Sunday, September 26, 2010

26 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 26 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: Approximately 15.5 inches long and over 2lbs! As long as a CUCUMBER!

Total Weight Gain: I'm THINKING I'll be up about 4 from last visit, so 16 for the pregnancy but we'll know tomorrow!

Maternity Clothes: A lot of the hand-me-downs I've been wearing are getting too short.  I've found that old navy's regular $5 t-shirts are actually longer than a lot of the maternity tops I have so I've been wearing them.

Sleep: I broke down and took benadryl again the other night- AND ONLY WOKE UP ONCE AND FELL BACK ASLEEP!  It was great!  I really don't like taking meds though so I'm going to keep it for when I'm exhausted.  On nights when I'm on my own without it I normally sleep until 1 and then get up again around 3 and 6; the problem is that it takes about an hour for me to fall back asleep each time.

Gender: BOY!!!

Movement: All the time! He is getting more interactive too where if I poke him he'll kick back or move out of the way!

Food Cravings: MINT ICE CREAM.  I had mint chocolate chip about 3 times (it was a pint so it took me 3 sitting to polish it off) this week and then E and I went to Dairy Queen the other night and I got a mint m&m blizzard.  YUM!  Also, HAD to have apple juice this morning.

What I Miss: Sleeping through the night

What I'm looking forward to: Hearing his heartbeat tomorrow!  Getting my results after my one hour glucose test tomorrow (although I'm quite certain I'm going to fail it). AND SETTING UP HIS ROOM!

Milestones:  A spider vein : /  It's not full blown purple yet but it's been getting a bit brighter every day now on my thigh.   Also, the countdown until due date is now in the double digits!

Symptoms:  Heartburn (I pop Tums like breathmints!), Insomnia, Colostrum, Round Ligament Pain, Mood Swings (very short tempered and I have HORRIBLE road rage!)

Please excuse my dirty mirror, I haven't had a day off in forever!


  1. Hooray for 26 weeks! I don't know about you- but my next goal is 27 weeks. That's the "other" viability day that some doctors use.
    Love that belly, and that shirt!
    You have an award on my blog :)

  2. The sleep thing is hard... haven't had a decent one myself in quite a few weeks. Apparently, it is your body's way of preparing yourself for all the disrupted nights ahead! Which makes sense I guess but makes for a difficult time when you've got to be at work!

    Loving that you can now literally interact with bub through belly contact. That is just adorable Sam. :-)

  3. Cute belly Mama! I have my 1 hour glucose test on Friday, and I really don't expect to pass it. I've been eating candy every day. Fingers crossed that we pass! Happy 26 weeks!!!!

  4. yay! happy 26 weeks. you look great! :)

  5. chocolate chip ice cream... ;) You're looking great!