day far away when you'll be getting a really fat check for all the work now. I've been having a terrible time sleeping too, so I know where you're at.