Sunday, September 5, 2010

23 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 23 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: Approximately a pound and a half and as long as an EAR OF CORN!  While the is only updating size monthly, my what to expect app is giving me new sizes weekly still!
Total Weight Gain: We won't know officially until Wednesday but I'm guessing about 8lbs for the month making 12lbs so far for the pregnancy

Maternity Clothes: Of Course!

Sleep: Ugh.  I think that's enough on that. I am going to ask Dr P about taking benadryl or tylenol pm occasionally at my next appointment.

Gender: BOY!!!

Movement: I think baby bean is kicking at my cervix.  This morning I've had a few "vaginal twinges" and that's what I think it is.  He is still kicking more each day but they're really low for the most part.  I have felt it a few times through my skin while touching my belly but each time E goes to feel the little booger quits moving!

Food Cravings: My peanut butter banana bread of course :) Also, I had a dream about those candy corn pumpkins and can't wait to buy some once they come out in a few weeks!

What I Miss: Sleeping through the night

What I'm looking forward to: E being able to feel a kick! DR'S APPOINTMENT WITH ANATOMY SCAN ON WEDNESDAY! Viability is 1 week away, Term is in 14 weeks and I'm due in 17 weeks!!!

Milestones: THREE people told me on Friday that my belly was looking very pregnant!  Also, I had my first dream where I was searching for food and I was woken up by my stomach growling SO loudly... I waddled to the kitchen and ate some banana bread at 1:30am and it fixed the problem.  I also think we set a date for my shower! November 13th!!!
Happy 23 Weeks!!!


  1. Adorable. A shower in exciting.

  2. I have another anatomy scan (2D and 3D) on Thursday. Isn't it the greatest to see your little one?
    What is your due date? We're only a few days apart. I'll be 23 weeks on Tuesday.

  3. 17 weeks?! Wow, he is coming so fast!It's so cool looking at your widget. He's big and Maybe he's trying to play games with daddy already, moving, then when mommy says touch, he stops and laughs at That'd be so cute!

  4. I love the belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so cute!

    I completely relate to the cervix kicks, Bunny was kicking me there ALL NIGHT, it kinda freaked me out! We're getting so close to the finish line, it's so exciting!

    Can't wait to see pics from the anatomy scan!

  5. Candy corn Pumpkins, mmmmmm. I found some here in Florida at CVS and Walgreens. Happy day! And happy 23 weeks to you!

  6. Right well I am expecting awesome pics of your morphology scan! :-) They apparently spend quite a lot of time going over every last bit and checking bub is all together so you should have plenty of time to see your little one!

  7. I have been out of the loop..
    I havnt been on blogspot in months!
    Congrats on becoming pregnant! I am very happy for you!

  8. I know, third page!! Thanks for the votes! :) Eventually, when the baby is here/closer to being here, others can learn about gastroschisis and other similar conditions through my blog.

  9. Wow, when you put it like that...term in 14 and due date in 17 it really sounds like these babies are coming FAST!! Do you have any feelings for January or December (since we're right on the cusp). I keep thinking I'll be end of December! And I'm totally going to have to find myself some pumpkins during lunch, i LOVE those things!!

  10. Awesome - these dates just fly by - when they're not mine. haha - then they just drag by.